Juggalo Memorial

This is a memorial to all those who have fallen

Rest In Peace





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  1. I would like to see what references you are reviewing that are declaring these people are murder victims of juggalos.

  2. I totally agree with William where is the evidence stating that the juggalos had nething to do with these victims.

  3. I would love to know how you JH faggots get off by saying Juggalos murdered these people


    • see instantly resort to name calling, just another example of how childish and unintelligent you ‘people’ are.

  4. they probably diserved to die. i give NO fucks. whoop whooop. call me fucked up all you want. i’m twiztid ass bitch, and theres to many fukken people in this world anyways. ahahah. mmfwcl

    • I bet you’re mad because you got an std at a young age

      • Hold up. We are all one big family. We dont segregate individuals due to financial needs or color or race and I know that we don’t fucking murder children and yound adults. We aint no fucking cult or terrorist group. I’m a 26 yr father and husband. I don’t have an STD I’m a college Graduate and have served in the US Military for over 8 years. How the fuck could you assume that all we are STD ridden murders. I have had the same Juggalo family for the past 10 years and we are all alive. FUCK YOU

      • Good one

    • yes there are too many, seven billion is a bit too much for planet earth, but if society gets rid of this whole juggalo ‘fad’, which it will, then we would all be one step closer to a better world.

      • Maybe we should get rid of all Christians? I’m willing to bet that would help rid the world of it’s infestation of harmful organisms more than getting rid of this, “fad,” as you call it. Juggalos help and support each other, as well as anyone in need. I know juggalos that are better people than anyone else I know, who would help out anyone in need, no matter what that need is.

  5. The creators of this site are FUCKING HATERS just because we got a tag like Juggalo dont mean that we kill innocent people. i would love to cross some haters like ya’ll you’d be spitting chicklets bud!. there will always be fuckin crazy ass people in this world, juggalo’s or not. ya’ll must have just gotten picked on for bein little bitch boy’s Mcl Ma’fuckers


  6. dead carni child

    juggalo this and juggalo that wat about all u jh faggot ass bitches talkin shit behind a computer. sayin ya’ll are goin to take us out? that we’re the problem? lol u have no proof that juggalo’s are responable for those ppl. where ur proof mother fuckos”?

  7. Now you JH motherfuckers are really pushin it! Anyone else see Kurt Cobain in the second one?? WTF!! You people have got to be fucking kidding me! You wanna blame that shit on my family?? First off, if any of it was committed by any Juggalos, what the fuck gives you pieces of shit the fucking right to label all of us?? All yall bitches are just pissed off because the rain of terror from the jocks and cheerleaders is over and Juggalos have replaced you. Don’t sit there and profile us because we’re Different. We’re not like you.!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL MY JUGGALO FAMILY, MY INNER CIRCLE AND MY EXTENDED JUGGALO FAM. I now have over 2,000 juggalo friends worldwide, and I have spoken to each and every single one of them regularly for the past 7 yrs. FUCK YOU BITCHES!!!!!

  8. These peopls are insane! They obviously think we are a cult of some sort. We are a devoted family. But let them think what they want, and brainwash whomever. WE’LL NEVER DIE!!

  9. juggalos are just people we like a certain lable so i suppose that if a democartic killed some one every one who is a democrat would be comsidered a murder i mean listen to your self you have no proof you have asumptions and you know what happens when you assume you make an ASS out of U and ME.
    go beat your dick in your moms house and fuck off fuckin low lifes.

  10. Where the fuck do you guys get off saying that juggalos are murderers. While you guys go around killing inocent juggalos yourself. Tell me how the fuck that makes you any better. And you guys are pussy ass bitches that are talking shit over a fucking computer. You say that you plan to go to the Gathering of the juggalos and shut it down. Please tell me how the fuck you plan on doing that. You realize that it is the GATHERING OF THE JUGGALOS, you will be surrounded by juggalos, everywhere you look you will see nuthing but face paint bitch. You stand no fuckin chance, no matter how many mother fuckers you bring. So I suggest all you bitch ass muther fuckers to shut this fucking site down, so just give the fuck up on ending us. CAUSE THERE IS NO END IN FAMILY, AND WICKED CLOWNZ WILL NEVER FUCKIN DIE BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Naptown Juggalette

    If someone is stupid enough to murder someone and call themselves a Juggalo, they are just that STUPID. They are stupid enough to take the music serious. Insane Clown Posse writes and raps about these things, doesn’t do them. If you do not have enough mentality and self control to realize this, it is not the fault of the Juggalos as a whole. White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian people have murdered, are they all a part of gangs too? Please answer me this, is Juggalo Holocaust a gang? Yes, and as far as I am concerned every person that is a part of Juggalo Holocaust fake. They paint there faces, to “play the role” and then take action. Quit being pussies and just come straight out. Come real or go home.

