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Part of the True juggalo Family

Are you part of the true juggalo family ?? Do you call yourself a juggalo ?

then this member is your cousin

This rude juggalo sits in a tree , swearing at cars , making a fool of himself and poulting the minds of childre with his profanities .

Stupid Tree Juggalo -is  A Part of your True Juggalo Family.

Jared Loughner is a juggalo criminal – listens to icp and shoots innocent people like Gabrielle Giffords

Juggalo Jared Loughner kills 6 including a young girl and injures Gabrielle Giffords, a Democrat Congresswoman from Arizona who was elected to a third term this past November, was shot in the head at point-blank range at a public event Saturday morning.

Jared Loughner is the prime suspect in this case , but what most the media have not yet found and will not discuss is that Jared Loughner is a juggalo , and if that had anything to do with this hideous crime.

jared is a juggalo

This is the blown up version

jared icp

now for all juggalos who deny everything sourced right here


Now dating game is a obscure insane clown posse song and to quote it in myspace would make Jared Loughner at the minimum a icp fan but most likely a full blown juggalo.

Once again juggalos are committing crimes and we have to ask ourselves what % of his actions were because Jared Loughner was down with the clown and a member of the true juggalo family.

true juggalo family -discusses juggalo gang membership truejuggalofamily.com

For all the juggalos claiming juggalos are not gang members or not associated with gangs -, check out this lovely thread from jh infiltrated website true juggalo family


I’ve recently had someone inquire- whether they can be in Latin Kings and be a juggalo at the same time.

I’m wondering if he’s asking because of the whole “Forks up, Forks down” shit shaggys always talkin about not to mention the ringmaster is throwin up GD.. the pitchfork is the hand sign of the Gangster Disciples, whom are rivals to the Latin Kings..

Yes ICP used to be a gang, they also ended up using their music to get out of that life because they didn’t want to get killed in it.

To be honest, who are we or anyone else, to say weather he can or can’t? One of the big points of being a Juggalo/Juggalette is that we DON’T judge people.

I was thinking about this today at work…If someone above him in the Latin Kings, tells him to knock the fock out of, or off someone he knows is a Juggalo…whats he gunna do?



Racist Juggalo does Blackface – racism in juggalos

A juggalo dresses in blackface and posts on youtube – what is the world coming to, he must be part of the UNJF or one of those racist juggalos which do not exist according to the thousands of emails i get .

Shame on you and your true juggalo family , you are nothing but a racist and you should be disowned by your juggalo family – which wont happen as the majority of juggalos are racist.

Merry Christmas From juggalo holocaust and Planet Lotb

Merry Christmas From juggalo holocaust and Planet Lotb in this video we discuss what we achieved in 2010 . Including exposing the truth about the tila tequila attack , having facebooks banned, being mentioned on twiztids album cover and removing racist items from hatchet gear . Merry Christmas From juggalo holocaust and Planet Lotb http://planet-lotb.com

http://www.sendspace.com/file/2xz3wi to download the song by jeff nipples

Im big game James , A ex Juggalo and im dropping the hatchet – true juggalo family

Hello youtube Im big game James , A Juggalo and im dropping the hatchet.
I used to be down but not anymore
im sick of all your stuff and now i am “worried”
Fock the true juggalo family



And Not one juggalo condemns Steven Spader – Juggalo Family

Steven Spader was convicted to life in jail today. But his crime and trail has been running for a year now and looking on youtube now –  not one juggalo has decided to condemn his action and the only videos are those of media reports .

Youtube is a place where juggalos post a wide range of videos on average 15 a day , Juggalos on youtube go all out on any issue like them being a gang .

For Example there are 50 videos put out about how good or bad the name murder death pop is made by juggalos within the day its mentioned but the steven spader case seems to have been totally ignored -why because he is part of the juggalo family .

The Insane clown posse have not issued no condemnation of this criminals action .

Juggalo websites such as faygoluvers.net juggalonews.com and truejuggalofamily.com have not reported nearly any news on this issue with some totaly ignoring it but instead they promote that the unfortunately named Mike E Clark Murder Mix 2 has been released.

Juggalo forums have been silent , juggalo rappers such as killa mo 187 have not discussed or blogged about this.

All juggalos should hang their heads in shame today , and know a member of your juggalo family has been convicted for life for murder which was caused in part dude to the violence in your juggalo music and until something is done this sort of thing will keep occuring  .

Please join the planet lotb forum to help fight the good fight in our quest to end  juggalos . http://www.planet-lotb.com/forum/

Juggalo Steven Spader Trial: Marks describes scene of abject horror in Cates bedroom

Update Spader has been convicted to life in prison , however no juggalo websites are reporting this issue .

