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Ban the juggalo gathering – GOTJ Petition

Tila tequila has started a Tila Army
Planet Lotb has started the JH
this is the end of juggalos as we know it
Help sign this petition to end the juggalo gathering


Ban the Juggalo Gathering.
This year 2 innocent artists – tila tequila and method man were attacked by juggalo idiots throwing rocks and bottles.

If you are a resident of Cleveland near cave in rock you know the trouble that juggalos cause.

This is why the JH along with http://planet-lotb.com have decided is enough is enough and we are starting this petition to ban the gathering of the juggalos or GOTJ.


Method man attacked by Juggalos


Juggalos now attacking people who have worked with icp before , this time throwing rocks and bottles at method man.

Ban the Gathering .