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Juggalo holocaust influences next jokers card – mighty death pop

Looks like the juggalo holocaust , the attack by juggalos on tila tequila and alleged bias media influenced mighty death pop.

From a juggalo

“It’s currently in production as of earlier this month, Violent J said himself that all of the anger they’ve had pent up from all the bs, like the juggalo holocaust, tila tequila, and biased media coverage, would be poured into this album, the 2nd of the next 6 jokers cards of the new hand…so I ask: What are you expecting? What is your take on it, how do you think it’ll sound? We may have gotten a sneak peak of whats to come with the songs “scary kids”, “this halloween is crazy” and “born on halloween” with violent j and vanilla ice, all made for hallowicked. ”

Member of public Attacked by Juggalo gang – The Mighty Death pops

i was just walking home minding my own business and got attacked by 3 painted up idiot clowns calling themselves the mighty death pops
what the fuck is the world coming to
i chased them off and hit one with a rock but this new juggalo gang the death pops is causing all sorts of trouble.

Juggalo Gang Mighty Death Pops Juggalos make an assassination attempt on JH member, fail miserably

This afternoon, 4 Juggalos affiliated with a southwest gang known as “The mighty deathpops” attempted to invade a JH members home and assassinate him. The Juggalos have been detained and shipped to a waterboarding facility.


The Mighty Death Pop Info – Mighty Death POOP

What is Death Pop ???

First coined by Orgy bassist Paige Haley to describe the music of his band, Death Pop has grown to expand and describe a number of bands over the last decade. Also written Deathpop or DeathPop, Death Pop is a loose subgenre of synth rock (commonly confused with industrial rock- due to the dark tone and heavy distortion of Death Pop). Death Pop’s basis is quite similar to its mother genre. Death Pop combines elements of New Wave, Glam Rock/Metal, Gothic Rock, New Romantic, and Alternative Rock. Many Death Pop artists can be identified by their visual appearance, combining elements of Cyber-culture with Glam and New Romantic fashion. Orgy is a great example of this. Death Pop’s vocal range is quite varied and usually ranges from Baritone to Countertenor amongst many artists and even within one band, again Orgy is a great example of this. Many of the vocals can also include a slight “grunting” or guttural sound (similar to the singing style of Marilyn Manson) Orgy and Zeromancer both heavily incorporating this. The First Wave of Death Pop (1997-2001) Orgy marks the official beginning of the “Death Pop” subgenre. Music in this era is very driven by the previous “Boyband Pop” era as well as the “modern” Industrial Rock era (marked by bands such as Nine Inch Nails and Razed in Black). The music is generally mellow but quite powerful. Orgy is the first Death Pop band but this era included bands such as Deadsy and Zeromancer that followed the Death Pop formula (Deadsy, however, is self-described as Undercore, also Deadsy was formed two years before Orgy, nullifying it’s position as an “official” Death Pop band). The Second Wave of Death Pop (2001-2005) The second wave of Death Pop saw an evolution of the genre, bands incorporated a greater deal of synth and instrumental editing. Many artists also began crossing over and releasing remixes of their original tracks. The genre itself split into several subgenres. Two artists who became the pinnacle of the second wave of Death Pop was Orgy (with the release of Vapor Transmission) and long time producer and musician Celldweller. While Orgy managed to retain much of the “pure” Death Pop aspects, Celldweller was a multi-faceted artist who combined everything from Epic Trance to Choral arrangements. Another band that had begun creating a more Trance-based pop sound was Razed in Black with the release of his album “Damaged”. Death Pop was now obscured in a sea of multi-faceted subgenres. The Third Wave of Death Pop (2005-Present) The third wave of Death Pop is identified by an era toward the end of the Nu-Metal craze. Many artists were developing all new paths. Nu-Metal/Industrial Metal act Deadstar Assembly’s sophomore effort, Unsaved, incorporated a wider range of music including Death Pop; while Orgy’s most recent effort, Punk Statik Paranoia, incorporated a lot more Nu-Metal similar to its previous tour mates Papa Roach, KoRn, and Limp Bizkit. Other acts have stayed pure and new up and coming acts pay a great tribute to the Death Pop genre, Spleen being the perfect example of this.
Examples of Death Pop bands:

– Esham
– Zeromancer
– Spleen

Examples of bands that have incorporated Death Pop into their music:

– Deadstar Assembly
– Celldweller
– Razed In Black

This is going to be now known as the mighty death poop icp you should quit

Juggalo goes on window-breaking spree

This Juggalo Must have drunk some of the The Mighty Death Pop

At 5:15 p.m. Sunday, a caller from the 10000 block of Rough and Ready Highway reported a man with his face painted like a member of the Insane Clown Posse just broke a windshield of a vehicle and injured a woman.

In a related call, a woman reported her ex was throwing rocks through the window of a residence. She did not need medical attention. A report was taken.

For more from the police blotter, read Tuesday’s edition of The Union.

Insane Clown Posse – Death pop …..

death pop
Death pop – icp now promoting their jim jones cult to dangerous levels
dont drink the death pop juggalos – its purpler kool aid .

New Icp Album Called the mighty death pop

allegedy the new insane clown posse album is called the mighty death pop .

This is a great idea and should be about anger from the perspective of the towns where juggalos are a gang or the anger a woman feels when she has stones thrown at her. the mighty death pop the icp album now causing more violence in the community whoop whoop. JH dont get angry … we get even.