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Juggalowned – Tila Tequila Fan Owns Juggalos

“It’s not right people judge us all based on what a few people did, but it’s completely Tila’s fault that it happened. I mean, did you see how she dressed? She’s a whore! And her music sucks! One of the people on stage committed the Unpardonable Sin of not knowing our group’s jargon! Tila didn’t immediately cave to our abuse and stood up for herself instead of cowering with her tail between her legs! What else could rational people do other than assault her??!”

How sad are the juggalos commenting on this blog? How much can you whine about being misunderstood without seeing the blatant irony? This attack is the clearest possible example of the lack of empathy in this group. You want to be understood? Try understanding others yourselves. It’s shouldn’t be too taxing on your imaginations to figure out that none of you would appreciate being pelted with objects, chased into a trailer, and terrorized while a mob outside tried to break in. Imagine standing in there, waiting for them to come in, and having that time to picture all the horrific things that might happen when they did. I’m sure Tila expected to die that night, I know I would have. But it’s okay to subject another person to something like this because YOU didn’t like her and her music. Your right to listen to a different musical artist is more important than her right not to be harmed. Fantastic.

While your victim blaming and slut shaming are unsurprising, please know these tired excuses are as old as mankind. Those poor, helpless juggalos- they are in no way responsible for their actions! It’s interesting you would defend these people by arguing they are mindless idiots with no impulse control. Then you wonder why this doesn’t endear you to others.

Instead of blaming the world for your problems, try taking a look at your own lives and owning up to your actions. It’s beyond pathetic to blame Tila for the crowd’s actions, as though they are not autonomous individuals capable of higher thinking. Instead of raving about “haters” and being misunderstood, try to understand others. See Tila’s perspective of that terrifying night, for a start. Instead of ranting about hypocrisy in others, try looking at your own hypocrisy. I see nothing “kind, giving, loving” nor do I see anything illustrating “family” in a mob assault on a small group of people. Sorry.

I get that you can’t control every member of your group. I get there are assholes in every group who ruin things for others. But you don’t DEFEND those assholes and rationalize their behavior! The only reason to do that is if you SUPPORT their actions. Given the angry, hateful, vitriol posted by the juggalos here (a few of which laughingly label themselves as nice people), this sort of violence appears to be par for the course in your culture.

This comment thread is truly my first exposure to juggalos and you seem like a terrifying, hateful, angry, violent group. I’m sure this will be completely disregarded and chalked up to “hating” on your group, but it’s my honest impression. Though it appears the opinions of those outside of the group are not valued in the juggalo community.

Speaking of beliefs, it’s certainly your right to believe women should be stoned and attacked for their morals or perceived lack thereof. However, others don’t have to agree with you. Just as you are asking for the right to hold your beliefs, you have to extend that same right to others. Be happy millions of people in other parts of the world agree with you and regularly rape, beat, or stone females to death for having “objectionable” morals. To them, women are not really people and it is society’s job to abuse them until they submit. This seems to be an ideology many of you can get behind. Just don’t expect all of us to accept it.

Honestly, this incident and the juggalo comments here make me very worried for the females involved with this group, some of whom posted in defense of this assault. I sincerely hope members of their “family” never one day decide to attack them for a breach of morals. While society in general supports rape culture and the subjugation of women, most people would be opposed to the assault on Tila. Your group’s defense of it sends a VERY strong and clear message.

The bottom line is this should not have happened. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like Tila, her music, her morals, or any other asinine detail about her. She still did not deserve to be attacked. This is not right. It doesn’t matter whether she was warned or not before taking the stage. (Why did she need to be warned about going in front of such a delightful group of caring individuals who are all about family and understanding in the first place??) No person deserves to be physically assaulted because you don’t like their music.

Don’t like her songs? Too fucking bad. Grow up, be an adult, and ignore her. There was nothing keeping those people at that stage. Instead of throwing a tantrum and abusing her, you could have simply moved on. Again, I’m amazed that so few of these juggalos even considered that option.

The worst, though, is all of those defending the juggalos who did assault her. It’s one thing to be caught up in the moment, in the excitement of a crowd. It’s another thing entirely to look at this scenario objectively, after the fact, and say it was acceptable.