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Would you let your 13-year-old appear in a music video for Insane Clown Posse?

 “Some have seen and others heard/
And they say along the bottom/
Are all the bodies of the girls and boys/
Preserved, remaining, half-rotten”
— “Fonz Pond,” Insane Clown Posse

The family of Adam Hatzopoulos is pleased that local eighth-grader appeared in a new video by the group Insane Clown Posse. Others are dismayed, saying the child’s family shouldn’t have consented to his role in “Fonz Pond,” in which Adam is shown drowning.

On16 called the song and video “garbage” and suggested jail for parents of kids who took part in the video:

“You are supporting a group of morons that support violence and death. These parents that had their kids be apart of this video should be arrested and their children taken away. I know what some may think… it’s just a song and it’s not real… what’s the big deal… children and teens are being shaped by this kind of garbage and we wonder why our society is so messed up.”

d. lee also questioned the parents’ decision:

“wow! neat! a preteen boy in a video about dead kids underwater and headless boys walking around at night! And kudos for whoever drove him all the way to Detroit to audition – going the extra mile to make sure to do the cool thing rather than the age approprate right thing. Sigh. He looks like a cute kid. Just not sold on the appropriateness of this video. It’s R rated, for sure.”

Why would they let their child work with the filth of insane clown posse – a borderline gang and cult which commit vile crimes – steven spader – tila tequlia attack etc .

I do hope Adam Hatzopoulos does not offend juggalos or they take his role in the song as negative as juggalos are known to turn on other artists .

How a juggalo defends a murderer because he is a juggalo

A lovely comment by a juggalo defending a murderer who just got locked up for life , it doesnt get any lower then this juggalos where a criminal gets defended because he likes the same music as you SHAME ON YOU

By the way why the fuck is my boy Spader on the front page? Yea what he did was wrong, but Im tired of hearing all the bs about his case, I knew him personally and dont need to hear more about it. How about ya’ll move on with ur pointless lives and shut the fuck up about him or juggalos cuz we dont need it and neither does his family who have to suffer 4 shit they didnt even do.

notice he refers to him as his boy , what he did was wrong but he says we can ignore it , he then has a problem with people commenting about him and juggalos and his “Family” most likely his juggalo family are sick of it.


And Not one juggalo condemns Steven Spader – Juggalo Family

Steven Spader was convicted to life in jail today. But his crime and trail has been running for a year now and looking on youtube now –  not one juggalo has decided to condemn his action and the only videos are those of media reports .

Youtube is a place where juggalos post a wide range of videos on average 15 a day , Juggalos on youtube go all out on any issue like them being a gang .

For Example there are 50 videos put out about how good or bad the name murder death pop is made by juggalos within the day its mentioned but the steven spader case seems to have been totally ignored -why because he is part of the juggalo family .

The Insane clown posse have not issued no condemnation of this criminals action .

Juggalo websites such as faygoluvers.net juggalonews.com and truejuggalofamily.com have not reported nearly any news on this issue with some totaly ignoring it but instead they promote that the unfortunately named Mike E Clark Murder Mix 2 has been released.

Juggalo forums have been silent , juggalo rappers such as killa mo 187 have not discussed or blogged about this.

All juggalos should hang their heads in shame today , and know a member of your juggalo family has been convicted for life for murder which was caused in part dude to the violence in your juggalo music and until something is done this sort of thing will keep occuring  .

Please join the planet lotb forum to help fight the good fight in our quest to end  juggalos . http://www.planet-lotb.com/forum/

Juggalo – Steven Spader Life Sentence – “It is sufficient to say, you belong in a cage.”


(CNN) – A New Hampshire teenager accused of killing a woman and severely injuring her daughter during a brutal home invasion was found guilty Tuesday of first degree murder and attempted murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Steven Spader sat emotionless as the verdict was read in the trial for the gruesome murder of Kimberly Cates in Mont Vernon, New Hampshire, last year.

Spader, 19, was convicted of breaking into Cates’ home and hacking her to death with a machete, while his friend, 19-year-old Christopher Gribble, repeatedly stabbed her 11-year-old daughter Jaimie as she tried to defend her mother.

“I could go on for days about the depth of your depravity,” said Judge Gillian Abramson. “It is sufficient to say, you belong in a cage.”

Rest in peace Kimberly Cates


Juggalo Steven Spader Trial: Marks describes scene of abject horror in Cates bedroom

Update Spader has been convicted to life in prison , however no juggalo websites are reporting this issue .