  12. i have done research on you guys and i have found out that members of the juggalo holocaust have done killings/beatings to innocent juggalos in groups……know i think that is the correct term for a gang.you also may say, “well the juggalos have done some beatings and killings also”.First of all that may be true but youre “juggalo holocaust” promotes the killing/beatings or as you may call “exterminating” of innocent juggalos everywhere,pyscopathic records does not.Second of all there has been 0ver 20 killings and countless beatings by members of the ” juggalo holocaust”,there have been perhaps maybe 5 killings by SO CALLED juggalos.Youre site also states the stopping of racist juggalos and there products on hatchet gear.First of all pyscopathic records have put out songs and stated that they completely go against racism and bigotry.Also,there is black juggalos and black artists that are friends with psycopathic records and there are black artists on psycopathic records.second of all most of youre followers of the” juggalo holocaust” on youtube have put up songs and comments declaring they are racist and have used the swastika and other hate signs as a emblem on there pages.And i believe that even using the “holocaust” is a slap in the face to every jew that suffered in the real holocaust,i think that is more of a sign of rasicsm and bigotry than a few juggalos busting a “n” bomb.You have also stated in videos such as “juggalos vs. god” youre trying to help juggalos find god.First of all youre honorary JH member “killa mo” has earned the highest honor of all……..”the unholy iron cross of satan” yeah that sounds very godly to me.Second of all how can you help juggalos find god when youre “exterminating” juggalos.The point is,You guys are hipocrites, weeklings,bullies,munipulaters and an all around joke. Youre finally found out for exactly what you are.Using the wolf in sheeps clothing tactic huh……sounds kind of like the tactic that hitler tried to use.And almost all of youre information is either munipulated and exagerated or false.youre site is raided by the people you hate give it up.And for the juggalos WHOOP WHOOP

  13. ok mother fucking wores in my fam seen jh we would chop chop feed u to dogs and pigs .i am jjp17 woc stc fam over 400 deep so jh will lose .
    any way i dont see any jh in hood now kno why that is cuz yall just pussy ass dick sucking fags stop talk and ride up bicht cuz we all kno u are just a but hurt fag my bad

  14. Wow, all i gotta say, this shit is getting too funny. Just reading this shit is making it hard for me to breathe! I am a juggalo, and have been for a long time. I do not take offense to this, well maybe a grain of it. Its just comedy to me, people killing people because the bad eggs kill people. People trying to kill people for killing people, that makes a shit ton of sense. I do not try to hate or discriminate, what I do not understand is as you can see you do not understand us, and you hate. Predjudice is a normal thing but damn, trying to be the nazis of juggalos, just a very comical concept for me. “Oh Em Gee those slipknot maggots or whatever they are called just beat that guy better kill em all!”. Groups following a music or movement is perfectly normal, and has been happening FOREVER! Get over it, bigger fish to fry in this hell hole of a world. If trying to exterminate and hate what is already the most hated an the undying is what helps you make it through the day, then so be it I guess. It keeps me laughing, then again I am sure we keep you skinheads laughing too.

    As for the ninjas Whoop Whoop!
    MCL to the fam. I understand if some of you are angry about this, but fuck ’em. Its all retarded funny to me.

  15. thisstuff is getin m pissed becuse my girl got klled in june by hose jh fagz fuck delets ttack thm were it fukin hurtthe most ive hto bury 12 of my homies tis fuckin year becus eather one of our poplewas eather getin shot at or anged on tat now its gettin to er im just gunna start bustin jh faggots and ohers who label us for ome stupid shit that ainttrue its fuckin dumb but in the end we still rise to the top! down with the clown till im down im the mutha fukin ground whoop whoop!!! mmfwcl to all of you!

  16. HomieTheClownCanEatADickAndDie

    wow. yall should just hook up with WestMinster Baptist and go protest a dead soldiers funeral or something. so it’s okay to talk about the people who have died connected with juggalos. but of course let’s leave out all the stupid ass thugs who shoot eachoher cuz their influenced by gangsta rap, or the hardcore kids who beat the shit out of eachother at shows and those who end up with concussions, or dare we speak of Marilyn Manson’s faggot us fanbase which influenced Eric and Dylan in the Columbine shootings? yall are wack. get the fuck outta here man ya’ll sound just like them over conservative cult motherfuckers at West Minster.

    • can someone please tell me why kurt cobain the lead singer for Nirvana is on the list of people that were killed by juggalos? How are you determining these people were killed by juggalos? I would like to research the matter myself.

      • lancesomething

        haha. this is too funny.
        manson is a good artist as is all psychopathic artists.
        if people cant control themselves enough to figure out that the artists in psychopathic may write and sing about killing.. yes. but they dont actually kill. and yes there have been juggalo killings.

        but the ones who kill are the mentally unstable ones.
        99.9% of all juggalos are perfectly fine. mentally.
        yes we may talk about killend and beatings. but so do rappers and like half the fucking world. psychopathic does not promote killings.
        jh. you do!
        and id love to see you come after me.if you could find me.
        fuck the rest of the fam. i want everyone of ya’ll all to myself. i will kill yall
        but not for no reason. i wont do stupid shit for no reason
        thats how you go to jail.

        but wait. yall wont. yall are cum guzzling pussys for hiding behind the internet.
        cuz im down to fight. face to face.
        no paint. i want to see whho each of yall are. before i kill you.

        and to the fam. if i offend you. i am sorry.
        not intended to start static.

        all im gonna say W.i.c.k.e.d.
        stay twiztid

    • you’re a dumbass. if you’re going to insult people, get your facts RIGHT. The cult you are referring too is Westboro. And who is leaving out the ‘stupid ass thugs’ who listen to gangster rap? YOU’RE ALL IDIOTS.

