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Juggalos: Not All Of Us Are Violent – Yet Most Are

REDDING, Calif. — A group of Juggalos tell us they don’t deserve negative attention and that the group actually prides itself on family and belonging.

KRCR News Channel Seven ran a story a few weeks ago about the “Juggalos,” people who follow the band The Insane Clown Posse.

Law enforcement considers them a gang and a recent murder in Redding has been tied to a Juggalo.

The Insane Clown Posse started out as hip-hop duo out of Detroit. Their lyrics are often violent and explicit. Radio stations won’t play their songs and MTV won’t show their videos, but they have developed a large group of very loyal fans. Some of them dress up and paint their faces like the two band leaders.

Our Juggalo story hit the internet and we’ve had people from all over the world e-mailing us, saying not all Juggalos are bad. Many also stressed that not all Juggalos treat the group like a gang.

Joseph Herinck is a Juggalo and Lacy Tomas is a Juggalette.

They tell us they grew up as outcasts until they got their hands on Insane Clown Posse CD’s. That’s what led them to the Juggalo community, where they say they are constantly surrounded by love and acceptance.

They admit that some Juggalos might commit crimes, but say a few bad apples shouldn’t ruin it for the whole bunch.

They tell us, “we are part of this community. We have families, we have jobs, we pay our taxes, we go to work everyday and it’s just kind of prejudice to me to be able to just sit there and say that every Juggalo is the same. People are gonna do what they’re gonna do regardless of what religion or you know, thing they’re a part of. We all might be Juggalos but we still make decisions that aren’t the best, individually.”

They tell us their figure, a hatchet man, symbolizes their Juggalo community. They say just because they have a symbol, doesn’t mean they’re a gang.

Herinck and Tomas tell us they like being Juggalos because it allows them to be around other people who share the same interests and taste in music.

They want to prove to the community that not every Juggalo is about violence. Herinck and Tomas say they even have plans of organizing some community clean-ups.

Lovely how the icp and juggalo media unit work , maybe if juggalos were not commiting murders , attacking people , drawing gang tags and making threats online and offline the police and media would leave them alone.

This site alone gets 2 threats a day from juggalos wanting to meet us and kill us


Why Juggalos are labeled a gang – Police explain


Police explain why juggalos can be gang members of the juggalo gang – a lovely warning to all those juggalos who think they are not in a gang.

“We do a two-tier system,” Walker said. The first part of the system is that of state-mandated criteria, which the detective said was very broad. The other is the 10-point system, which assigns points to a person who shows possible gang affiliation.

Those points include a statement from a person identifying him or herself as a member. The detective said many members are proud of the affiliation and will state that they are members.

“That’s an automatic 10 points,” Walker said.

Other criteria would be the use of symbols, like the logo on the back of a Hell’s Angels’ vest. He said only members can receive and wear the symbols, adding that the use of the symbol is an automatic 10 points.

Other items could be tattoos that are gang specific, felony criminal history, wearing specific colors, graffiti and hand signs or confirmation from another law enforcement gang-certified agency.

With Fritts, he said in determining he was an ICP gang member and not just a fan, he relied on journal writings Fritts made, tattoos, clothing and information about him hanging out at West Town Mall and being banned from the property.

A journal Fritts and his wife each wrote in, which was placed into evidence earlier, had lyrics such as “murder, bloody murder baby, not a damn thing you can do,” which was under the title “Prep School Murders,” and had at least one reference to an ax. Forensic pathologist Adele Lewis testified last week that Teresa Busler died from injuries caused by a sharp, blunt force, possibly from a hatchet.

Defense attorney Mart Cizek, who represents Fritts, questioned Walker about how the band uses its symbols and logos on clothing similar to college’s sports memorabilia.

Walker said some gangs also use the same colors, such as Notre Dame’s colors, which are also used by the Gangster Disciple National.

Cizek showed Walker several ICP products he purchased at West Town Mall that all depicted the band’s album’s recording logo, which is the Running Hatchet Man, and asked if gang members wear flip flops. He showed him a wallet, shirt and flip flops with the label.

“Yes,” the detective said.

“While committing crimes?” Cizek asked.

“Yes, they actually do,” the detective replied.

During the detective’s testimony, Fritts, at the direction of Assistant District Attorney Sandra Donaghy, showed the jury his two tattoos, which are each allegedly associated with ICP. On his left shoulder, Fritts has a tattoo that reads “Juggalo for Life” and has the Running Hatchet Man logo on his right arm. When arrested, Fritts was wearing an ICP hoodie, which also had a logo and the words “Get Your Wicked On.”

