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Disgusting Juggalo Mother – Swears infront of children

Listen to her disgusting language – one person says shes a pill popper and uses drugs , while the mother lights up.





juggalo anthem -IS NOT appropriate for a 2 year old

bad parents to no end – notice the other child on the floor while this drug and violent song plays to a 2 year old so their father feels like a big man online , these kids will be messed up to no end and someone needs to get in contact to make sure these poor children have a safe home.

heres the fathers myspace http://www.myspace.com/zombiethyundead

here are the disgusting lyrics they had playing to 3 year olds

Juggalo Anthem Lyrics (Blaze Ya Dead Homie)
feat. Insane Clown Posse
(Violent J)
Killas kick the anthem like this
Juggalos up in this bitch, up in this bitch
Killas kick the anthem like this
Juggalos up in this biiiitch, blaze

(Blaze Ya Dead Homie)
G’s up, ridin’ from the cradle to the casket
And beyond, recognize thug shit
Poundin’ out the trunk bitch
Runnin’ wit’ a mother f**kin’ hatchet
you haters, you suck dick was a thug, became a G
B to the L to the A, Z, E, still dead
Still don’t give a f**k (give a f**k)
Sportin’ all black kahkis with the mother f**kin’ cuffs up
Smokin’ Hella trees, tryin’ to make a couple G’s
So a thug can get back on his feet
Mean muggin’, steady thuggin’
And I’m tryin’ to find the hoodrat’s all about f**kin’
Still loked out
All my dawgs from the past, dead or smoked out
Still tryin’ to come up on a lick for a phat ass ride
So I can drop the top, and parlay through the east side

Chorus(Monoxide Child)
Niggas kick the anthem like this
Juggalos up in this bitch, up in this bitch! x 4

Bitches freeze, you aint a thug or a G or a banga’
[ Find more Lyrics on http://mp3lyrics.org/vPk ]
You’s a studio gangsta
You aint about shit, scared to pull the trigga’
That’s what we call, a real bitch nigga’ (bitch nigga’)
Sneekin’ through the hood, throwin’ up a set
Hangin’ out the window, yellin’ idol threats

Check this out, I’m a check your chin
Close your mouth, ‘fore I put the barrel in
Dumpin’ clips in yo ass is what I’m all about
Straight G from the clique on a paper route
Still slappin’ off fake bitches with the Louiville
Beat a nigga’ to the pavement, another bitch killed

Chorus(Monoxide Child)

(Jaime Madrox)
This is the battle for the planets
We bring the thunder, givin’ half the advantage
F**k a style and a status
Half of y’all hummin’ off a half ass deal
And got the nerve to tell a mother f**ker ‘keep it real’
We see through y’all fools, like
cellophane on the square pack
You bite our shit, you can keep it, we don’t want it back
We don’t give a f**k, east side for life
And if you aint got heart, don’t
expect to have your shit tight
There aint no room for the hoe-hearted
We give a f**k where you at, or who you
wit’, or how you got started
F**k you and everybody in yo clique
If you don’t run wit’ a hatchet, or claim the Psychopathic
I aint got time, to say no names
It’s only 8 rhymes, no holla’, we been in the game
Besides f**k it, no speakin your name
You’re just a bitch in the game
And y’all niggas gone’ always be the same

Chorus x8


Juggalos and Japan

Some Juggalo decided to visit lotb forums today talking about how jh can keep making posts against juggalos while there is a tragedy in japan.
Please note so far none of the major juggalo website including faygo luvers , true juggalo family or juggalo news have mentioned this tragedy on their websites .
while lotb had a thread worried about members and the japenese people as soon as it happened.

Violent Js last tweet – what about your juggalo fam in japan ??
“Mu Fukas on Twitter wait for a ninja to slip and say some dumb shit so they can attack! But I gives no fuck what I say bitch I eat poop whut”

Text the word “REDCROSS” to 90999 to give a ten dollar donation. Charges will appear on your next wireless bill.