NASHUA – In shocking testimony this afternoon, William Marks today described how he stood just inside the bedroom where a Mont Vernon mother and daughter were sleeping and watched as juggalo Steven Spader hacked them with a machete while Christopher A. Gribble stabbed and slashed with a knife.

Marks, 19, of Amherst, told Hillsborough County Superior Court jurors how Spader raised the machete with two hands and swung it like a baseball bat while the child begged for mercy and the mother tried to reassure her daughter.

Spader, 18, of Brookline, went to the right side of the bed while Gribble went to the left during the attack in which Kimberly L. Cates, 42, was killed and her daughter, Jaimie, then 11, was gravely wounded, Marks said.

“It started out ‘Jaimie is that you?” Marks testified against Spader, 18, as part of a plea deal with the state.

“Steven Spader started hitting the bed with the machete and they were saying, ‘You don’t have to do this. Please stop. And then, ‘Everything is going to be okay’,” said Marks, dressed in orange pants and shirt from Hillsborough County jail where he has been held for the last 13 months.

Marks emphatically told jurors he did not harm the mother or daughter, but admitted he rummaged through dresser drawers and jewelry boxes for things to steal.

He also admitted he and Spader picked out the Trow Road house to rob weeks earlier, that he gave Gribble directions on how to get there the night of the murder and did nothing to stop Spader and Gribble.

Marks admitted he initially lied several times to police.

But Marks said only Spader and Gribble, who allegedly was armed with a knife, participated in the attack.

Marks was indicted last winter on accomplice to first-degree murder, accomplice to first-degree assault and murder and burglary conspiracy charges.

As part of his plea deal, the state dropped the most serious accomplice to murder charge. He will plead guilty to the three other charges in exchange for a 30- to 60-year prison sentence.

David J. Cates, 46, who was Kimberly’s husband, sat with family members in the front row of the courtroom during Marks testimony. Kimberly’s mother cried. Many jurors leaned forward and listened in intense silence.

Spader looked straight ahead at his former friend during Marks’ two hours of direct testimony.Marks said he initially tried to dissuade Spader from carrying out his plans to randomly kill and rob people, but agreed after receiving multiple text message from Spader telling him to get ready.

12:50 p.m.

Two of the three men Steven Spader allegedly led in his apparent thrill kill conspiracy also bragged about killing prior to joining him in the deadly Mont Vernon home invasion, a lead investigator testified Tuesday.

Glover, 18, not only claimed to have killed before, but also was interested in Charles Manson, the Zodiac Killer and the “horrorcore” juggalo culture popular among followers of Insane Clown Posse hardcore hip hop band, State Police Det. Sgt. James Geraghty testified in Hillsborough County Superior Court.

Marks,19, also told investigators that he had a knife and an ax in his hand on the night of the Oct. 4, 2009, attack and robbery and said “he wanted to bury (the ax) in somebody’s head,” Geraghty said under cross-examination by Spader’s defense attorney Jonathan Cohen.

Both Marks and Glover – then Souhegan High School seniors from Amherst – struck plea deals with the state in which they agreed to testify against Spader in exchange for reduced sentences.

Cohen pressed further, asking the detective why no one had tested the ax and hatchet recovered from accused killer Christopher Gribble’s car, or the samurai sword Glover kept hidden beneath his mattress for blood, fingerprints or other physical evidence.

While an interest in serial killers and killing would make Marks and Glover “perfect” friends for Spader, all the witness testimony shows only Spader and Christopher A. Gribble, 21, participated in the attack and only a machete and knife were used, Geraghty said.

“Everone told us they were attacked with a machete and a knife,” Geraghty said when questioned by Senior Assistant Attorney General Jeffery A. Strelzin.

Even Spader, in letters he allegedly wrote from jail detailing the crime that police obtained, admitted only a machete and knife were used to kill Kimberly L. Cates, 42, and severely wound her daughter, Jaimie, then 11, the detective said.

In those letters, Spader never mentioned Glover or Marks did anything to harm the mother and daughter, Geraghty said.

NASHUA – A State Police detective testified Monday he recovered a torn red sweatshirt with “This is Steve’s sweatshirt — Steve who is awesome” written on it and a pair of white socks with “C. Gribble” printed on them from the Nashua River in Hollis.

Trooper 1st Class Steven Tarr said Autumn Savoy, 21, of Hollis, led him to the spot on the river where Savoy said he helped the two alleged Mont Vernon killers toss evidence more than a day earlier.

