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Read this juggalo comment , the juggalo beat a guy to be brain damaged now has a problem his juggalo tattoo makes him look like a gang member ….. seriously juggalos are becoming more a problem and we need a juggalo tea party soon………

I just want to say to anyone who is willing to listen, we have no right to judge anyone else. You never know a person. I just did over 3 years for a battery, and with my hatchet man tattoo on my forearm I cant find a job anywhere right now.(HAAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA)

If you read the police report, you would see the man admitted to pulling a gun on me and trying to rob me. When I grabbed him up, he let go of the gun, and I hit him w/ it repeatedly, now he has to live with slight brain damage for the rest of his life.(HE BEAT THE GUY UNTIL HE WAS BRAIN DAMAGED)

The guys uncle was a judge, and he got probation for attempted armed robbery, while I did 3 years 1 month and 14 days in prison, because they (his uncle) said that I used “excessive and unnecessary” force to subdue my assailant. ( GIVING HIM BRAIN DAMAGE IS ALRIGHT)
Mow I have to deal with a prejudice every time I apply for a job once they see my record. It is even harder when they see that I am a juggalo on my tattoo. My point is I am no did nothing that you wouldn’t do yourself. So please don’t judge someone that you do not know!

We don’t think of it as God, we think of it as a form of entertainment, that like minded people enjoy. We do not force it on anyone, because frankly, if you don’t like the music, then you would just ruin the experience for the rest of us. I am a Christian man who attends my local Baptist church at every opportunity. I became a fan because I found the music entertaining. I have met a lot of good people at shows, but like anything else, there are some bad characters too.



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So, I was litteraly just looking up backrounds for myspace and came accrow this crap about a Juggalo Holocaust. Well it kind of makes me a little upset, and thats pretty hard to do, I am a juggalette. I am a calm person, I never really get mad. but when I read something like this I cant even really cogitate words. I dont understand why there is so much hate. I have gone my whole life never really getting made or hating people because thats not what I grew up with, best part about it is that my real family isnt the one that taught me how to live this way, my juggalo family is. And I know there is a lot of juggalos out there that give us a bad name but why judge eveyone for something only a few of us do. I have friends in like every state its not like we have to conform to just juggalos and juggalettes and like 80% of my friends are not in the fam, but we are real people and we are not a cult. We just choose to live our lives a little different from the average person. I have been in the fam for around 19 years, and I know what the family is about it is not everyone looking and acting the same and conforming to the same things we are all just conected by a common bond. That bond is that we just want acceptance for everyone. And the whole juggalos and lettes are retarded thing is starting to irritate me. I graduated on high honors at the top of my class and two years early from Calvary Chapel Christian Academy. Oh and my favorite color is pink, I listen to all music, just thought I would throw some random crap in there. Oh and for kicks, I go to church like 3 times every week, and my family (blood relatives) dont even believe in God, but my juggalo family well we all go and I could probably tell you more about the bible than anyone else. So please if you have a problem with juggalos and juggalettes please get ahold of me I am not saying I would change your mind about all of us but maybe you could make a new friend, and not be so judgemental. Thank you for your time. Hope you had fun reading this randomness. Keisha.
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