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Mastamind Disses Twiztid – 2 bitches / Two Bitches

Mastamind disses the clowns

2 verses for 2 bitches

Psychopathic Rydas diss natas- Pap! Pap! or POP POP

Seriously Psychopathic Rydas- Pap! Pap! just bites natas pop pop – subliminal diss Psychopathic Rydas , how about you diss them back with your stage names instead of hiding ???

Insane clown posse Really is underground – Wins Detroit Music Awards’ distinguished artist

You dont see this award going to real underground detroit artists who have produced more albums then icp Such as Mastamind – http://www.toxsic-forum.athena-server.com/ and Esham http://acidrap.com but let the juggalo sheep keep believing that icp is underground to sell records .

Honor humbles shock masters ICP

It’s ICP’s turn.

After shocking the world with its cartoonishly violent raps, covering the globe in Faygo and explaining to the masses their position on what does and what doesn’t constitute a miracle, Insane Clown Posse will receive the Detroit Music Awards’ distinguished artist award at this year’s awards ceremony.

It’s an honor that head clown Violent J takes very seriously.

“I promise you, they’ve never given this award to anyone who’s more thankful for it than us,” says J, whose real name is Joe Bruce and whose face is very rarely seen not covered in greasepaint. “To give us that kind of award is just unreal. I can’t believe somebody somewhere sat around and thought of us for that.”

ICP has been around as long as the DMAs, and has amassed a huge following of devoted fans — dubbed Juggalos — along the way. They’ve built an empire by catering to the underground, and have moved millions of albums (and just as many T-shirts) by inviting fans to what they call the Dark Carnival.

ICP — who once wore the tag of “World’s Most Hated Group” and has more recently gained online notoriety due to their in-house promotional videos and their many parodies — has been supportive of the Detroit Music Awards over the years and has attended several of the ceremonies.

Now, J says he is honored to receive an award that in past years has been given to Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Smokey Robinson, Alice Cooper and Bob Seger.

“We’re real excited about it. I just feel like we never count,” he says, addressing the group’s outsider status. “So to have them stand up and say that about us and give us that award, that means a lot to us.”

From The Detroit News: http://detnews.com/article/20110414/ENT04/104140320/Detroit-Music-Awards-turn-20#ixzz1Jv3bFrGN