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Hulk hogan says the N word – everyone loses their minds – twiztid says it multiple times… no one cares

“Now Nigger if you took the time to heed the message then this is more than a rhyme, maybe you should hit rewind”

“Here I am, I’m right here dog. Here I am, I’m right here Nigger. Here I am, I’m right here bitch.”

“Them down south niggers don’t know about this
And niggers on the West side way too pissed.
Because it’s East side niggers talking hardcore shit
Enough to get the North side hit”

Nazi Juggalos – Confirmed Gang by the FBI

Are you saying juggalos are not racist ???

Well the nazi juggalo gang exists and is on the fbi list of known gangs.
I think its time to throw the false calims that juggalos are not racist out the window.

nazi juggalo gang

if pic is blurry you may need to sign up here to see it


MMFWCL to the nazi juggalo gang brothers in the so called non racist juggalo family