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true juggalo family -discusses juggalo gang membership truejuggalofamily.com

For all the juggalos claiming juggalos are not gang members or not associated with gangs -, check out this lovely thread from jh infiltrated website true juggalo family


I’ve recently had someone inquire- whether they can be in Latin Kings and be a juggalo at the same time.

I’m wondering if he’s asking because of the whole “Forks up, Forks down” shit shaggys always talkin about not to mention the ringmaster is throwin up GD.. the pitchfork is the hand sign of the Gangster Disciples, whom are rivals to the Latin Kings..

Yes ICP used to be a gang, they also ended up using their music to get out of that life because they didn’t want to get killed in it.

To be honest, who are we or anyone else, to say weather he can or can’t? One of the big points of being a Juggalo/Juggalette is that we DON’T judge people.

I was thinking about this today at work…If someone above him in the Latin Kings, tells him to knock the fock out of, or off someone he knows is a Juggalo…whats he gunna do?



And Not one juggalo condemns Steven Spader – Juggalo Family

Steven Spader was convicted to life in jail today. But his crime and trail has been running for a year now and looking on youtube now –  not one juggalo has decided to condemn his action and the only videos are those of media reports .

Youtube is a place where juggalos post a wide range of videos on average 15 a day , Juggalos on youtube go all out on any issue like them being a gang .

For Example there are 50 videos put out about how good or bad the name murder death pop is made by juggalos within the day its mentioned but the steven spader case seems to have been totally ignored -why because he is part of the juggalo family .

The Insane clown posse have not issued no condemnation of this criminals action .

Juggalo websites such as faygoluvers.net juggalonews.com and truejuggalofamily.com have not reported nearly any news on this issue with some totaly ignoring it but instead they promote that the unfortunately named Mike E Clark Murder Mix 2 has been released.

Juggalo forums have been silent , juggalo rappers such as killa mo 187 have not discussed or blogged about this.

All juggalos should hang their heads in shame today , and know a member of your juggalo family has been convicted for life for murder which was caused in part dude to the violence in your juggalo music and until something is done this sort of thing will keep occuring  .

Please join the planet lotb forum to help fight the good fight in our quest to end  juggalos . http://www.planet-lotb.com/forum/