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Juggalo Child Abuse

Just got emailed this link
they might be playing but this is very violent , i hope his children did not get injured.
stop child abuse.

Help Juggalo Holocaust member TheBoyBlue91982 out

Juggalo Holocaust member TheBoyBlue91982  aka The Boy Blue 91982 aka buttsecks needs your help , help vote for his definitions out fam.

The Juggalo Cult Exposed Part 5 (The Carny Conclusion)

The Juggalo Cult Exposed Part 5 (The Carny Conclusion)

you guys need to get a life, the end
Wow these last 5 vids are must watch for any parent of juggalos or any teacher dealing with juggalos in class .
Notice idiots quoting violent js book like the bible — THESE PEOPLE NEED HELP VIOLENT J IS NOT A PROPHET – VIOLENT J IS THE NEXT JIM JONES

TheBoyBlue91982 – The Boy Blue 91982 gives Juggalo holocaust Shout Outs

TheBoyBlue91982 – The Boy Blue 91982 gives Juggalo holocaust Shout Outs

Thanks for advertising the site, homie. Keep up the good work.

Thanks blue aka buttsecks

TheBoyBlue91982 and JH Comander will attend the GOTJ

TheBoyBlue91982 a Juggalo holocaust insider spy who supply’s addresses and information on juggalos , and JH Comander a high rank member of the JH will be attending the Gathering of the Juggalos 2010.

Attention Juggalo holocaust – TheBoyBlue91982 revealed

One of the JH commanders hits youtube to reveal a few juggalo spys

he has been watching your videos and comments and wants to reveal the truth of the juggalo holocaust

TheBoyBlue91982 is a JH insider