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Dont Trust Icp and Twiztid – There was No SNITCH

icp twiztid snitch
Police report has now destroyed icps credibility and claim of there being a snitch. Instead icp and twiztid now try to destroy a rappers career claiming that they were a snitch http://www.facebook.com/J10GNWI813 and having juggalos diss him on twitter and facebook.

Police Reports in Twiztid and Blaze Drug Bust Prove rapper J-10 Not a Snitch

for all the evidence needed .
Icp and twiztid are having a field day today attacking rapper J-10 as the alleged snitch in the twiztid and blaze drug bust.
They have said about 20 tweets between them all alluding to and attacking J-10 saying stuff about a bad rapper etc. The Truth is out there with the police reports , note to all artists working with psy or dreaming about opening for them … this is how they treat you twiztid drug bust
twiztid dope bust
twiztid drug bust
blaze drug
drug bust insane clown posse

Come on icp and twiztid why not just appologize for trying to hurt J-10s Career with your lies and bullshit .

A Song For Twiztid and Blaze Ya Dead Homie – Drug Addicts

Lmfao now they are claiming they got set up. No wonder where juggalos get their blame someone else attitudes from .

“As TMZ first reported, Jamie Spaniolo and Paul Methric (better known as the rap duo Twiztid) and Chris Rouleau (who raps under the name Blaze) were all busted for felony marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor.

Methric (above, middle) tells TMZ the group was “set up and snitched on by a guy with a vendetta against them.” He says the group is “not guilty” and their “lawyer will be fighting this in court to the full extent.” ”


Shout outs to tmz for keeping it real