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Mastamind Disses Twiztid – 2 bitches / Two Bitches

Mastamind disses the clowns

2 verses for 2 bitches

Hulk hogan says the N word – everyone loses their minds – twiztid says it multiple times… no one cares

“Now Nigger if you took the time to heed the message then this is more than a rhyme, maybe you should hit rewind”

“Here I am, I’m right here dog. Here I am, I’m right here Nigger. Here I am, I’m right here bitch.”

“Them down south niggers don’t know about this
And niggers on the West side way too pissed.
Because it’s East side niggers talking hardcore shit
Enough to get the North side hit”

Boondox dropping the hatchet – going to magic ninja ent

LOL another one leaves for green pastures of twiztids label… LMFAO



Juggalo civil war – Twiztid distance themselves further from ICP and Juggalos with new Facepaint

juggalo civil war

Juggalo Civil War – Insane clown posse 3:24 house of wax is a twiztid diss

Civil war in the land of the juggalos

Some nitwit juggalos think this is an esham diss HAHA

Guess what nimrods its a twiztid DISS .

Freinds become enemies because time surprises you

Those who once idolized suddenly despising you – ESHAM NEVER IDOLIZED ICP – N E V E R

Asked about his influences were suddenly he forgets – Why would esham say ICP influenced him??

Violent J from day one with the painted faces quit ripping us off – Hilarious another example of it not being an esham diss

1. Jumpsteady was the one keeping the peace. At Juggalo day last year he said to keep the peace with twiztid to the entire crowd

2. Talks about how they got painted faces and want to trade places…

3. Talks about ryding with myzery who also has beef with twiztid

4. Bitches out promoting at our shows (twiztid does)

5. All you faggots eating off us (juggalos/twiztid)

6. lets see who stays on our side and is ready to ride…

Juggalo compares himself to ghandi – Hunger strikes for twiztid

This is Scribbles the Juggalo announcing that I am goin on a hunger strike until Twiztid returns to Psychopathic Records. There is to much good music and fun for us Juggalos and them to loose because of this departure. Two of my heroes are Gandhi and Violent J. I am urging all Juggalos to take whatever PEACEFUL actions you can to talk Twiztid into returning. And until they do I am not eating!

Thank You


Juggalo talks about violent JJ incident – Why Twiztid Left Psychopathic records

This Juggalo claims that people are saying twiztid attacked violent jj – a child.
That is not the rumor , the rumor is one of twiztids security guards accidentally hit violent jj when twiztid and violent j had a argument and got heated.

Did a member of twiztid or one of their staff attack a child ? – Reason twiztid is leaving Psy

There are tons of rumors now hitting the internet.
But one of the main ones and most seen by all sources is that an incident occurred with former psychopathic records member Twiztid and the son of insane clown posse leader violent j – violent JJ.
This incident has been the catalyst for twiztid leaving in such a quick fashion , they have had weeks of infighting until this incident occurred but this verbal and physical confrontation which lead to a child getting hit or knocked over – this point is still kind of blurry at the moment was the straw that broke a camels back.

Twiztid Leave Psychopathic Records – Welcomed with open arms by the Juggalo holocaust Family


I would like to take this moment to officially welcome Twiztid to the Juggalo Holocaust.
Seems they are also no longer referring to fans as juggalos – so you know what that means .


Twiztid’s Abominationz – Psychopathic sells juggalos the same album four or five times

Twiztid’s Abominationz – Psychopathic sells juggalos the same album four or five times...

Twiztid’s Abominationz is going to come in two versions! You got yourself the MADROX VERSION and the MONOXIDE VERSION! Each version of the album will come with a SWEET fuckin’ cover featuring one of the demented duo themselves which will slip off to reveal ANOTHER wig flipping cover! You think you’ve seen that shit before? NO WAY. The cover won’t be revealed until the demented duo deem the timing right. Also different between the Madrox and Monoxide versions of the album are the bonus track! On the Madrox version of Abominationz it’s going to be all about the former Phatso. And on the Monoxide version it’s a deep hit of the chainsmoker!

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Twiztid have decided to continue the collection of the Dark Carnival Trading Cards! While set 1-10 was packed with the W.I.C.K.E.D. album, cards 11-20 will be included with Abominationz. They feature all new characters, descriptions, and possibilities! These cards have been fuckin’ UPGRADED to full color and are NEEDED when it comes to completing your set. Each album will contain ONE random card.

Not only are you collectors tryin’ to get your hands on as many as you can, but you might get a BONUS hook-up if you find the AUTOGRAPHED DARK CARNIVAL TRADING CARDS! The numbers on these autographed cards are LIMITED so keep your eyes peeled for the autographs! Also, while we can’t give away who and what are featured on every single card, we can tell you about the HARDEST TO FIND card in this collection. It’s the PSYCHOPATHIC RECORDS FAMILY card. Let the speculation begin!

“Yes juggalos, buy 30 copies of the same album so you get collect all the cards! heh heh heh…”

In the words of the esham song – Horrible – THOSE FRIENDS NO FRIENDS OF MINE

via Twiztid’s Abominationz – Psychopathic sells juggalos the same album four or five times...