Juggalo Parents / Juggalo Children

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  1. Juggascum recruiting early.

    • i cant belive this… the juggalo holicost what tyour doing is wrong..so so wrong.. spreding hate to people ho dont duserve it… yes some people who call themselves juggalos are criminals some people who call them selves juggalos are murderurs…these people only call themselves juggalos and these people I dont call family.. it doseint matter what I say im not going to change your vew on who or what we are because no matter what your going to judge us as a whole and not the indaviduals we are..to you.. if one man with a hatchet man on his shirt commits a crime… then to you anyone under the same simble is just as filthy and rotten as you portray that man to be… im so..so sorry for these peoples actions… but it cant be helpd no matter what I say no matter what you say these are people with there own ideas..there own opinions and there own pathes to walk in life.. i belive if your out commiting crimes.. spilling blood.. your on the rong path and yes you will be forced to face your punishment.. i dont belive in brainwashing chuldren and yes that is whats happoning in these videos.. its like forceing a child to go to church… you shouldint fill there head with what you belive doseint matter if you think what you belive is true… children have the right to grow and figure life out on there own without have music blasted into there brains… or bible scripture… your job as a parent is to help guide them on there own path untell they are ready to walk without your hand…im a juggalo.. im a human being just like you… I go to school I work for my education… i have a girlfriend who loves me.. and I have a family everywere…I quite smokeing cigerets and weed.. I dont drink and I shower everyday…and I ware a hatchet man with pride.. I am a juggalo a human being just like you.. i dont hate you.. I get it I really do.. you see us as a whole but your lost in the darkside…your afraide and you hate it… whoop whoop.. I love my family and I love this human race..good luck to you… all of you.. my fammily…and the juggalo holicost..

      • you’r an idiot!!! it’s all in fun! icp is a fucking rap group and fans will be fans! kids will be kids! i am ninja and my kids will learn juggaloism! it ain’t brainwash! it’s a history for those to learn! stop judging us and pitting us! get a life juggalo haters! you nothing to us !


      Hello there, I am just going to keep it simple and say.
      “what the FUCK is wrong with you?” All of you? What have we done to yall? Honestly, I get the empression that your all just a bunch of KKK regects and you need something to hate on. o.0 could that be it? Or is your dick so small you have to hate every fucking thing that you don’t understand you dumb FUCK! NONE of you judgemental assholes know anything about me. IM A PROUD ASS JUGGALETTE AND THERE IS NOT A FUCKING THING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT! HAHAHAHAHAH!!! ME AND MY JUGGALO FIANCE WILL BE HAVING A JUGGALO WEDDING AND WERE GOING TO HAVE JUGGALO BABIES AND YOU CAN HATE ALL YOU WANT AND YOU WONT STOP SHIIIIIT! You just don’t understand that your opinions about us are worthless. Their annoying but thats all they are. Imagine someone judging you for the way you choose to live your OWN FUCKING LIFE. Really, why do you wanna be all in our lives? Do you not get any attention at all? DO YOU NOT HAVE A MOMMY? DID SHE NOT DO HER GOD DAMN JOB AND TEACH HER PUNK ASS SPAWN THAT YOU DON’T FUCKING JUDGE PEOPLE. Or was she a dumb ass like you? BUT ANYWAY! The JUGGALO FAMILY RUNS DEEP AND YOU CAN NEVER STOP IT. WE WIN MOTHER FUCKERS AND THE MORE YOU TALK SHIT THE MORE PEOPLE GET INTERESTED IN US AND THE BIGGER OUR FAMILY GETS. WHOOP WHOOP!

      • Hey, you know how much power I have over you, simpleton? I say you’re a bitch and all juggalos are illeterate low class trying to find some thing to believe in but have no choice to believe in two entrepeneours that managed to brainwash a bunch of antisocial rejects. Get mad. Get very mad. LOLOLOLOLOLOL


        WOOP WOOP!

