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Juggalos Explain they beat up people that roam in gangs “family” but are not violent

okay let me get this threw to you juggalos are family we dont like huting people we hurt the coward the beat on women and childern we are peaceful and friendly we are not voilent people but u mess with one u get the whole fucking family JUGGALO NATION BITCH lil mikey

Juggalo Claims ” At Least 2 % of Juggalos commit murder”

listen to what this juggalo claims at around 1 minute in- 2% of juggalos commit murder

if theres 1 million juggalos world wide that would make minimum of 20,000 juggalos who commit murders world wide.

Also juggalos are not a race so in no way are any juggalo haters racist..

Twiztid new album = Dismembered + delusions of Detroit rap

New album again has a violent theme – a great idea for their violent fans .

While all bands like to tout their influences, few are as unabashed about it as Detroit hip-hop group Twiztid.

“We’re the world’s best number two band, [Insane Clown Posse] is number one,” said Monoxide, who makes up one half of Twiztid, along with Jamie Madrox.

Twiztid and ICP are the predominant acts in the sub-genre often called horror core. While traditional hip-hop beats and samples are employed in horror core, the lyrics are typically dark, violent, and speak to those who don’t necessarily fit into the norms of society.

“We are an aggression release” Monoxide says of the violence in their music. “Don’t go out and be homicidal, vent your aggression through us. Everyday gets better.”

There is no doubt that the days have been getting better for Twiztid. The group released Heartbroken and Homicidal, its eighth studio album, this past September.

“It’s just a tide over and it gets us back on the road…but people are losing their minds over it,” Monoxide said of the new album.

Intersection, Grand Rapids
Dec. 14, 7 p.m.
$18 in advance, $20 day of show
sectionlive.com, (616) 451-8232
Included with purchase of the CD is a 28-page booklet with people’s “heartbreaking” stories. The only way to read these stories, however, is with a black light. The idea behind this unique packaging is that it allows fans to then use the liner notes as their own journal.

“Packaging is just as important as the music,” Monoxide said.

Aside from being on a national tour that will stop at the Intersection on Dec. 14, Monoxide and Madrox are looking forward to getting back into the studio. Monoxide says the new record is tentatively titled Dismembered, and is a big deal for the duo.

“It will be humongous … the biggest record we have released,” said Monoxide, who also said not even the duo’s label, Psychopathic Records, knows this title yet

While the Bill O’Reillys of society may view Twiztid, ICP, and the rest of the acts on Psychopathic Records as violent freaks, Monoxide and Madrox put little stock in the pundits.

“I’m not that pissed off right now … we got a career out of this s***,” Monoxide said. “A lot of bands came through Psychopathic and fell to the wayside. We did something right.”

Juggalo Gang Street Fight

What is it with juggalos and violence ?