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Dayton family fell off – psycho ep

wow they sold out for a quick buck
what the hell is up with the gathering track
dayton family lost

u idiots lost fans from the majority of the detroit scene and now you will relize juggalos will not buy your stuff either – the hard way.

and to think these dudes used to work with people like 3 6 mafia , esham , the game and project born…

Twiztid Stealing underground beats.

From Planet lotb forums project born , level jumpers and stir crazy are a few artists named which twiztid has “sampled” beats from on the latest album heart broken and homicidal.

Example here
No outrage from any juggalos about other acts underground or horrorcore acts or FAMILY being stolen from – heres some of the comments from lotb.

This is what’s going on thru the internet world. They’ve also taken Level Jumpers beats and people have said they get beat samples from producers than refuse to buy them and just add shit over them like they did the Project Born beat. That shit is funny to me.

Poor Stir Crazy, I hear they steal his beats and add 2 or 3 things on top of them, don’t even pay him and don’t even give him credit. They have fallen off bad.