  17. hey i dont understand wut is goin on with these people that are talking about us juggalos and lettes, i mean they are judging the whole group over some crazed fans that go murder people, but jonestly, they have no proof that they did it, i am down with the clown and there aint nothing stoping me! and to all you haters out there all i gotta say is yall are very wrong and you have no proof that they killed them people, anyway i dont care wut a hater has to say because i know the truth and thats all that matters ,the juggalos and lettes are my family, and i love them with all my heart.. so haters just please grow up and stop hatin for no reason at all.. i mean i dont see people making sites talking crap on them people out there that really kill over color they wear, im color blind yo. but wut im tryin to say is these hatesrs dont know us and they just judge of wut others say and wut they think in thier mind, not the truth, dammn its starting to feal like hitler is coming back aloive, the way these people hate us so much they wanna kill us!!!!1 it dont make them any better
    so much family love to all my family out there!

  18. Twiztid_Juggalo

    Fuck haters juggalo 4 life 530 famm hit mee uppp lets slide some haterzzz

  19. Strictly number wise, what would you predict the casualty rate to be on either side of this little disagreement? I’m just wondering because I see you have a whole 2 videos to back up your point in the matter (not that much honestly for a supposed cult/gang) and I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the JH killing a heck of a lot of juggalos and raping a bunch of juggalettes just curious where the numbers stood if you JH people made as much of a dent on them as your claiming they made on you (I say claiming because, well lets be honest everybody knows that juggalos weren’t responsible for Kurt Cobain… no one was he killed himself. Sorry to point out that little flaw but I’m sure you’ve heard it plenty…). Just curious thanks.

  20. Eat a bowl of dicks JH smasher worldwide CPK 17

  21. yall will get yours one day, all you haters are just mad cause you dont got shit to be down with, try ending the juggalos. keep wasting your time cause for sure theres more of us the you faggots

  22. There is one thing I will never get. Back in 95 ICP’s rare interview, not once did they promote violence, rape, or murder. They were out doing what they loved for the people that they loved. It’s never about the money, the record sales. Their best record only sold 1.5 million copies.

    As for kill all Juggalos and Juggalettes. Have you forgotten about the Dead Heads? The Maggots? Trekkies? Skinheads? Punks? Hippies? All these can be considered “Gangs”. All because of a little word “cult”. Yes we are a cult, but is it a bad thing? You have your trekie haters, but you dont hear about a trekie kiling someone because their show gave them violence. Don’t get me started on Maggots, Slipknots music is full of hate and violence. Not only to themselves but to others. People = Shit…

    Definition of a cult following:

    A cult following is a term used to refer to a group of fans who are highly dedicated to a specific area of pop culture. A film, book, band, or video game, among other things, will be said to have a cult following when it has a small but very passionate fan base. A common component of cult followings is the emotional attachment fans have with the object of the cult following, often identifying themselves and other fans as members of a community. Cult followings are often associated with niche markets or subcultures. Cult media are often associated with underground culture, and are considered too eccentric, bizarre, controversial or anti-establishment to be appreciated by the general public.

    Many cult fans express a certain irony about their devotion. Sometimes, these cult followings cross the border to camp followings.

    Fans may become involved in a subculture of fandom, either via conventions, online communities, or through activities such as writing series-related fiction, costume creation, replica prop and model building, or creating their own audio or video productions based around the formats and characters.

    As a juggalo myself I say WE ARE a CULT, but not in the ways you want us to be. We show nothing but love and respect to those who have inspired us, by going out to their shows, buying their merchandise, and painting our faces. All the violent “juggalos” were already messed up in the head. The things they THOUGHT they heard the music telling them, was only their own subconscious in remission.

    You call us Losers, Fagots, Queers, Faggalos… Does this make you feel better? Do you cry to mommy and daddy when we are not phased by your hateful attempts to bring us down to your level? Not all of us are retards, most of us are smarter than your “cult”. The fact that WE post here more often than the holocaust proves that. I know I might get some rude and hateful comments down the road, but remember, not once did i curse, pick on one person, call anyone any names. It’s because when we are hated on, we don’t retaliate. That’s when you get what you want, us to show you how a real family takes up for each other.

    Wicked Clowns Will Never Die!
    MCL ❤

    • I completely agree with you, we are a cult, a family, but not a bad one like the Charles Manson cult. Just because there are a few bad ones in the bunch, people decide to hate on us. I’m getting tired of it. Why can’t people just leave each other alone? Oh, that’s right, because someone always has to cause problems for someone else. But js, if one of these Juggalo holocaust guys hits me just for being a Juggalo, I’m not going to sit there and take it, I’m going to drag you outside (if we’re inside a house, like a party or something) and beat you down, or go down trying. I’ve dealt with haters before and it usually ended up the same way, with me standing over a knocked out hater. I say usually because I have lost, maybe about 20-25% of my fights were losses. I’m not a big fan of letting someone run their mouth, especially if its over the music I listen to, and at a party, I’m always listening to whatever music the host has on, so, music I’m not even listening to at the moment. Stores don’t even carry much Juggalo gear anymore because of people like these jh. I’m tired of getting fearful looks as I walk by, or not getting jobs just because I’m a Juggalo and Psychopathic Records is my favorite music company. I’m just trying to survive, make some money, and have fun in the process.