NASHUA – In shocking testimony this afternoon, William Marks today described how he stood just inside the bedroom where a Mont Vernon mother and daughter were sleeping and watched as juggalo Steven Spader hacked them with a machete while Christopher A. Gribble stabbed and slashed with a knife.

Marks, 19, of Amherst, told Hillsborough County Superior Court jurors how Spader raised the machete with two hands and swung it like a baseball bat while the child begged for mercy and the mother tried to reassure her daughter.

Spader, 18, of Brookline, went to the right side of the bed while Gribble went to the left during the attack in which Kimberly L. Cates, 42, was killed and her daughter, Jaimie, then 11, was gravely wounded, Marks said.

“It started out ‘Jaimie is that you?” Marks testified against Spader, 18, as part of a plea deal with the state.

“Steven Spader started hitting the bed with the machete and they were saying, ‘You don’t have to do this. Please stop. And then, ‘Everything is going to be okay’,” said Marks, dressed in orange pants and shirt from Hillsborough County jail where he has been held for the last 13 months.

Marks emphatically told jurors he did not harm the mother or daughter, but admitted he rummaged through dresser drawers and jewelry boxes for things to steal.

He also admitted he and Spader picked out the Trow Road house to rob weeks earlier, that he gave Gribble directions on how to get there the night of the murder and did nothing to stop Spader and Gribble.

Marks admitted he initially lied several times to police.

But Marks said only Spader and Gribble, who allegedly was armed with a knife, participated in the attack.

Marks was indicted last winter on accomplice to first-degree murder, accomplice to first-degree assault and murder and burglary conspiracy charges.

As part of his plea deal, the state dropped the most serious accomplice to murder charge. He will plead guilty to the three other charges in exchange for a 30- to 60-year prison sentence.

David J. Cates, 46, who was Kimberly’s husband, sat with family members in the front row of the courtroom during Marks testimony. Kimberly’s mother cried. Many jurors leaned forward and listened in intense silence.

Spader looked straight ahead at his former friend during Marks’ two hours of direct testimony.Marks said he initially tried to dissuade Spader from carrying out his plans to randomly kill and rob people, but agreed after receiving multiple text message from Spader telling him to get ready.

12:50 p.m.

Two of the three men Steven Spader allegedly led in his apparent thrill kill conspiracy also bragged about killing prior to joining him in the deadly Mont Vernon home invasion, a lead investigator testified Tuesday.

Glover, 18, not only claimed to have killed before, but also was interested in Charles Manson, the Zodiac Killer and the “horrorcore” juggalo culture popular among followers of Insane Clown Posse hardcore hip hop band, State Police Det. Sgt. James Geraghty testified in Hillsborough County Superior Court.

Marks,19, also told investigators that he had a knife and an ax in his hand on the night of the Oct. 4, 2009, attack and robbery and said “he wanted to bury (the ax) in somebody’s head,” Geraghty said under cross-examination by Spader’s defense attorney Jonathan Cohen.

Both Marks and Glover – then Souhegan High School seniors from Amherst – struck plea deals with the state in which they agreed to testify against Spader in exchange for reduced sentences.

Cohen pressed further, asking the detective why no one had tested the ax and hatchet recovered from accused killer Christopher Gribble’s car, or the samurai sword Glover kept hidden beneath his mattress for blood, fingerprints or other physical evidence.

While an interest in serial killers and killing would make Marks and Glover “perfect” friends for Spader, all the witness testimony shows only Spader and Christopher A. Gribble, 21, participated in the attack and only a machete and knife were used, Geraghty said.

“Everone told us they were attacked with a machete and a knife,” Geraghty said when questioned by Senior Assistant Attorney General Jeffery A. Strelzin.

Even Spader, in letters he allegedly wrote from jail detailing the crime that police obtained, admitted only a machete and knife were used to kill Kimberly L. Cates, 42, and severely wound her daughter, Jaimie, then 11, the detective said.

In those letters, Spader never mentioned Glover or Marks did anything to harm the mother and daughter, Geraghty said.

NASHUA – A State Police detective testified Monday he recovered a torn red sweatshirt with “This is Steve’s sweatshirt — Steve who is awesome” written on it and a pair of white socks with “C. Gribble” printed on them from the Nashua River in Hollis.

Trooper 1st Class Steven Tarr said Autumn Savoy, 21, of Hollis, led him to the spot on the river where Savoy said he helped the two alleged Mont Vernon killers toss evidence more than a day earlier.

Tarr said Savoy pointed out the partially submerged black plastic trash bag with red ties, which still had not sunk, even though Savoy said he threw it in the water just hours after the predawn Oct. 4, 2009, home invasion and robbery. The bag had water in it and the items inside were wet, Tarr said.

