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Big Baller Campsite

JH Has Got hooked up

2011 Big Baller Campsite: $400.00 per campsite
This is a sticker that grants access to the exclusive, limited, bomb-diggity Big Baller campsites! These sites have individual electricity, one outlet per site, and water faucets which must be shared by several sites. You may bring a vehicle of any size, short of a big rig, and park it on a Baller site (where it must stay till the Gathering ends). The Big Baller Campsite sticker must be on, and remain on the vehicle at all times. Any additional vehicles brought to or parked at these sites will require their own Car or RV/Trailer Passes (see above). There will be no additional charges for water or electricity usage. Baller sites are not numbered and will be first come, first served. There are very few sites and they will sell out fast.

Jeff Nipples- Pimples On My Ass

new album by jeff nipples featuring the Juggalo holocaust song WAR and owned to the nippleos
pimples on ass
pimples on butt


This is a collection of unreleased Jeff Nipples from the era in between prince’s charm 2006 till early 2009 when I came back into the game more full time again. During this era I mostly only did a couple tracks per year, more than half the album is shit made in late 2006-early 2007

New Juggalo holocaust Site and Forums

The New Juggalo holocaust and tulsa anti juggalo league head quarters can be found at
and the new juggalo holocaust forums where we discuss plans , new vids and recruit new members to help fight the war can be found at