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Punch a Juggalo Day Facebook

No one had put it up, and i wanted to like it so i made a page.
I immediately recieved death threaths from a juggalo supporter.
For your health!Also after October 31st I would like to know how many of them you got. My goal is at least 5

National Punch A Juggalo Day – October 31st

This Halloween aka Hallowicked juggalos wont know what hit them with the first annual punch a juggalo day.
Rules are simple -National Punch A Juggalo Day a fun day for all the true juggalo family WHOOP WHOOP MMFWCL

national punch a juggalo day

Jh with support from Planet lotb has started the first anti juggalo holiday – national punch a juggalo day – October 31st of every year  – More news to follow.