      • Frost Byte the Snow Man

        @eric dude come on man. All we want is to be left alone. I dont give two shits if you hate me. I realy dont. But hate only breeds hate. If this so called “juggalo holocaust” realy cared about making the world a better place then they wouldnt be spreading hate. All their doing is attacking people bassed on their views of life. America was founded on the belief that all men are created equal and all men are endowed with sertain inalienable right including life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness. The juggalo holocaust is trying to take those rights away from millions of americans. Thats all they want. And i’ll let you in on a little secret. If they ever did try to do that there would be either a revolt by most juggalos or a mass exodus of juggalos. Then they would realize just how many people they depend on are juggalos. I know that this wont change your view and i realy dont care if it does. But think about it and stop spreading hate.

        Frost Byte

      • Tuzi Tuz Mctuzerton

        U go girl! did u kno these sick fucks are also out to kill innocent pitbulls?????? theres a pitbull holocaust page and all it shows are violent attacks, which ARE VERY RARE but they will not show the great dogs pittys can be. its all about the training with those dogs bad humans=bad dogs owned by said humans, just like they are doing to us, they look at one bad thing done by a juggalo or in most cases a juggahoe becuz they arent really down if they are racist, etc and they label a whole group by it

      • i agree with you your fam and im down with the clown whoop whoop

      • To Eric, don’t judge people you don’t know. It even hints at that in the bible. And that’s funny coming from me, considering I’m a Pagan. LOL I’m a Juggalette, but I’m not illiterate. I passed my English and other classes in school with almost flying colors. I’m not low class. Low class is the definition of someone who works their ass off for money and a life, its also the definition for middle class too. So go spew your crap at people who actually give a shit and are too stupid to know your wrong. I don’t go around committing crimes, or any of that stuff. And I take serious offence to you spewing this bullshit. And need I remind all you fucking dicks, that Hitler was the one who came up with the Holocaust, and he killed anyone and anything he got his hands on. So how about you show respect to people who have done nothing to you, and shut the hell up. I’m a Juggalette, and I’m not going anywhere, there are more of us everyday. But more luck to you to get rid of us all. I’m a Juggalette for eternity, at least we have respect for each other, unlike you fucking assholes. Don’t bother to respond, as I won’t respond back, you fuckers aren’t worth my time. Peace, and Blessed Be.

    • first of all, I will not support this disgusting behavior. I am a military wife and also A JUGGALETTE. I feel like this is all judgmental, rude and immature. I understand that you feel strongly against our family but how do you feel you are justifying intelligence by downing people and their cultures? Yes, I do agree this is ridiculous and not the best of parenting but still, that isn’t your choice because you did not take part in the conception or birth of those children thus saying you have not even a decimal of a percentage of say in the up bringing of those children. I suggest you remove this disgusting behavior and threats or consequences will come to your so called “Juggalo Holocaust”. Holocaust not only means racial cleansing but is a sickening term to give yourself. You all are less than respectable people and deserve nothing more than the dirt beneath my feet.

      That one intellectual juggalette.
      God bless to all of you terrible people. I hope someday you find the lord.

  2. Recruiting ANTI-IGNORANCE is what I see. If I dug apart all the lives of the people who make and post this website, Id bet my sanity that I’d find some sick acts and thoughts! Your no different….just blind by you Ignorance.

    Would a true GOOD person make a website dedicated to hating people and their children???

    Make a website hating our Government for being MURDERERS!!!!

    watch CNN or FOX news AKA the 4th branch of the military. The news is a military brainwashing campaign. Better yet go read MK-ULTRA and see for yourself what we the CIA did to civilians in this country all in the name of brainwashing…and that was over 50 years ago…..Imagine how far they’ve come in 50 years on the subject. Your all brainwashed by Ignorance like little puppets on strings stuck in their own personal little paradigm boxes.