  23. All this shit is some bull shit Im a Juggalo and wouldnt change it for the world. You guys Have nothing to do but hate! This world needs hatrers tho!, If you ant got nobody to hate on feel free to hate on me. I dont understand you you guys think Juggalos are a cult! Really!! Come on Its a family, not that you guys would know anything about that. Seams to me you have no place in this world with nobody who cares. Juggalos and Juggallets have one another tell you what When you have 50,000 Juggalos an Juggallets, you can feel the love in the air. I was told JH was going to be at the Juggalo Gatherning good luck with that bring 50,000+ Of your JH boys! I bet you dont even have 50 JH boys!!!
    Whats this shit about killing Juggalos and rapeing Juggallets . I think thats alot of bull shit I havent hurd anything about that untell I read your shit on your page. I really think you guys made that up to try and scare us Juggalos. Its not working at all ,kinda makes me laugh a lill. I think anyone who kills anyone is a dumb ass! The juggalos who did thoses killings are fucking retards, they will get whats coming to them in prison, ant no place I’d like to be! So all and all Fuck all you haters hating on Juggalos. Ant nobody as big as us! World wide baby! Whoop whoop!! mcl

  24. People kill people its in our nature. I am a juggalo and I have absolutely no criminal history. Slipnot fans are called maggots. Now I’m not popsitive, but I’m sure there are slipnot fans who have killed other people. Does that mean that all slipnot fans are murderers? You juggalo halocaust guys are dumb if you think that your better. The juggalos are fans of a music group. The juggalo halocaust is a group of people created to hate others. They aren’t followers of a music group, they are organized, and make websites dedicated to hating one group of people. So who sounds like a gang here? J.H. Who is trying to start a war? (That is failing miserably I might add) J.H. Don’t take it personally fam, they are probably a couple of middle schoolers that thought it might be cool to start a bunch of crap with people. They also publically state online that we are murderers and they are going to kill us. Which makes absolutely no sense. They are posers who talk, nothing more.

  25. Riddlez Tha Krazed

    LMFAO Nice fake murder victims! You pussies are trying way too hard. I mean I know you all think us juggalos are stupid but damn even my semi- retarded cousin knows Kurt Kobain killed himself. Please do the same assholes.

  26. okay fuck the haters im tired of all your shit yall need ta go pick on someone else we a big ass family that could whip your asses we are not what you say we are we are jus a tite ass family and we not murders who knows what if we started sayin shit like yall are the fuckin murders. it tru yall are fuckin rapin lettes and killin los go fuck your mom and leave us juggalos n juggalos alone if ya got a problem with come and find me im not that hard to fin im in sullivan missouri come find me fuckers

  27. fake lying asshole. do you want your picture on this website? I would’t diss you you want your chopped head to wear a hat? How do you want your eyes? Open or shut?


  28. juggalojake89

    Lol….you’re kidding right?

  29. You know what, fuck it. It happened. So what? People commit murder EVERY DAY.

    If you take any sample of our society (juggalos, emos, etc.) you will come up with percentages of every kind of person (Potential murderers, gay, straight, depressed, etc.). Which means that it could have been ANYONE who would have murdered these people. The fact that it was a Juggalo is beside the point.

  30. Man idk even know what to thing u JH fags u dont have a reson to hate us so fuck off rly we just want to be left alone as a fam but i doubt u can understand that cuz im sure ur alone no friends hell r u JH even half a close as the fam id die for any of these lo and lets here i bet ud run like a bitch if i was stabbing ur closest friend if u kill any of my close familily ill kill everyone of u these ninjas r the only thing i have dont fuck with me MCL WHOOP WHOOP JUGGALO 4 life

  31. wicked in this bitch

    really? fucki jh. back in hs jh was tryin to beef wit da lo’s. you all got your asses beat down. juggalos are so common now that you would have to kill half the world population before you got rid of a good chunk of us. fuck you bitches.

    “we’ll never die alone,
    Juggalos will carry on.
    Swing our hatchets if we must,
    each and everyone of us.”

    if we must. you strike us, we will strike back.

    “me and my homies stay tight like a noose,
    step to one of us, step to the whole crew”

    fuck you and your fake jh bitchness. go blow a clown and get the fuck over yourselves. mmfwcl whoop whoop


  33. In reference to the pocono record article. My best friend’s brother was friends with the poor guy who was killed. I would never consider the murderers juggalos. I think it was wrong & I’m a juggalette.