Juggalo / Juggalette criminals – Three Females Arrested in Grisly Gallup Slaying

Once again juggalos are caught and they allegedly commit vile crimes and not one juggalo website reports them . Lets have some fairness in the juggalo media .

Three female suspects, including one adult and two juveniles, have been arrested for the brutal murder of a 19-year-old woman whose charred remains were found in a ditch near Gallup’s Stagecoach neighborhood on Feb. 16, the Gallup Herald said in a story on Facebook this week.

Marris Yazzie, 17; Larita Smith, 21; and a third suspect who is 18 but whose name hasn’t been released, all are facing charges of first-degree murder in the death of Colleen Lincoln, which police believe occurred on or about Dec. 23, 2010, according to arrest warrants in the case.

Gallup police learned on Feb. 16 that the local office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation had been looking into a missing-person report filed on the Navajo Nation and had received a tip from a female who said she had information on how Lincoln had been killed in the Gallup area and her body possibly had been burned, the Herald said.

Investigators went to a field south of Arnold Street where they found a human skull in a ditch, along with human hair and a leg bone, remains which were determined to be Lincoln’s, Gallup police Sgt. Matt Wright told the Herald.

Lincoln’s skull appeared crushed with a rock and her body was set on fire, the paper reported.

Although the three female suspects appeared to be associated with a “social movement” known as the Insane Clown Posse, according to investigator John Yearley, the District Attorney’s Office believes the killing was the result of a robbery gone violently wrong and not gang-related, the Herald said.

Read more: ABQNews: Three Females Arrested in Grisly Gallup Slaying

Big Baller Campsite

JH Has Got hooked up

2011 Big Baller Campsite: $400.00 per campsite
This is a sticker that grants access to the exclusive, limited, bomb-diggity Big Baller campsites! These sites have individual electricity, one outlet per site, and water faucets which must be shared by several sites. You may bring a vehicle of any size, short of a big rig, and park it on a Baller site (where it must stay till the Gathering ends). The Big Baller Campsite sticker must be on, and remain on the vehicle at all times. Any additional vehicles brought to or parked at these sites will require their own Car or RV/Trailer Passes (see above). There will be no additional charges for water or electricity usage. Baller sites are not numbered and will be first come, first served. There are very few sites and they will sell out fast.

Juggalo children indoctrinated into juggalo cult

Juggalo children indoctrinated into juggalo cult

more harassment and plotting by juggalos against hardin county and sherrif

Hardin County – New Sheriff

Wow juggalos at true juggalo family will swoop to lower levels calling police and the fine people of Hardin County racist then crying about police presence at the drug and violence fueled event, keep it up juggalos , the fine police allow your stupid gathering to go on , soon however it will be banned.

Hardin County – New Sheriff

Juggalo gang threatens murder and beat downs at gathering of juggalos

The Juggalo gang known as juggalo punkz has issued death threats and attacks to acts and people attending the gathering , well known off again / on again insane clown posse affiliate esham is issued a death threat by this group called the juggalo punks , if this isnt a reason to stop the gathering then what is ??

Juggalo admits all juggalos are in a gang

Juggalo’s are a gang and in some case’s are a threat and are criminals. Now I listen to ICP and all that but I ain’t gang affiliated so no I don’t run around acting stupid and doing stupid stuff. It is just music. Once you go beyond it being just music and start being down and kickin it, Then you are considered a gang. It’s not a family, a family is people close to you such as parents and such. It’s a gang anyway you look at it and it should be regulated in all ways. Now back in the day when they first came along yea it was cool because it was considered support for the artist but people have taken it to a whole new level and is now out of control with the way people are acting and taken things. I am not trying to bash anyone inpeticular but it needs to be dialed back a notch back to where is was fun and not criminal. I know someone is going to call me names and what ever else and that is fine with me. Juggalo’s went from being real to emo/crip wannabe’s with no transition in the middle. As far as I am concerned yes they should be looked at as a gang now and should be looked at by law enforcement to hold the piece, someone has to. And in closing I am listening to “I could” by ICP as I write this.

so there you have it , all juggalos are gang members – straight from a ex gang member