  3. Juggalo cult…haha……all sports fans and religions are cults. For all i know your a DAVIDIAN MR. Karesh

  4. first off im a juggalette and a great mother. Im definitly not the typical lette. Im a college grad and own my own catering business and mechanic shop. My 2 year old son hasnt seen or heard any of the wicked shit. I do not want my son to make the mistakes i did in my past. that is y i wont let him near the wicked shit. I want him to grow up into watever he chooses to be. maybe someday I would tell him what I am but I think he will figure it out when he becomes a teenager. i dont like the fact that the parents push their kids into becoming someone they are not or isnt old enough to understand. Kids need to be kids, NOT juggalos, emos, goths, metalheads or watever their parents are. Kids shouldnt have to deal with immature parents. Music is music. if you take it way too serious making it your priority, your a fucked up person in the head. your kids are your priority!!! keep them safe and educate them whats correct and do not get them into violent behaviours.


  5. you niggas hatin on juggalos? i should hunt yo nigga ass’s down and show you what a juggalo is. BITCH!! Fuck Off



  6. I don’t understand the reason for this site or the reason juggalos come on to bash it. Each of you are just promoting the other…

  7. Rev. Squeeky da Clown

    we do rituals jus like all the other “religions”. science is spreading the ignorance of the world. how the fuck do any of these scientists really know how shit works? EXACTLY, THEY DONT THEY JUST BELIEVE WHATEVER ANYONE TELLS THEM OR WHAT I BOOK TELLS THEM. thats true ignorance. i bet if i wrote in a book that light can change colors they would believe it because they believe whatever they are told. we juggalos and juggalettes know that you cant believe in what everyone tells you but only through the sacred teachings from the dark carnival is true. and another thing, atoms. you really want us to believe that everything is made up of really small pieces? what kinda BS is that? if that were true then things would be fallen apart all the time cause there is no way for them to stick together unless they were all glued to each other. open your eyes and look at the world for yourself and stop letting people spoon feed you ignorance. all other religions just spread fear and hatred to EVERYONE THAT ISNT THEM. jews killin hindus, christians killin cathlics, muslums killin everyone. thats all religion does is spread fear and hatred. we never preach that we preach that we should love one another and let people believe what they want without getting all pissed.
    we tryin to change the world of its ignorance

    Rev. Squeeky da Clown

    • Drew Juggalos Suck Dick

      BAHAHAH WE DA CLOWNZ BITCH WE RIGHT. Just kidding, actually scientists have proof that things exist, they don’t just read books. Light does change color dumb shit. You juggalos think you are so smart, it is freaking ridiculous.

    • You must be the dumbest person in the world lol everything you just said made no sense what so ever I really hope you can see that! And go get a fucking education please lol

  8. juggalobuddha

    actualy alot of faygo is naturaly flavored. the orange is naturaly flavored. so is the grape, an the moon mist an all of the faygos are iether 100% natural or natural an artificial but still better than some other drinks. an its cheaper. basicly anything that isnt water is bad for you. but most people dont want to drink just water because the want something with flavor. thats why they make myo an all the other water flavor packets made by crystal light, koolaid shit walmart has a great value brand of everything now.

  9. juggalobuddha

    oh an nice to see that the end of your video featured the baby that you murdered !


    this site is a joke, its causing more hate then needed just leave us juggalos alone would ya? if anyone is causing crime its this website cuz ppl that be hating on juggalos when we dont want no trouble we just want to get on with our lives and this website sounds like a cult if anything, am i gotta get my ass kicked cuz im a juggalo? if so what did i do wrong? listen to music i like? sounds like this website is full abuncha juggalo hating pussies that think they have something to prove when they dont have anything to prove other then being bullies, once again this website is a cult of there own recruiting people to be haters. might as well wear robes and go juggalo hunting for sport… and for my juggalo fam. out there MMFWCL!!

  11. OK I’m really confused….please tell me how a video of two kids acting-out the dating game song by ICP is supposed to prove juggalos are gang members? honestly, i see two kids being entertained by the fact that they know the words and can act out mommy and daddy’s music.

    I’m not a juggalo by any means, never have been and have no desire to be. that being said, i have many juggalo friends, and anyone that is a real juggalo is respectful and generous. they open a home to you when u don’t have one, a bed, food, or just companionship. honestly, the juggalos have aspired and became what the whole world wants, a peaceful coexistence.

