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Esham – The True Creator of Juggalos PSA

Esham the inventor of juggalos , not the current crop of fakes and gang members which want him dead has spoken.
Some words from the heart hoping it can heal some deep wounds made by myself…… A juggalo PSA let us forgive our brothers who have trespassed against us … I only did on to others what they have done to me forgive me
Esham is man enough to admit he was wrong , so are the juggalos that want him dead men or mice ???
And all joe bruce needs to do is admit he screwed esham over when he was on psy , which is truth.

He is a Juggalo – Just Not a Real “Juggalo”

Police now believe a man who allegedly ran down another man with a car while wearing clown-type makeup is not a “Juggalo,” as initially suspected, Bartlesville Police Chief Tom Holland told the Examiner-Enterprise today.

Twenty-year-old Andrew Joseph Davis is facing charges of assault and battery with a deadly weapon and leaving the scene of an injury accident as a result of a May 10 incident.

Davis was arrested after police received a report of a man being run over by a car in the 3800 block of Northeast Ohio. Witnesses told authorities that the victim was walking northbound on the west side of the street when a black two-door car swerved toward the victim, striking him. The report states that after the vehicle struck the victim, “he was dragged approximately one hundred feet into his other neighbor’s yard.”

The witness said that as this was happening, the two occupants of the vehicle were yelling “woop woop.” After hitting the man, the driver of the car reportedly backed the vehicle up before speeding away. Witnesses contend the car had been seen earlier in the evening driving slowly past the house. Witnesses also noted that the driver was wearing “black and white face paint.”

A short time later, police stopped a car matching the description and found that the driver, Davis, was wearing black and white clown-like face paint. The passenger in the car was a 17-year-old male.

At the time, police speculated Davis might belong to a group known as the “Juggalos.” Juggalos are fans of the rap act Insane Clown Posse and often wear black and white clown makeup to emulate the band.

“We don’t have any evidence to support him (Davis) being in the Juggalos,” Holland said today. “We know our Juggalos here. They’ve always been law abiding and, for the most part, keep to themselves. We’ve never had problems with them in the past.”

Holland said the investigation indicates Davis is not a member of the local group.

“There is a group of Juggalos that gets together here locally,” Holland said. “As a national group, they have their own slang (and) their own signs.”

The victim in the case was transported to the Jane Phillips Medical Center Emergency Room where he was treated for “multiple bleeding abrasions to his entire body.”

The case has garnered national attention due in no small part to the mugshot of Davis wearing clown-type makeup.

Davis is currently free on $25,000 bond and is set for preliminary hearing in the case on July 19.

A Real Juggalo

Isaac Rockafellow’s passion for juggling extends beyond the typical toss and catch of balls. The University of Iowa junior also juggles clubs and rings, and he has even employed plungers.

“As long as [something is] fun to play around with, you can juggle it,” said Rockafellow, president of the UI’s juggling club, the UI Juggalos.

UI student Sarah Shires, a UI Juggalo member, appreciates Rockafellow encouraging club members to try new tricks with materials that are outside the box. Shires, for one, just mastered juggling three rings. Other materials used to perform tricks at club meetings include muffin tins, trombones, and 3D glasses.

“Every week, we try new things, and [Rockafellow] always tries to make something different — make a big production with lots of people,” Shires said.

Rockafellow joined UI Juggalos as a freshman, recruiting members from his dorm. Rockafellow could be seen juggling in the halls, and after those on his floor witnessed his talent, they wanted to learn the craft, too.

Rockafellow first started juggling at the age of 10, when his grandmother gave him a set of juggling balls. Ten years later, he hasn’t stopped.

In high school, Rockafellow made videos of his juggling routines at home. His father, Tim Rockafellow, said he is in the process of replacing the ceiling tiles in his living room because it was so scuffed from juggling.

The microbiology major even attended the International Jugglers Association Festival in Kentucky in 2008.

Though Rockafellow enjoyed performing in front of thousands of people at the festival, he doesn’t juggle to compete. Instead, he uses it as a form of meditation and relaxation.

“For me it was like an escape from school as opposed to a club that’s mandatory,” Shires said.

In addition to the relaxation it provides, Rockafellow sees juggling as an outlet that is creative, fun, and one that proves to be trying.

“It’s inherently a challenge,” Rockafellow said. “You are trying to control what seems to the average viewer as a big mess — it’s controlled chaos. And there are just infinite possibilities for creativity.”

In the future, Rockafellow hopes to perform in more public events with his club, and he plans to showcase the UI Juggalos during Night Games at the UI this spring.

On a personal level, Rockafellow wants to shift his focus from honing in his technical abilities to strengthening the quality of his juggling performances.

“I want to create new performances and competitions and find [tricks] that are more interesting than difficult,” he said.

Tim Rockafellow said he was proud of his son’s juggling accomplishments and his dedication to the practice.

“It’s been pretty amazing that [Isaac Rockafellow] can stick with juggling and just keep getting better,” Tim Rockafellow said. “He has a tremendous amount of self-discipline, which is really impressive.”