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The Juggalo Cult Exposed Part 5 (The Carny Conclusion)

The Juggalo Cult Exposed Part 5 (The Carny Conclusion)

you guys need to get a life, the end
Wow these last 5 vids are must watch for any parent of juggalos or any teacher dealing with juggalos in class .
Notice idiots quoting violent js book like the bible — THESE PEOPLE NEED HELP VIOLENT J IS NOT A PROPHET – VIOLENT J IS THE NEXT JIM JONES

Do it then juggalo keith – Violent J = Jim Jones

Lovely death threat from keith a juggalo

call violent j jim jones one more fuckin time and i swear you will be fuckin dead i will bring the worst kind of evil strait to your door step juggalos are not a cult we are a family a family that cares wat happens to one another so fuck juggalo holocausters and the juggalo holocaust mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wcl