  34. most juggalos were raised in a criminal envierment and with all the villence on tv to day lol fuck that these people may have had it comen if they were accually killed by juggalos

    • I was raised in a moral non-criminal household. I’ma productive, polite and upstanding member of society. I have no want to indulge in criminal behavior of any kind. I am a Juggalo. I consider Juggalo my Family. I consider my non-Juggalo friends my family. Family to me is someone who you feel you can count on when in need? What happens in my cat gets sick and its 3 days til payday? My best friend, my family, will be there to help me out. True story. A gang, a violent person in one in many. Each person is part of some whole. Christians have killed and committed heinous crimes, so have democrats, republicans, jews, asians, blacks, whites and indians. Just because a number of people in one group (and lets face it, life is full of groups…) does something bad, that doe not mean everyone in the group is just as bad. That’s overgeneralization at its worst, when you see the world this way its dangerous! I am a Juggalette and proud.



    man yall fucking suck you are not gonna take out the lettes and los you fucking pussy ass bitches … we are not a cult you fucking scum bags … we are who we are and thier aint no one .. NO ONE gonna take that away from us … WE ARE THE MOST HATED PEOPLE EVER. we know this bitches and you little make believe sock puppet bitch ass nazi fest ya got goin on ( YA FUCKIN BIGGOTS) aint gonna end shit. give up now bitches WICKED CLOWNS WILL NEVER DIE. FUCK YOU … for real tho you people take this time to make this site? when animals are abused and kids are starving. lol you guys are pathetic …picking on the music fans … lemme tell you some thing … you have inspired me … next time i see an emo bitch boy fag imma walk up and slap him in the fucking face. that JH ya fucking bitches … you dont scare shit!!! WHOOP WHOOP MMFWCL see ya at the gathering in cavein rock IL bitches we will see who wins this little bitch ass war … fucking pathetic shit fuckers… hey man we aint did a FUCKING thing to you so FUCK OFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!!!!!!

  37. UHH HUCK….Lets show a memorial for Victims of NASCAR races. Or all the innocent people America has murdered in war.

    you cant see us, Thats why they call us ninjas….cuz we be ridin with the family and the family be ridin with us

    It is a family…..My Uncle is in prison and my cousin killed himself, Does that mean the other 50 people in my family are killers and prison inmates? Should I abandon my family for my uncles sins?

  38. Esham didnt make the definition for a Juggalo, it was a mishap in lyrics during a song called juggla by ICP. Change the top of this page with facts


  39. wtf is up with da irish music on da video?? nazis and irish ppl dont get along… JH are fakes!! real nazis hate irish and other races.. neo nazis have a tendacy to date/fuck latina chicks…lol i know because my ex is the leader of the aryan brotherhood and hes locked up. he told me that most of his people have a great lust towards latinas. soo you guys are hella fake!!! fuck irish and jewish bastards!!! hahaha

    german/mex lette for life

  40. im a lette but if i killed someone, i dont want it to be known that its done by a juggalette!!
    i want it to be known as ‘A SAVAGE HELLS ANGEL BITCH KILLED SOMEONE’

  41. Lets get one thing straight; Juggalo’s find it highly acceptable to steal, graffiti, sell drugs, and have no respect for anyone but there own, run in large numbers to protect eachother or find a victim of a hate crime (which they would call a “good time”). Maybe you silly clown fucks need to just take responcibilty (is that word to big for you?) for your actions. I’m not some ignoragnt fuck, where i live is infested with them. Out of all the people in the world YOURS is an accurate stereotype. End of arguement.

    • I am a Juggalo. I am strongly against stealing, graffiti and drugs. I respect plenty of people, and a lot of them are NOT Juggalos. See, I respect people who DESERVE respect. It’s simple and easy. I don’t “run in large numbers”. I enjoy time with my friends, generally in twos or threes so it’s easier to fit in everything that each set of friends likes. I don’t condone hate crimes and would NEVER consider that a “good time”. Persecution and discrimination need to end. I take responsibility for my own actions. Responsibility is not a “big word” and obviously you are an “ignorant fuck” as you so perfectly put it, since you judge and discriminate against an entire group without all of the facts. Most of us Juggalos and Juggalettes are so far from what you say we are that reading your post is a joke. “Out of all the people in the world YOURS is an accurate stereotype. End of argument” Yes, based on your own post, you have shown yourself to be part of a stereotype. That stereotype is one of a hate-filled person who runs their mouth and lashes out at an entire group for no other reason than they don’t like them. You are no better than a true Nazi, an Anti-Gay lobbyist, a Bible -Thumper, or a racist. Congratulations, you are what this country doesn’t need.

  42. No that word is not TOO big for me but it obviously is for you because you spelled it wrong as you did ignorant which proves to me even further that you’re ignorant so you might want to check yourself for retardation before you try talking shit about other people also lets get this one thing straight there’s no such thing as an “accurate” stereotype there are exceptions to every rule that deserve to be found and by saying things like that you are causing yourself to fill the role of the stereotype of hate filled bigots and hypocrites by reaching out and trying to kill all of us you are in fact turning yourself into a creature far worse. I am a juggalo but I am also strongly against unnecessary violence and drug abuse am I an accurate stereotype by your standards? Do I deserve to die because I enjoy the music that is related to people who happened to kill and steal and abuse drugs? Please next time you have a thought, just let it go. Do the whole world a favor

