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Mighty death pop sales paint juggalo numbers declining – millions of juggalos




Insane clown posse makes fun of 2 little dead boys – “Chris Benoit” as a new song – Mighty death pop

ICP Disrespects dead – “Chris Benoit” as a new song



For Insane Clown Posse, gearing up for a high-profile summer meant burrowing into the remains of an abandoned steel mill Monday afternoon.

With dust kicking up and bright lights piercing the dark at Trenton’s cavernous old McLouth Steel plant, the Detroit rap duo gathered with a film crew and about 100 fan extras for day two of shooting on the group’s video for the new track “Chris Benoit.”

Moving to a director’s instructions, fans in black hoodies and silver horror masks surged toward a wrestling ring housing ICP’s Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. The face-painted pair mimed their lyrics as the song played overhead at double speed, to achieve a slow-motion effect in the video’s final rendering.

Among the fans who had responded to an open casting call was C.J. Lyons, 35, of Bellevue, Ohio. Eager to ensure a spot, he’d arrived a day early, slept overnight on the site, and spent Monday afternoon patiently awaiting the first action.

“We’re rushing the wrestling ring,” he said. “We’ve been waiting all day to do that.”

All was in the name of “Chris Benoit,” lead single from ICP’s upcoming “Mighty Death Pop” album, due Aug. 14. The song is based on the mental breakdown of professional wrestler Chris Benoit, who in 2007 notoriously murdered his wife and son before hanging himself.

“It’s about that loss of sanity,” Violent J said during a break in the shoot. “It’s about the snapping, that moment of panic.”

Shooting began Sunday with the French crew responsible for Skrillex’s massive 2011 hit video, “First Of The Year (Equinox),” which had caught Violent J’s eye. “Chris Benoit” is the first of three video projects already underway as ICP prepares for “Mighty Death Pop,” and the clip is expected to debut on the web by mid-July.

ICP hopes to eventually include the videos in a boxed set for “Mighty Death Pop,” which will initially be released in three separate configurations.

“Chris Benoit” finds ICP ceding creative control for the first time in its two-decade-plus career. The duo had a simple wish list going into the shoot: minimal wrestling scenes, but plenty of slow-motion, blur and artsy abstraction “like an old-school Nirvana video,” as Violent J said Monday.

“I told them, ‘I’m not going to ride you guys on this. I’m going to give you your space and leave you alone to do it.’”

Three years in the making, “Mighty Death Pop” will be released during ICP’s 13th Gathering of the Juggalos fan festival in rural Illinois. It also arrives as J and Shaggy sense a growing mainstream respect that long eluded the group.

“We’re not used to it, but it feels good,” said Shaggy.

That unique backdrop makes the new record ICP’s “most anticipated yet,” said Violent J.

“There are so many articles out there on us now, and it’s not about dissing us,” he said. “They’re actually treating us like real musicians. It’s mind-blowing. And I feel like this album is the response to that.”


ICP Disrespects dead – “Chris Benoit” as a new song

Insane Clown Posses – Mighty Death Pop – The Least Anticipated Album of 2012


“Record Label: One with particularly low standards. They probably own it. If not, I have no explanation for how this keeps happening.

The Sad Details: Are you an overweight 14-year-old who feels like your parents don’t understand you? If so, this is probably the album for you. Also, shut the hell up. It’s not that your parents don’t understand you, it’s just that raising a child who wears clown makeup without being paid for it means they rightfully view you as a massive disappointment.

As for the rest of you, I doubt you need me to tell you all the myriad reasons why a new ICP album is not an event that should be greeted with fanfare and adulation. But I’m going to anyway, because there is literally nothing on this earth more enjoyable than angering Juggalos.

For one thing, a new ICP album means that, no matter how hard we’ve prayed for it, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope or whatever they’re calling themselves these days have not perished in a fiery plane crash. Which, when you really think about it, makes perfect sense. Death by plane crash is a fate mostly reserved for legends. These two have no right being in that club, even if it would make the world a much better place. That doesn’t mean we can’t daydream about it, though. In fact, let’s all pause to do just that right now.

I get on cracked this morning and the first thing I saw was these two blithering idiots. Whole article is pretty funny, but the very first one is Mighty Death Pop.




These juggalos wont be first in line for a copy of Mighty Death Pop

It’s life in prison without parole for the two ‘Juggalos’ convicted in the 2009 murder of an East Stroudsburg man. Shawn Freemore, 21, and Ian Seagraves, 19, both of Cresco, were found guilty of first-degree murder back in September


Juggalo pukes all over carpark and his hatchet man chain before juggalo concert

I wonder who cleaned up his mess or if he just left it there and didnt try to get it hosed off or pour water on it.
this is disgusting and the dude covered in puke dunks his hatchetman into the puke and puts it on before moshing with juggalos at this concert.
Mighty death puke

Juggalo holocaust influences next jokers card – mighty death pop

Looks like the juggalo holocaust , the attack by juggalos on tila tequila and alleged bias media influenced mighty death pop.

From a juggalo

“It’s currently in production as of earlier this month, Violent J said himself that all of the anger they’ve had pent up from all the bs, like the juggalo holocaust, tila tequila, and biased media coverage, would be poured into this album, the 2nd of the next 6 jokers cards of the new hand…so I ask: What are you expecting? What is your take on it, how do you think it’ll sound? We may have gotten a sneak peak of whats to come with the songs “scary kids”, “this halloween is crazy” and “born on halloween” with violent j and vanilla ice, all made for hallowicked. ”

More news on juggalo getting poisoned by faygo – juggalo cult

Juggalos drinking poisoned faygo ..

juggalos now giving each other a drink of the mighty death pop – and we told you that they will be impersonating jim jones in their juggalo death cult .


Juggalo goes on window-breaking spree

This Juggalo Must have drunk some of the The Mighty Death Pop

At 5:15 p.m. Sunday, a caller from the 10000 block of Rough and Ready Highway reported a man with his face painted like a member of the Insane Clown Posse just broke a windshield of a vehicle and injured a woman.

In a related call, a woman reported her ex was throwing rocks through the window of a residence. She did not need medical attention. A report was taken.

For more from the police blotter, read Tuesday’s edition of The Union.

New Icp Album Called the mighty death pop

allegedy the new insane clown posse album is called the mighty death pop .

This is a great idea and should be about anger from the perspective of the towns where juggalos are a gang or the anger a woman feels when she has stones thrown at her. the mighty death pop the icp album now causing more violence in the community whoop whoop. JH dont get angry … we get even.