    You take any peaceful place and start fucking up its people, and i guarantee it won’t appear very peaceful anymore. unfortunately, there are those juggalos out there putting a bad name out for them. But once again, you can’t have an entire school full of children and not expect at least one to pick up a rock and throw at another. it’s human nature. get the fuck over it.

    also, please tell me how promoting full on hate for a group of people is promoting any type of peace in the world. hey i’m gonna go hate these people over here now because i don’t like the way they look or talk….fuckin idiots…… *shakes head in shame for the human race*

    • Right on Kimber, granted your not a lette but you should be, cause those are true fightin words of a Wicked Clown i couldn’t have said what you said above myself 🙂 MMFCL!!! WHOOP WHOOP

    • Frost Byte the Snow Man

      I wish you would tell my parents that. Ive done everything in my power to get them to understand that being a juggalo doesnt mean youre a bad person. I think my dad kind of get it but my mom sure as hell doesnt. It doesnt matter what i do. Get good grades, join the army, volunteer at a daycare where my girlfriend works, etc. she still thinks ive been brainwashed into being an evil, wicked gangmember. I thank you for being one of the few non- juggalos who understands what we are all about and i have much love for open minded people like you?

      Frost Byte

  12. i realy wunt to be a Juggalo

    • You want to be a Jugggalo. Here I’ll give you the steps first get an ICP album, then listen to it and I mean listen to the message not just the words. If you feel the same way as the message in your heart, body, and mind then I have a secret to share with you, your already a Juggalo. My friend you don’t choose to become a Juggal, you are born a Juggalo. And you have been one since birth.

  13. Fuck all who hates juggalos.If i meet ineybody that hates them they batter run.

  14. Joshua H. Nuckols

    Listen, I’m a Juggalo because I chose to be; honestly whoever made this site is a complete ignorant ass… Calling us a cult? A gang? The motherfuckers who go around fucking shit up DO NOT HAVE the true Juggalo spirit. . . Here’s an example of your complete idiocy… “BLAZE GIVES HITLER SALUTE AT CONCERT” . . . . Okay, kinda looked like it… So now, tell me… the salute and “JUGGALO HOLOCAUST” . . . You’re bringing the shit back WORSE and MORE than that hand gesture “Which was not the Nazi Salute”… Dumb-ass… Secondly… If you dig underneath the music to the core, You’ll understand that this shit your doing here is hating on people who believe in family, and the afterlife so says I.C.P through the Dark Carnival… You’re talking about ending us? As in killing us like the Holocaust, and your bitchy whining shit about all these people that died… Yeah, they died; because they were killed by a killer, not a Juggalo; A god damned killer… You need to get your facts straight about the target you’re trying to take down and take it into consideration that we’re no different than you… When you get pissed what do you do? Oh yeah; You completely contradict yourself by making a webpage that is against some sort of hate you think Juggalo’s and Juggalettes spread by making a hate/extermination clan or cult as I see… So basically, you just got fucked… because you are all now the clan or cult as we Juggalos and Juggalettes sit back and smoke a blunt as you just jackfuck yourself all around and make yourself look like a fool.

    Go learn a few things, or hate on something you understand; twatrabbits :]

    -Signed with Much motherfucking wicked clown love:

    Joshua H. Nuckols
    (Dozzy Deadman™)

  15. Juggalos are idiots. Every last one of them, Especially “Rev I-don’t-understand-science Da Douchebag” up there. If you bitches want to find me, then find me. But you won’t because deep inside, you’re all pussies. I hope your inbred children are taken because not one of you deserve the right to have children. I don’t hate you because you’re “Juggalos,” I hate you because your I.Q.s are smaller than your shoe sizes. Please do humanity a favor and kill yourselves, it’s not like a Juggalo would kill anything else.

