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More Juggalo anger over squidbillies clowny freaks

Go Squidbillies , juggalos and fans of the insane clown posse are getting more and more upset over the last episode clowny freaks . Heres one such comment

The “cartoonish” nature of ICP and the world they created (Dark Carnival) still relates to the real world. See, I grew up in Detroit, and when they would rap about “Sellin’ rocks on Vernor and Springwells”…well, I got it, because that’s my world. “I ride down Central, kickin’ the bass”, Hell yes, I did that and still do it. “I’m Coming Home” is one song in particular that captures the mentality of Detroit and its thug community. I climbed my way out of the insanity of Detroit as well, so I can RELATE to ICP on that level.

Conversely, I cannot relate to a small blue dog, a sponge in pants, redneck squids, talking farm animals, pissed of aquatic mammals, or any of the other things that have been brought up. What do I hate about cartoons? Namely the adults who still watch them. There is nothing wrong with a child watching cartoons, I did when I was a child as well. But at one point, I grew up, went to college, achieved my career goals and moved on with my life. See, my career deals in the realities of everyday life, so I need to stay grounded therein. For the record, I never insulted anyone’s intellect, just the intellectual value of cartoons. I can understand how that may have confused you fool, given the fact that you don’t seem to understand much of anything I have said. It’s ok, education isn’t a requirement to live your lifestyle anyway!

Squidbillies makes fun on the insane clown posse , juggalos cry

Some cartroon called Squidbillies had a insane clown posse and juggalo eppisode .. juggalos are now furious with anger.


seriously…the media in general can blow me. but everyone chiming in on juggalos right now can REALLY eat nut. squidbillies basically said that juggalos are white trash. i understand that not all ninjas are the most sophisticated folk in the world but that sure as fuck doesnt apply to every single juggalo. don’t any of you still have respect for yourself and what you believe in? paul f. tompkins (the stand up comedian who played the angel in the ATHF episode) is a complete butt pussy. any “juggalo” who thought that shit was funny is equally vaginal in the anus region. im starting to think a lot of the attention juggalos have gotten from adult swim really does stem from mc chris being so butt hurt about the gathering. and with other huge names in the mainstream media making fun of us, its just been a perfect opportunity for cartoon network to get a laugh also.

WoW wheres the family attacking MC Chris because hes a JH member and all