Juggalo Holocaust Forums – Open to public

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Axe Murder Boys – Amb Drop the hatchet – Planet lotb tattoo ???

The axe murder boys have left psychopathic records after a lot of fighting with them and other artists. Their images and radio are gone , what is weird is why there is no information about this and psychopathic records have not issued a statment .

From what we know the axe murder boys have been having beef and drama over a planet lotb tattoo they received which caused violent j and shaggy 2 dope to get very mad and now fire them.


amb leave psycopathoc records


Planet lotb and Jh causes another causlity and another member to leave psychopathic records.

Gathering of the Juggalos 2002 – More Riots and Tear Gas

Wow arnt juggalos the nicest people – looks like their family reuions are more like family riots heres the words from icp about the 2002 gathering which involved rock and egg throwing – administered by icp themselves to juggalos – sort of like the till attack 8 years later……

This year’s Gathering of the Juggalos was by far the biggest and best one yet. When you have over eight thousand Juggalos crammed into one place, the Peoria Civic Center, there are many opportunities for disaster and chaos. One such event did occur during the Gathering when a riot occurred shortly after police tried to stop Juggalettes from showing what their mothers gave them. Soon tear gas bellowed down the halls of the center and mass confusion set in. But this did not spell doom for the Gathering. Immediately assessing the situation, Jumpsteady and Alex Abbiss arrived on the scene and began negotiations with the police and the Juggalos present. It did not take long for the two dons to quickly bring things back to order. This however was one of the only bones that the Gathering witnessed; the entire three day event went crazy-smooth and almost everyone present had the best time of their lives.

The Gathering hosted the highest attendance record ever, and why wouldn’t it? There was so much going on that even the veteran Juggalos were dazzled by the awesome display. One of the freshest happenings at the Gathering was Juggalo Court. The judicial hammer of Judge High Bone came crashing down (sometimes literally) on all those who held a weak case against their opponent. And how did justice punish the guilty? Those accused of stale tactics spun the Wheel of Bone. Some had their heads shaved; others were placed against a wall and fired upon by egg throwing representatives of law and order. It didn’t matter if you won or you lost in court, either way all present got schooled by the Psychopathic Judicial System.

Much energy was released in other challenging events. If you were ready to take on the world (or another Juggalo), you had several avenues to take in order to vent out your inner power. X-Box brought to you the devastating first-person shooter, Halo, in an arena-style, free-for-all, shoot-em-up that allowed up to sixteen Juggalos to go postal on each other with simulated hot lead and explosions. Bouncy Boxing and the Jousting Championship brought a more personal level to getting rid of your excess heat. What better way to let off some energy than pummeling your opponent with oversized boxing gloves or gigantic padded sticks? But the biggest draw of all these and more was definitely the Dodge Ball event. Hundreds of Juggalos waited for their turn to have the chance to whip a thick rubber ball at another Juggalo’s nugget. (MORE THROWING OF THINGS) There was no lack of activities for the Juggalo with a competitive spirit.

Many artists, including everyone here at Psychopathic Records, have started at the bottom and have worked their way up to the mad levels of freshness that they currently hold. Can you do the same? Well, many Juggalos had that once in a life time opportunity to have their flavor on a CDÉ courtesy of Psychopathic Records. It was the Good, the Bad, and the Down-n-Ugly present at this big draw but they all schooled their flavor, even getting the masses watching to join in.

And what Gathering would not be complete without Faygo? The people of Peoria may never have heard of this drink before but now it is burned into their minds forever. The Faygo Drinking Competition is the culmination of this truth. Juggalos were spraying the stage with bile and whatever they had recently ate in order to prove that they were the Master Faygo Consumer.

There were seminars were Juggalos could listen to and speak with their favorite Psychopathic artists. Each of them was outstanding but the most powerful and moving seminar of all was the ICP seminar on Sunday. Emotions ran high as Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope spoke to the packed seminar roomÉ spoke to the Juggalos for the first time in person since they had went into hiding. Many cried and even the hardest Juggalo present could not ignore the lump in his throat because the reaction to their return was so devastating. The Wicked Clowns were back and there was no denying it.

But what Gathering would be without wrestling and live performances? Juggalo Championshit Wrestling was in the house, schooling their fresh tactics in the first hexagon ring ever used in the United States. Bodies were crushed and limbs were smashed to a pulp in an unprecedented display of wrestling carnage; all for the enjoyment of the Juggalos present. And then there were the shows. Unbelievable. There was so much flavor and energy being pumped out at each show… the only way you could truly feel the impact was if you were present.