  43. hahaha, this shit is fuckin hilarious, hey goat fag where do you live that’s infested with juggalos, i’ve been looking for a new place to move to, and seriously, we’re the problem? i think not, out of all the murders this country sees a year, i’d say probably less than a tenth of a percent of juggalos committed those murders, and i’d say a lower percentage of the murders were caused by juggalos, when you factor that in, your hate for the murdering going on (which i assume is the reason this was started) is misguided seriously, there are people of both genders, of all media preferences, and all races that murder people, why not target them too, and hey as long as we’re going to persecute the murderers, why not go a step further, let’s go after the u.s. military and every other countries military out there for that matter, why be selective? if you’re really adamant about getting rid of the violence and murdering why not go at it on a much bigger scale? Because you guys don’t care about the murdering, I know why you hate us, you are pissy with the way your lives are, and you’re unhappy with the way the world works, well here’s a history lesson no charge at all, hitler hated the way the world was, and he tried to do what you’re doing, now you should realize, history flows like a river and eventually repeats, so if hitler (a political, tactical, strategic, and sociological genius) failed to do what you’re trying to do, and i’d say he is still a lot smarter than you, so what does that say about your hopes for success, okay as a juggalo i’ll admit that some of us are always ready to get down and dirty if we need to, and for that fact we may be seen as a poison, but face it you blind fucking dumb shits, there are many more poisons, and many of them are a lot more potent than us, if you plan to change the world you can’t pick and choose who you want to eliminate, why don’t you go after the more potent poisons first, with all that said, i now urge all of you jh members, to help save the world by grabbing a hatchet and lopping off your own heads (probably the most useful thing they could probably do) that’s what the world wants, because in case you haven’t noticed, you are just about the only group that is trying to get rid of us, SO FUCK OFF AND GO KILL YOURSELVES BITCH!!


  44. I am the mother of a juggalo and my future daughter is a juggalette. They are NOT a cult, they are NOT a gang. There are alot of ignorant people out there that just look for something or someone to blame for things that go wrong. These are probably the same people that partied at Woodstock, or maybe they are “deadheads” , or any other metal followers,,….time to grow up America and stop blaming something or someone you know nothing about to keep the blame off of where it belongs,,,,,,,

    mcl- mother juggalo

  45. Wow even if these murders were true that is 2 deaths for tens of thousands of Juggalos. Real trend right assholes.
    The BallSak ninja
    You Jk’s really need to proof read your site before you publish it. Kinda makes you look like retards.

  46. really we fucking killed curt kobain get the fuck out of hear

  47. juggalos are like any family.
    if some one in your family killed a person would you support them because i would not.
    same goes with my juggalo family if they kill someone, i wont defend them

  48. Not buying this bs.

  49. listen up, im a juggalo n i got somethin for everybody ta think about.. therez some juggalos that have commited crimes, yes. BUT have u forgotten about every body else that commits crimes??? jus cause were juggalos doesnt mean were bad people. what about all the people sitting n jail that arent juggalos? bet ya forgot about those people huh? n if neonez got a problem wit me sayin the truth than come sasy it to my face, youll find me in bennington vermont 23 hurly lane… tha namez FR3AK5HOW. if ya really wanna get rid of fuckin juggaloz therez ma fuckin address bitchez come get me

  50. Tell me how the fuck kurt cobain was killed by a juggalo! He blew his own head off!

  51. HAHAHAHAHAH Juggalos killed Kurt Cobain? Shit, pls someone from JH explain this one to me cause really guys, you’re looking real dumb posting this shit as facts if you can’t proove it.

  52. see you try and try and try to get rid of juggalos but you can’t cause no matter who we have to get out of our way to get to the top we will and you guys are just a bump in the road.

    • haha. a bump in the road? well like all bad things, you will come to fade away. you see society has a way of fixing itself. like the human body, if there is a sickness, in this case the juggalo ‘fad’, in the likely event that you did not understand what i was getting at considering the lack of intelligence you ‘people’ seem to have, the human body will overcome and rid itself of that sickness. so therefore like disco you will be your ‘fad’ will be the bump in the road, and society wont look back.

  53. To all whom have fallen? These people don’t read much. There is a site with top 10 juggalo murders. They have feed to at least back up there stories. Hey wasn’t BTK a deacon in his church? Wasn’t Bundy a college student? Wasn’t Gacy a homosexual? Wasn’t Dahmer a homosexual? Wasn’t Manson a Beatles fan? ICP wasn’t around back then. I’m just trying to figure out if this means all deacons, Beatles fans, and homosexuals are killers. Don’t get mad! I’m just trying to see if the JH is making any sense. So far, I have concluded that they are no different than us. Does that mean the JH is just like us?

  54. No-one that is featured in the memorial videos were related to gang/ cult/ juggalo violence. Most of them were car crashes. I did my research, I am a proud 303 juggalo. WHOOP WHOOP MCL! But if you want to memorialize my family, please get accurate information. Thank you.