Floating near it were a wooden jewelry box, a shoe and a man’s wallet that held military-style dog tags and multiple pieces of identification belonging to David J. Cates, the detective told Hillsborough County Superior Court jurors as the first-degree murder trial of Steven Spader entered its second week.

►Timeline of the case against Steven Spader
►Archive of prior coverage of the Mont Vernon murder

Spader, 18, and one of his alleged accomplices, Christopher A. Gribble, 21, both of Brookline, each are charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder and related charges. Spader allegedly used a machete and Gribble a knife to murder Kimberly L. Cates, 42, and severely wound her daughter, Jaimie, then 11, in the bedside ambush.

Spader, who appeared in court yesterday with his “skinhead” hair style freshly trimmed, pleaded not guilty to the crimes. Gribble also pleaded not guilty and stands trial Feb. 22.

Spader is accused of leading Gribble and accomplices Quinn Glover, 18, and William Marks, 19, both of Amherst, on the apparent thrill kill home invasion at 4 Trow Road, Mont Vernon.

Glover and Savoy, who already pleaded guilty and reached cooperation agreements with the state, testified last week against Spader. Marks, who also has a plea deal with the state, is expected to testify today. He will be the last co-defendant to take the stand.
Little DNA evidence
Nov. 2, 2010 spader1 375px (AP)

Emily Rice, a criminalist with the state forensic lab, holds a machete alleged to be the murder weapon during testimony Monday. (AP)

Four pairs each of gloves and shoes, two pairs of pants and a pair of dark thermal long underwear, a bandanna and two side screens from a window air conditioning unit also were among items inside the bag, Tarr testified. Two wooden jewelry boxes also were recovered, he said.

The detective’s testimony was consistent with Savoy’s account that he helped Spader and Gribble toss in the river a black trash bag filled with the clothing, shoes and other items the alleged killers said they and their two cohorts either wore during the home invasion or stole from the house.

Glover also testified Spader gave him a torn red sweatshirt with black markings and lettering on it to wear before the home invasion.

A forensic expert said she did blood and DNA analyses on all items from the river and items recovered from other locations. Since very little usable DNA was recovered, criminalist Kimberly Rumrill said she could not make any positive identifications.

While there was a “significant amount of blood” in the house, the knife and sheath and machete allegedly used in the attack had neither fingerprints nor blood on them, according to Rumrill and fingerprint expert Emily Rice, both criminalists with the State Police forensic laboratory.

But Rumrill said the interior of the machete sheath revealed a “weak positive result for the presence of blood.” Rumrill said the lack of forensic evidence could be due to exposure to water, dirt and cleaning agents.
20 items tested

Of the items recovered from the Nashua River, two of the four pairs of gloves tested positive for blood, as did a Burger King bag and gray-hooded sweatshirt with “Army” written on it, Rumrill said. Gloves that tested positive for the weak presence of blood were a green knit pair and one of the two black pairs, she said.

Rumrill said she tested about 20 items for DNA, but could only obtain partial profiles on five of them — all of which excluded Spader.

Partial profiles of a pair of thermal pants and green knit gloves recovered from the river excluded Spader, Glover and Marks, but could not exclude Gribble, she said.

A partial DNA profile from a blue bandanna could not exclude Glover, but excluded the other three, she said. And a partial profile of one of the pairs of black gloves excluded all but Marks, she said. Neither this glove nor the bandanna tested positive for blood, she said.

No fingerprints matching those of the co-defendants were found in the Cates house, on the alleged murder weapons or any other items recovered from the home, Rice testified.
Tire tracks tested

Timothy Jackson, an expert in tire track analysis, said tire tracks left just south of 11 Trow Road and near the boat ramp to the Nashua River in Hollis “could have been made” by tires on Gribble’s 1995 Oldsmobile sedan. He said he also lifted a footprint from an end table in the Cates’ basement that matched a Reebok athletic shoe.

David Cates, who was Kimberly’s husband and is Jaimie’s father, sat in the front row of the courtroom with other family members, as they have since the trial began. He and several others wore a light blue ribbon.

State Attorney General Michael A. Delaney also sat in for a portion of Monday’s testimony.