In all the Gathering of the Juggalos 2002 event was the best three days you could have possibly imagined. It was mind-bending. It was devastating. It was level ten thousand freshness. It was the most pivotal event for Psychopathic Records to date and if the only knowledge you have of the occurrences of those three days is this review, then you got the bone. When the Gathering comes around again you have to be there. Even if you were schooled by it this time, as impossible as it sounds, the next one will be even more off the hook!

Does that mean there is going to be a gathering of the Juggalos 2003? Have you been reading this review? Of course we are! We are already in the works preparing for the next Gathering. We are laying out the game plan; looking into the next location of the greatest annual event ever, checking up on what can be improved, and putting the lock down on some new and improved fresh flavor to make this next Gathering totally off the chain. Without a doubt, ninja, we are coming back again and it is going to be totally psychopathic!

We want to hear what you have to say about it all, so we threw together this survey so we could get some more detailed feedback and know what to keep from this year, what to bring back from previous years, what went well and what people weren’t feeling, all so next year’s Gathering will be even MORE off the hook! So hit that up and let us know what you think!!

Ban the Gathering

Juggalo Cult

ICP says they follow god and everyone assumes they are christians.

FACT: ICP has never once mentioned Jesus Christ or proclaimed him as their savior.

ICP = Not Christians. I wonder who or what their god is?

Juggalos = Cult

Planet Lotb Forum Registration is Back


try your luck juggalos planet lotb forums will now be taking your requests

come get owned or try and reason with JH members



*This intended for Headphones, sounds better on headphones********

Juggalo Gang Reports

The most shocking thing is that 2010 isnt over yet

At what point do we remove a juggalos children from her ???

Bad Juggalo parents strike again

Arabella sings ICP’s “Yellow Bus”

This bad mother who goes by the user name Lizzi1620
has her 3 year old sing icps yellow bus – with these lyrics

When I was a little boy, they used to laugh at the mini bus
We was special, wasn’t many of us
Where did we get to go all day? We went to happy land
See me pressed up on the glass, smillin’ waving my hand
I like y’all in a hurry, tryin ta get to go where y’all go
Our little special yellow bus, driftin’ town extra slow
We don’t get shot in our class, we happy all damn day
You see the little yellow bus, come and fuck out the way

I’m in the little yellow bus, who wants us to pick em up
Scoop us up
Com’on and scoop us up
I’m in the little yellow bus, who wants us to pick em up
Scoop us up
Com’on and scoop us up

All these bitches never see me, I waggle my penis
I’m riding in the little yellow bus, cause I’m a fucking genious
We got our own class, and y’all ain’t got the pass
You might see us threw window if ya’ cut across the grass
But that’s all you will get, we on some high level shit
Get back to your class with the masses, where your easy to forget
I’m in the little yellow bus, riding on that bitch laughing
Oblivious to the wicked world outside, and what’s happenin’

I’m in the little yellow bus, who wanna ride wit me
Scoop us up
Com’on and scoop us up
I’m on the little yellow bus, who wanna ride wit me
Scoop us up
Com’on and scoop us up

Lights flash, when we grippin’ by cause we in here wilin’
We livin’ on our own shit, while y’all worry ’bout stylin
We riddin’ on past, sometimes haters try to diss us
By we so fucking happy, we can’t help but let it miss us
We floating on the chain, we ain’t gotta maintain
We in our little yellow bus, cause we ain’t the same
We out here bendin’ corners, and we ain’t fucking with stress
and where we headed, that’s for only us to know and you to guess

I’m on the little yellow bus, who wants us to pick em up
Scoop us up
Com’on and scoop us up
I’m on the little yellow bus, who wants us to pick em up
Scoop us up
Com’on and scoop us up
I’m on the little yellow bus, who wanna ride wit me
Scoop us up
Com’on and scoop us up
I’m on the little yellow bus, who wanna ride wit me
Scoop us up
Com’on and scoop us up
The little yellow bus
Scoop us up
Com’on and scoop us up
The little yellow bus
Scoop us up
Com’on and scoop us up

At what point do we remove a juggalos children from her this is clearly not music a 3 year old should be listeing to or singing along to.
This sort of violent cult like behavior is wrong
Lizzi1620 you should be ashamed and put in a yellow bus.