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insane clown posse sell out – attack of the show

insane clown posse was on attack of the show – where are the juggalos taking a hatchet against the mainstream now .
your family sold you out again , please keep thinking your underground but compared to legit underground acts like esham you guys are nothing more then painted up mainstream nobodies.


Insane clown posse sell out – Bamboozle festival + warning for all attendees

Insane clown posse have sold out and gone mainstream playing at Bamboozle festival.
However icp and juggalos selling out is not the main problem with this, The safty for all non juggalo attendees is the main issue, please watch out and keep safe from juggalos and their actions , such as flying rocks and bottles . juggalos pouring soda on innocent people ruining clothes in the name of faygo showers or robbing you blind .
Worst move ever for Bamboozle. I don’t want to deal with Juggalos ruining Bamboozle. Does Bamboozle NOT understand how much crap is gonna happen because of this.