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Juggalo talks about violent JJ incident – Why Twiztid Left Psychopathic records

This Juggalo claims that people are saying twiztid attacked violent jj – a child.
That is not the rumor , the rumor is one of twiztids security guards accidentally hit violent jj when twiztid and violent j had a argument and got heated.

Did a member of twiztid or one of their staff attack a child ? – Reason twiztid is leaving Psy

There are tons of rumors now hitting the internet.
But one of the main ones and most seen by all sources is that an incident occurred with former psychopathic records member Twiztid and the son of insane clown posse leader violent j – violent JJ.
This incident has been the catalyst for twiztid leaving in such a quick fashion , they have had weeks of infighting until this incident occurred but this verbal and physical confrontation which lead to a child getting hit or knocked over – this point is still kind of blurry at the moment was the straw that broke a camels back.

Esham is violent JJ and rubys stepdad – disses sugar slam and the 2 joes

Esham and his alter ego homey the clown are back on the new album Secret Society Circus full of many insane clown posse disses . Check out the first song where esham tells you idiot juggalos he aint down , disses on all you copy cats and disses sugar slam – most likely for her stupid toy drive killing real wicked shit. Esham will take out all fake horrorcore clown rappers till only homey is left MMFWEL insane clown possers Juggalo holocaust – Esham is violent jjs and rubys new step dad , any druggalos offended need to shape up with some real wicked shit.


Song should be renamed bad bad (juggal0) parents.

A New low by the insane clown posse now they have a 5 year old signing violent lyrics .

Fucking parents…how do they work?

In all seriousness, Violent J should not have let his kid do this. Let’s be honest: whether you are a Juggalo/Juggalette or not, you know this kid is going to get a lot of hate. He got it on the internet, and he’s probably going to get it personally. He’s now a huge joke, largely due to his parents’ decision.