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Nazi Juggalos – Confirmed Gang by the FBI

Are you saying juggalos are not racist ???

Well the nazi juggalo gang exists and is on the fbi list of known gangs.
I think its time to throw the false calims that juggalos are not racist out the window.

nazi juggalo gang

if pic is blurry you may need to sign up here to see it


MMFWCL to the nazi juggalo gang brothers in the so called non racist juggalo family


Another Nazi juggalette – UNJF MEMBER SEIG WHOOP

nazi juggalette

For all this talk about anti racism and juggalos not being racists , theres is a hell of a lot of nazis running with the hatchet.
Once again another UNJF (united nazi juggalo front) member posts their pic and the other juggalos pretend she isnt really down when

United Juggalo Extermination Group

this group was made to end the UNJF united juggalo nazi front
United Juggalo Extermination Group all juggalos must join to save their image.
Juggalo wars are running wild whos the real juggalo the nazis or the non nazi juggalos ????

JH Exposes Erik Ruddock As UNJF Member

We’ve exposed a juggalo Erik Ruddock as a UNJF member.

New Hatchet Gear Belt Buckle – Hatchet Man Nazi

hatchet man nazi
New hatchet gear has 4 hatchet men whose feet go and form a swastika
now icp is catering for the nazi juggalos like the UNJF. Swastikas now make it look like juggalos support the holocaust.


JUGGALO HITLER – another nazi juggalo

check out this juggalos myspace…..


31 years old
TUCSON, Arizona
United States

About me:
Ima juggalo til I die. Fucc all who aint with me, cuz ima be the new Juggalo HITLER. I am goint to take over this world with the same froce that HITLER had. So all who aint down with the clown fear me for I am the HITLER of the JUGGALO community
Who I’d like to meet:
Hitler!! And well all of the people who aint down with me becuz I would like to piss in your face and put you in the gas chamber too.

Another nazi juggalo – what the hell is going on with your juggalo family

Ignorant Juggalo Racist

another ignorant juggalo tries to deny the racism and Nazism of juggalos

this made me laugh hysterically! DUDE! are you serious? first off, just because a flag is red and black, does NOT mean it’s a nazi flag. and second, to which nazi symbol are you referring? the lightning bolts of the SS, or the perversion of the navajo symbol for wind? because i see neither of them. this flag looks more like a flag for a country than anything. i’m a native juggalette, and my boyfriend is a white juggalo. racist? i think not.

once again juggalos dont seem to acknowledge the truth

juggalos are anti-racist

Juggalos are anti racist? hmm...

What two things stand out in this picture?

(answer Juggalo logo on drums , Nazi flag on wall – racism is still alive a kicking with juggalos)

Rapper Blaze Ya Dead Homie aka Chris Rouleau is a Holocaust Denier

Chris Rouleau, also known as Blaze Ya Dead Homie, is an American rapper from Romeo, Michigan. His stage persona is that of a reincarnated gang member killed in the late 1980s, and his music is a fusion of gangsta rap and horrorcore.
Chris has stated on the latest episode of wfuckoffradio that the holocaust is not real and he has not heard of it.
Will we see these nazi lyrics in his latest album Last House On Dead Street??
Only time will tell…