Juggalo Websites we removed

heres a small list of juggalo websites we have had the pleasure of dealing with

Muthafacko dot com
Bizzare Ninjas dot com
For Juggalos By Juggalos dot net
FaYgoLuVeRs dot com
Juggalo Productions dot com
Three Ring Circus dot com
Psychopathic News Hotline of Florida
ICP Merch Traders dot com
Church of the Dark Carnival dot com
Psychopathic Realm dot com
Wicked Carnies dot net
The Amazing Maze dot com
ICP-Rules dot com of Europe
Street Ninjas International Hockey Team
Wicked Voodoo Masters of Austin, Texas
Juggalo Worlds dot com
L’il Poot’s Asylum
Super Juggalos dot com
Dot com
1 o 8 Dragon in Ninja Family
Twiztid Thoughts hotline of Salt Lake
Juggalo Tats of New Hampshire
Juggalo Date Hotline National
Dot com
Mostasteless Juggalos dot com
Juggalo Mafia dot com
Twiztid Tattoos
Real Juggalos dot com
In New Hampshire
Psychopathic Juggalo City dot com (minus)
Blaze Ya Dead Zombie dot com
Arizona Juggalos dot com
Juggalo Nation dot com
The Seventh dot com
Juggalo Planet dot com
Born for Juggalos
Dead Pumkins dot net
Dot com
I-C-P dot D-E of Germany
Hatchet Man Basketball Team
Real Rydaz dot com
Twiztid Chicks dot com
Orange County Juggal Crew
Juggalo dot D-E of Europe
Faygo Revolution
The Insane Domain dot net
Dot net
Twiztid Juggalos dot com
Juggalo Asylum
Sixth Jokers Card dot com
Wicked Tent dot net
The Sixth dot com
Kentucky Juggalos
True Juggalo dot net
I-C-P Tabs dot com
Juggalo Kings
I-C-P House dot com
Wings and Things
Georgia Juggalos Network Hotline
Magic Ninjas Bowling Team
Insane Clown House dot com
Juggalo Pizza at Rhode Island
Dark Carnival dot com
Twiztid’s Weed dot com
Freek Show dot com
Funhouse dot com
Denver Juggalos dot com
Twiztid Reality dot com
I-C-P Never Die dot com
Twiztid Juggalos Hotline of Miluakee
Hotline of Dallas
Crazed Juggalos dot com
Juggalo Twiztid Revolution
Harsgrove Juggalo Graffiti Team
Dot com
Bizzar Bizaar
Florida Juggalos
Dot Com
Twiztid Clowns dot com
Juggalos R Us
Real Juggalos from the Lou hotline
Dark Carnival
Juggalo Extreme Wrestling
Tattoos and peircings
Twiztid Juggalo Funhouse dot com
Wicked Realm dot com
Blaze Ya Dead Juggalo
Carnival Curtains dot com
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We Are Juggalo Paintball dot com
Realm of Psychopathic dot com
Are we Lotus
Insane Funhouse dot com
fockin’…feminem dot com
Juggalo Union dot com
Ghetto Zone
Dog Beats dot com
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Psychopathic Genius
Dot com
I-C-P Insane Championship Pool
Dot net
Canadian Juggalos dot com
Dot com, huh?
Shangri-La dot com
Twiztid’s Fun Phone Hotline of Kansas City
Juggalo Nation
Juggalos-4 life dot com
Dot com (Psychopathic)
Dark Carnival Coffee House in Seattle (What the..)
D-C-J-S Juggalos dot com
Sik Clown’s Ju…damn my bad
Psychopathic Traders dot com
Juggalo Nation of San Francisco Bay
Juggalo Night at Oscars in Houston
L’il Poot’s Stash dot com
Dot com
The Brooklyn Juggalo Militia
The Juggalo Body Peircing of Ocean Mesquite
L Beyonced Juggalos dot com
Sick Clowns Dark Carnival dot com
Juggalo Thongs and Bongs in Birmingham
Detroit Psychopathics Dot Com
Sick Psychopathic Hotline of Detroit
Juggalo Go Around dot com
Shaggy 2 Dope dot com
Half Dozen Psychos Tattoos of British Columbia
Killer Funhouse (Dot What) dot com
Dot net
Dark Clown Landscapin’
Get you mowin’ on
Park Slow Ninjas dot com
Dot com
Twiztid Slim dot com
Dot org
Official Psychopathic Hockey team
Juggalo Power
Chigga chigga dot com

what racist juggalos dont exist ????

lovely comment a member of planet lotb received by a juggalo , while other juggalos act like they have never said a racist word in their lives as its against the juggalo family smokey530juggalo shows what a real juggalo is.

smokey530juggalo is MAD

smokey530juggalo  (1 hour ago)

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talkin all your shit over the internet u got balls u little nigger loving fagoot fuck
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when i go to canada im gonna tell u and were gonna have a little talk. Me,U,Your? butt buddy faggot juggalo holocaust bitchs, And My juggalo Family OK

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smokey530juggalo is MAD