Tarr said Savoy pointed out the partially submerged black plastic trash bag with red ties, which still had not sunk, even though Savoy said he threw it in the water just hours after the predawn Oct. 4, 2009, home invasion and robbery. The bag had water in it and the items inside were wet, Tarr said.

Floating near it were a wooden jewelry box, a shoe and a man’s wallet that held military-style dog tags and multiple pieces of identification belonging to David J. Cates, the detective told Hillsborough County Superior Court jurors as the first-degree murder trial of Steven Spader entered its second week.

►Timeline of the case against Steven Spader
►Archive of prior coverage of the Mont Vernon murder

Spader, 18, and one of his alleged accomplices, Christopher A. Gribble, 21, both of Brookline, each are charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder and related charges. Spader allegedly used a machete and Gribble a knife to murder Kimberly L. Cates, 42, and severely wound her daughter, Jaimie, then 11, in the bedside ambush.

Spader, who appeared in court yesterday with his “skinhead” hair style freshly trimmed, pleaded not guilty to the crimes. Gribble also pleaded not guilty and stands trial Feb. 22.

Spader is accused of leading Gribble and accomplices Quinn Glover, 18, and William Marks, 19, both of Amherst, on the apparent thrill kill home invasion at 4 Trow Road, Mont Vernon.

Glover and Savoy, who already pleaded guilty and reached cooperation agreements with the state, testified last week against Spader. Marks, who also has a plea deal with the state, is expected to testify today. He will be the last co-defendant to take the stand.
Little DNA evidence
Nov. 2, 2010 spader1 375px (AP)

Emily Rice, a criminalist with the state forensic lab, holds a machete alleged to be the murder weapon during testimony Monday. (AP)

Four pairs each of gloves and shoes, two pairs of pants and a pair of dark thermal long underwear, a bandanna and two side screens from a window air conditioning unit also were among items inside the bag, Tarr testified. Two wooden jewelry boxes also were recovered, he said.

The detective’s testimony was consistent with Savoy’s account that he helped Spader and Gribble toss in the river a black trash bag filled with the clothing, shoes and other items the alleged killers said they and their two cohorts either wore during the home invasion or stole from the house.

Glover also testified Spader gave him a torn red sweatshirt with black markings and lettering on it to wear before the home invasion.

A forensic expert said she did blood and DNA analyses on all items from the river and items recovered from other locations. Since very little usable DNA was recovered, criminalist Kimberly Rumrill said she could not make any positive identifications.

While there was a “significant amount of blood” in the house, the knife and sheath and machete allegedly used in the attack had neither fingerprints nor blood on them, according to Rumrill and fingerprint expert Emily Rice, both criminalists with the State Police forensic laboratory.

But Rumrill said the interior of the machete sheath revealed a “weak positive result for the presence of blood.” Rumrill said the lack of forensic evidence could be due to exposure to water, dirt and cleaning agents.
20 items tested

Of the items recovered from the Nashua River, two of the four pairs of gloves tested positive for blood, as did a Burger King bag and gray-hooded sweatshirt with “Army” written on it, Rumrill said. Gloves that tested positive for the weak presence of blood were a green knit pair and one of the two black pairs, she said.

Rumrill said she tested about 20 items for DNA, but could only obtain partial profiles on five of them — all of which excluded Spader.

Partial profiles of a pair of thermal pants and green knit gloves recovered from the river excluded Spader, Glover and Marks, but could not exclude Gribble, she said.

A partial DNA profile from a blue bandanna could not exclude Glover, but excluded the other three, she said. And a partial profile of one of the pairs of black gloves excluded all but Marks, she said. Neither this glove nor the bandanna tested positive for blood, she said.

No fingerprints matching those of the co-defendants were found in the Cates house, on the alleged murder weapons or any other items recovered from the home, Rice testified.
Tire tracks tested

Timothy Jackson, an expert in tire track analysis, said tire tracks left just south of 11 Trow Road and near the boat ramp to the Nashua River in Hollis “could have been made” by tires on Gribble’s 1995 Oldsmobile sedan. He said he also lifted a footprint from an end table in the Cates’ basement that matched a Reebok athletic shoe.

David Cates, who was Kimberly’s husband and is Jaimie’s father, sat in the front row of the courtroom with other family members, as they have since the trial began. He and several others wore a light blue ribbon.

