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Joseph Bruce – Violent J – Two Face Racist

Classic moment in detroit rap – esham calling out violent j for racism and shady business dealings.

“Still Running in this race
running against these racsits
treat you like joe bruce
with 2 faces” – Esham Devilshit

Member of the Insane clown posse Joe bruce , his shady past and dealings have been exposed by numerous artists here is esham telling fans about violent j and his racism on the song devil shit.
Shout out to big mike we knew you would come back to your juggalo holocaust family .

more harassment and plotting by juggalos against hardin county and sherrif

Hardin County – New Sheriff

Wow juggalos at true juggalo family will swoop to lower levels calling police and the fine people of Hardin County racist then crying about police presence at the drug and violence fueled event, keep it up juggalos , the fine police allow your stupid gathering to go on , soon however it will be banned.

Hardin County – New Sheriff

Racist Juggalo does Blackface – racism in juggalos

A juggalo dresses in blackface and posts on youtube – what is the world coming to, he must be part of the UNJF or one of those racist juggalos which do not exist according to the thousands of emails i get .

Shame on you and your true juggalo family , you are nothing but a racist and you should be disowned by your juggalo family – which wont happen as the majority of juggalos are racist.

Jewish community outraged at treatment by psychopathic records / hatchet gear over swastika belt buckle

The jewish comunity is outraged with the treatment by psychopathic records and hatchet gear – two complaints have already been issued – i hope theres no jewish juggalos or jewgallos out ther wanting a belt buckle.



while nazi juggalos rejoice

Get yours today! SIEG WOOP!!!!!


check the racist twitter! http://twitter.com/UNJF88

Nazi juggalos are rejoicing psychopathic records decision to recognize them as juggalos .


Racism in juggalos – Black Face Performer one of the juggalo family

a racist juggalo – follower of the insane clown posse caught performing black face  MizSpike or XMissXJuggaletteX

brings some disrespect to african Americans – her excuse , she did not have enough paint.