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Twiztid and Blaze Arrested – Stupid Druggalos

LMAO @ them looking old as fuck.

Three rappers currently on tour with the Insane Clown Posse were arrested in Tampa, FL yesterday and each charged with felony possession of marijuana … TMZ has learned.

From left to right … Jamie Spaniolo and Paul Methric (better known as the rap duo Twiztid) and Chris Rouleau (who raps under the name Blaze) were also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor.

All three posed for mug shots … sans their infamous make-up.

They were each released this morning on $2,500 bond.

The tour is scheduled to hit Richmond, VA on Monday and New York City on Tuesday.

According to the police report, officers busted the rappers aboard their tour bus after an officer smelled marijuana from the outside. During their search of the bus, cops found marijuana in a sandwich bag as well as loose marijuana “being prepared for ‘rolling.'” Cops found 110.6 grams of marijuana in total.

Alleged Esham Twiztid Diss Dmt Sessions – 13. A-thujone + lyrics

Esham may or may not have dissed twizted on dmt sessions song 13. A-thujone
But butthurt juggalos are already crying about it dmt sessions sampler is already sounding better then twiztards 4 albums – they fell way off and need the roc to copy off
Lyrics :
But they cant
Because the streets respect me
And im always on that next shit
See my car dont run off gas its electric
Too much Monoxide
Paul Methric
Time for me to Ghost this game , make my exit
Im So Twiztid , Jamie Madrox
you got the game locked down ?
I Pick the Padlocks
Black mamba anaconda

Song is better then a mans myth , mutant combo

Juggalo Band Twiztid – monoxide child Attacks Female Fan at concert

Original video taken down as juggalette was harrased by juggalos. Reuploaded many times now – Fair use policy.

We can see now where juggalos get their violence from – heres monoxide child attacking a innocent fan at a concert . The Female fan had her phone damaged and her arm badly hurt by the violent action of Twiztid member monoxide child.

As one juggalo says Monoxcide child did NOT have a right to kick someone’s personal PROPERTY out of their hand and INJURE a BODY PART. She had a right to film, seeing as the venue allowed it. Most venues determine whether or not people are allowed to film or take pics at request of the PERFORMERS BEFOREHAND. If they didn’t want it to be filmed so badly, they would have mentioned that to the venue management.

What surprise? It’s always the same damn thing.

Paul Methric you should be ashamed and to the poor fan attacked at the concert i hope you also learned that the juggalo family is not real.