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Jewish community outraged at treatment by psychopathic records / hatchet gear over swastika belt buckle

The jewish comunity is outraged with the treatment by psychopathic records and hatchet gear – two complaints have already been issued – i hope theres no jewish juggalos or jewgallos out ther wanting a belt buckle.



while nazi juggalos rejoice

Get yours today! SIEG WOOP!!!!!


check the racist twitter! http://twitter.com/UNJF88

Nazi juggalos are rejoicing psychopathic records decision to recognize them as juggalos .


JUGGALO HITLER – another nazi juggalo

check out this juggalos myspace…..


31 years old
TUCSON, Arizona
United States

About me:
Ima juggalo til I die. Fucc all who aint with me, cuz ima be the new Juggalo HITLER. I am goint to take over this world with the same froce that HITLER had. So all who aint down with the clown fear me for I am the HITLER of the JUGGALO community
Who I’d like to meet:
Hitler!! And well all of the people who aint down with me becuz I would like to piss in your face and put you in the gas chamber too.

Another nazi juggalo – what the hell is going on with your juggalo family

juggalos are anti-racist

Juggalos are anti racist? hmm...

What two things stand out in this picture?

(answer Juggalo logo on drums , Nazi flag on wall – racism is still alive a kicking with juggalos)