  55. i dont c anywhere where it says that juggalos killed these ppl, how do we know if they even dead? yall prolly jus wanted to make sum gay fake ass video jus to try to make us look bad. yall need to get a fuckin life! and u think juggalos r such a big gang and do nothing but commit crimes peep this shit out for ya hatin ass
    “The gang has taken over large areas of many of our communities. … gang-related crimes accounted for 291 homicides, 717 attempted homicides, 2616 … gang crime committed today” crime.about.com/od/deathrow/a/tookie14.htm
    and theres sum true proof bitchboy! and u talk about us threatening ppl??? look at u little JH faggots! oh death to all juggalos! national slap a juggalo day! how bout this shit bitch national slap a hater day and its celebrated all year round and im starting by stuffing a turkey by stuffing my fist in yo face!
    WHOOP WHOOP to all my juggalo fam that dont let hatin faggots like this make u wanna stop bein a juggalo dont believe their lies. they only have friends cuz they share hate with other ppl!


  56. I admit it….I killed Kurt no Brains. Cause I am a Juggalo. This site is so fucking stale.

  57. …how was kurt cobain killed by a juggalo when he killed himself?

  58. 4 people were killed by juggalos in both those videos together ya’ll fucking retarded and ya you lil jh faggots startedc a lil group around my way lets just say we out number you huge so come at us bitch we got the fam behind our backs what you got oh wait you got a bunch of bitch boy haters niggga get the fuck out of here fuck you!!!!!
    and to the fam mmfwcl! whoop!whoop!

  59. Really, we killed kurt cobain? how the fuck is that possible? he OD stupid fucks. damn you guys are STUPID. Da fuck you thinkin! Fuck you jh assholes. im a juggalo and proud to be mutha fuckas! and im pretty sure i didnt grow up in some crime infested hood either. MMFWCL WHOOP WHOOP!


  61. if jh wants rake up one more kill ill be waiting 23304 nw 7th rd newberry fl 32606 come get some 352 871 4120


  63. Curt Kobain. Really? I guess he must have been a juggalo to be killed by Juggalos seeing as how HE KILLED HIMSELF YOU MORONS!

  64. Keep up the great work guys. ICP= faggot losers

  65. Hmmm if the Juggalos are a cult or a gang….
    DAMN They must be the biggest Gang in the whole World….
    Yeah, damn smart to fuck with someone like that^^


  67. wut is a juggalo

    lol LAME JH is so fucking weak i’ve only heard of these fucks on the internet. i walk around alone in Salem Oregon rockin my hatchet gear and the only problems with douche bags i’ve ran into so far is having cops talk to me! and i’m always super polite I think it throws them off their game when you do it like that lol

  68. Da man wit no name

    U kno wat i dont give a fuck im down and will always be down until im dead….SO FUCK OFF HATERS

  69. I find it truly amusing that juggalos think they are just a “Family” if that’s the case I guess that Charles Manson and his “Family” weren’t all murderers. You are all I’ll educated fucktards. Grow up.

  70. Juggalomission1

    I seriously can’t stand all the haters out there thinking Juggalos are one big gang / cult / murders / violent rapests bla bla bla I’ve heard it all. What about the people you trust to keep you safe? take a look at your police at your military hell even your presidents and prime-ministers LMAO!!!! everything you accuse a juggalo of they’ve been doing it way before shaggy and jay were around to bring our family together. And to those of you who accuse us of being a cult again same thing can be said about the police and military if you want to go by definition. I’ve been down with the clowns since I was 16 I’m now 28 I’ve never killed, raped, abused a women or senselessly beaten anyone. I have a good job a wonderful fiance whom I love very much and I can’t wait to be a father some day. I love my mediate family and have mad love for my world wide fam woop wooooop and I would much rather put my trust in a juggalo before i put my trust in a cop. I have seen a group of random looking people rush to help a stranger being beaten on the street. the attacker was beaten into a bloody pulp I took a closer look at the guys that helped me and the one thing that they all had in common? heh they were Juggalos a guy in a suit a thug a mu slam and a construction worker all had hatchet man necklaces. I was 16 when I was being beaten by a guy who wanted my money and the so called bad guys that have so many haters quite possibly saved my life.

  71. You’re all fucking retards keep on judging juggalos and go to hell because you’ll NEVER be ANY Better than ANYONE in this universe.

  72. I’m sick of these haters calling Juggalos a gang…. We’re not. We just have the same taste in music!! As for us all being murderers??? Where’s the proof?? I live in Adelaide, South Australia, and our gang problem isn’t to do with us Juggalos… It’s haters like those who post bullshit comments on forums like this that are the problem… Do I listen to ICP – YES, Do I get painted up? – YES, do I murder people and rob convenience stores? – NO, in fact I work for the largest telecommunications company in Australia, in the same building that the Australian immigration is in, the same building that the Australian Federal Police are in… Do I still go to work with a ‘hatchetman’ beanie on? – YES, Are my tattoos visible in the office? – YES

    Haters are going to hate no matter what. Every society needs a scapegoat I guess, and in the new millenium it looks like its Juggalos

  73. JuggaloRevolution

    Ok i really have to say “Wow” all the bs i have read here.. First off like the one guy said we are like any family there is always a bad few and if someone in your family killed someone would you still support them? I mean shit using your philosophy we should exterminate the human fucking race because there are some who committed crimes.. and also as that one confused bitch said “looking for hate crimes” ummm NOPE as pretty much stated in near every song by psychopathic they are against bigots and also i have noticed as i read like a million fucking comments from juggalo’s i didn’t see really anything from the other side … Seems to me like they don’t have much to say on YOUR website that i might add promotes hate and violence you guys are just bored with your lives probably lonely and wanting to find something to rally against so that maybe for at least a little while you can feel some what important .. well at least until you finally pull your head out of your ass and realize you ARE WRONG you are IGNORANT your SCARED and most of all YOU WILL NEVER WIN this so called fight you have invented for yourself is just a sad joke.