State Attorney General Michael A. Delaney also sat in for a portion of Monday’s testimony.


Juggalo Murder Steven Spader: I haven’t been convicted

More info about steven spader here

Accused murderer Steven Spader wants people to stop presuming he is guilty while he awaits trial, he wrote in a rambling, four-page letter to The Telegraph from the Hillsborough County jail.

In the second letter the newspaper has received from Spader, he reveals a contempt for people in New Hampshire, calling them “brainless, media-driven conformists.”

He even criticized David Cates, the husband of Kimberly Cates, for his reaction to the Souhegan High School yearbook controversy.

“I feel David Cates had no right to make the big deal that he did, and the school shouldn’t have apologized,” Spader, 18, wrote about Souhegan High School’s decision to include the pictures of William Marks and Quinn Glover in the high school yearbook.

Spader, of Brookline, is one of five men charged in connection with the Oct. 4 murder of Kimberly Cates and the attempted murder of her 11-year-old daughter, Jaimie. The murder took place during a home invasion in Mont Vernon. Spader’s trial on charges of first-degree murder, attempted murder, burglary conspiracy and witness tampering is scheduled to begin Oct. 25, a little more than a year after the murder.

Prosecutors accused Spader, Marks, Glover and Christopher Gribble of breaking into the Cates home and brutally attacking Kimberly and Jaimie with knives and a machete. Gribble later described himself and Spader as “sociopaths” and told police the group had planned to kill whoever was at home at the time of the robbery.

A fifth man, Autumn Savoy, was charged with helping the four cover up the murder afterward. He and Glover have since entered guilty pleas and said they will testify against the other three men.

The Telegraph received the four-page, handwritten letter dated July 13 from Spader on Thursday, the same day, coincidentally, the paper published a story about a one-page letter Spader sent to the paper in March asking that his name be spelled correctly. Both letters were addressed from the Hillsborough County Department of Corrections in Manchester, where Spader has been incarcerated since his arrest in October.

In his second letter, Spader addressed five topics, including the people of New Hampshire, his ex-friends, his current friends, the media and the Souhegan yearbook controversy.

The letter is laced with self-pity, and in it, Spader says he broke his silence because “I have just had enough of everything going on within the media, and within the population of NH.”

He calls people “uninformed idiots” and says everyone, except for his closest friends, is “highly against me.”

“Everyone is bias [sic] because five 18-20 year old men, non-conforming to society, and viewed as ‘weirdos’ or ‘criminals’ or another name branded onto us because of our appearance or choice in music.”

The Telegraph published Spader’s first letter after state prosecutors sought samples of Spader’s writings from prison so they could have a handwriting expert analyze them. Attorney General Michael Delaney filed a motion at Hillsborough County Superior Court asking the Hillsborough County Department of Corrections in Manchester to turn over documents Spader has written.

Senior Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Strelzin, the head of the homicide unit, said Thursday that he could not elaborate on why prosecutors made the request, but said it had been granted. A call made Thursday to the office of Spader’s attorneys, Jonathan Cohen and Andrew Winters, was not returned.

In the first letter Spader sent in March, he asked that his first name be spelled correctly. He makes the same request in his most recent letter, which is filled with many misspellings.

Spader’s second letter touched on the media’s coverage of the murder, as well as the reaction of his friends and family to his arrest. Spader lashed out at those who have turned against him, despite having not yet been convicted.

“You know who I am, you called me brother, family, or friend, but now that the media makes it ‘unacceptable’ to speak of me, you changed up,” Spader wrote. “Ya’ll should be ashamed. Good-bye.”

Addressing those who have stuck by him, Spader used the phrase “MMFWCL,” which is a profane acronym associated with fans of the Insane Clown Posse, or Juggalo culture, that Spader and others involved with the crime were known to be involved in.

Spader accused the media of having swayed the opinion of the public through its coverage of the murder; “THINK FOR YOURSELVES PEOPLE YOU BRAINLESS, MEDIA-DRIVEN CONFORMISTS,” Spader wrote.

“As Americans I shouldn’t have to repeat this, but it seems like I must, because everyone seems to have forgotten the constitution. Everyone in this great country of ours is, and I quote, ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’ not the other way around,” Spader wrote.

He went on to write, “In conclusion I think the citizen [sic] of this state should take a new look at the situation and smarten up, because ya’ll are looking real stupid right now New Hampshire. As I said before wait, and think for yourself.”

More info about steven spader here