  74. ok, so Kurt Cobain was killed by Juggalo’s? i dont remember reading about that, first it was suicide, then it was Courtney Love, now it’s Juggalo’s? makes sense. And i also love how you have deaths for 1992 which was before ICP had an established fan base, and before the term “Juggalo” even existed. The first album released as Insane Clown Posse came out in October 1992. And the first time the term Juggalo was used was in 1994.

  75. alright im really tired a this shit,im a juggalo im 23 n have been a juggal9o since 94. yall brag about hurtin us, ive put my name, alex mayer, number 6144892993 columbus ohio on this piece of shit hate filled site like 5 times in hopes ONE of u cowards would step up stand behind what ya prech and do sumthin but just like yer website yall are full of shit. offer always stands ill make it easy im the white guy with a red n black bandannas hangin from my hip, im the guy who would go date and fuck one of yer punkass moms after i shot one a yall fuckers. id put one of u hitler ass cocksuckers in the ground n drape your ass in red n black. n too the fbi fuck yall, freedom of speach go after these assholes

  76. my bad its 6144832994

  77. Juggalo’s are becoming a disease, and this disease must be dealt with. What they do has nothing to do with being “different,” it has nothing to do with a better understanding of a God, it is about violence. You are nothing we need. you must be dealt with. For the good of the rest of us.

  78. Well fuck, make up your mind! Are we a cult or a gang?


    You know, not all Juggalos are like this. Some just give us a bad name but why does that matter to you? Dont fucking google us or whatever the fuck you doing, if you don’t like us, just ignore us. That easy okay?
    And if you hate Juggalos so much, why do you pay attention to them?
    You gotta care to hate something. Putting that out there!

    Just leave us alone. I’m sure if you do, none of these guys (or girls) will mess with you. Just keep your mouth shut!

  79. one thing whom ever beleaves icp or any one on psyco mureds ppl is a fucking juggahoe

  80. We're always out there

    you see…. we only kill people like you, you prejudice motherfucker.

  81. LOL this website is ran by people who commit gang-related crimes, beat and kill innocent people just for being labeled Juggalos, and talk about killing us all off. In term, they’re just like Bloods and Crips, fighting against another group just because they’re not part of their own group. So in other words THEY ARE A BUNCH OF PUSSIES WHO DO GANG-TYPE SHIT, BUT ARE TOO SCARED TO LABEL THEMSELVES A GANG. FuCk ThE hOLoCaUsT!!!!! BUNCH OF HITLER ASS MOTHER FUCKERS!

  82. this is what u want right? is it a good read?

  83. it doesn’t matter if these videos are proof or not of juggalo attacks. the only thing that matters is that these juggalos are defects in society. they are the scum that is destroying society. i fear for the good peoples children, my children, my family and friends. i fear for then next generation. these absent minded low-lifes are horrid sad excuses for human beings. the lack of intelligence or commen sence makes then a hazard to the population. they destroy and they refuse to be a productive member of society. luckily like all bad ‘fads’ they will fade away.

  84. to my fellow juggalos and juggalettes, The Juggalo Death Chant:
    When I Die
    Show No Pity
    Send My Soul To Juggalo City
    Dig My Grave Six Feet Deep
    Put Two Matches At My Feet
    Put Two Hatchets At My Chest
    And Tell My Homies I Did My Best

    Thanks to my homies and to the JH people: FUCK OFF!

  85. In my opinion This is complete bullshit because its the stupid ass posers that give Juggalos and Juggalettes a bad name listening to music and families don’t kill people but people’s error and stupidity do. How fair is it to label people that considers their homies a family anything like a fucking gang. WE LIVE IN AMERICA WE HAVE SOMETHING CALLED RIGHTS TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND ASSEMBLE ITS OUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS. GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELVES AND TALK TO AN ACTUAL JUGGALO SO YOU GET YOUR FUCKING FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE JUDGING PEOPLE.

  86. WHOOP WHOOP . Kurt Cobain died from a fucking herion overdose not juggalos how the fuck are you going to blame juggalos stupid biggots.

  87. What I’d love to see here is a memorial for all the innocent juggalos and juggalettes who have lost their lives because of this stupid group. You claim to be fighting against criminal activity, but take a look at yourselves. You’re calling yourselves a damn holocaust for fuck’s sake. You claim to be better, more mature people than the juggalos, yet you can’t understand to simply leave us alone and let us do our own thing. Sure, there are a few ‘juggalos’ who have committed horrendous crimes, but there are plenty non juggalos who have committed crimes of the same nature. And just like any family, I’ll be quick to disown anyone who decides that actual murder rather than expression of it in a song is a good idea.

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