    • Jugga-smack-a-hoeXD

      Seriously, Your the fucking idiot. I am a fucking Juggalette and Im a gr 12 honours student. Just because some people (ie Rev) dont understand science is not because they are a juggalo, its because they just dont understand, Im sure that everyone on this fucking website has had to ask someone for a discription or clairification.
      And for you to tell people that they dont deserve to have children because of the path they chose, is completly out of line. Like seriously. You- you seem to think that all Juggalos/Lettes are stupid, well clearly you better look in a fucking mirror and your own acomplishments before you start bitchin at the Juggalos for forming a family of generous, loving people. Just because I choose to wear a bit of face paint and sing every word of Boogie Woogie Wu, you seem to think that you have some fucked up sense that you decide whos smart and whos dumb.
      Im not the typical lette, there are many people whom, im sure you know, that are down with the clowns, but you wouldnt realize it, because many. many. many of us dont flaunt it, on a daily basis.
      Your hating people because of their capabilities, and thats just as bad as hating someone because of the colour of their skin.

      • i agree not all freaks are stupid but the smart ones are the ones we must worry about and as for families why would you want to be tagged with people who have fucked up the name its as if you know facts in life but you truly cant see the big pic but i do hope that one day you will see the mistake you have made and are making you seem to be smart so please look at the truth in life not the lies the freaks are pumping in your mind

    • hey buddy you wanna dance come to pittsfield mass area code 413 zip code 01201 and look for me my name is cody williams ill be back in town on febuary 17 2012 ill dance with you

    • fuck u and al the haters out there and fuck the juggalo holocaust they can suck my dick lo love for life mmfwcl the juggalo holocaust is fake and there a bunch of bitch ass pussys that wanna be apart of something thats hates on others so they feel like there big haha forreal get a life i wish i would see one of u so called holocaust members out there u try n kill us u seem to forget the wicked clowns will never die bitchhhh……

    • Jonathan Harbison

      I am a juggalo.I have had my I.Q. tested by a professional and it is 130 which, if you do not know, is in the 98th percentile and is classified by Weschler as very superior. I am 14, a freshman in high school, and am currently reading, spelling, and doing arithmetic at a 1st year college level. I have just disproved your statement.

    • thank you you are one of the smartest people i have had the pleasure of reading your thoughts but i do think its time to strike dont you agree?

    • Frost Byte the Snow Man

      I wish i knew my actual I.Q. But for now all i have to go off of is my ACT score which was a 33, my ASVAB score which was a 93, and numerous national mapping test (tests designed to determine where a school is in academicly compared to the national average) that placed me in the 99th percentile for math and reading and 98th percentile in language comprehension. I read at a 15th grade level meaning i comprehend material written for college sophmores. And i graduated Basic Combat Training top of my platoon. Oh and im only a senior in high school. I ddo belive i just blew your statement about juggalo intelect put of the water. Score one for the good guys. I suggest you just leave us alone and let us live the way we want to live because after all it is our decision to make.

      Frost Byte

    • jake the fuckin stranger/creatuer

      i promise you if I find your punk ass your fuckin done bra. All you people are the same you cant handle pople talkin about killin each other so you hate on it because you cant act on it all for the fact your a washed up nobody. Nobody gives a fuck on what you have to say so just stop talkin, im am juggalo to the fullest an I promise if you really think juggalo’s are bitches then come on fuckin faggot an if juggalettes are cunt’s? I promise you I know atleast 40 that can stomp your fuckin ass lettes are people to you fuck with them they turn in to a bad ass bitch so say what you wabt but let me know where you crash an ill tear the mother fucker down with you an the rest of your family.

  16. It’s funny that you have nothing better to do then talk shit about Juggalo’s and Juggalette’s, but i’m glade you have no life and nothing better else to do then hate my fam the only thing your doing is spreading the word of Juggalo family and I.C.P so its just making us more famous so in the end thank you thank you very much because Juggalo’s will never die and whys that because haters like you keep our names up high, I.C.P is going on 25yrs and there still good as ever keep up the hate mother fuckos and mother fuckgettes huge Whoop Whoop MMWCL RingMasterLo2 is out later


    9652 N. 31 ST AVE APT G18
    PHX, AZ 85051



  18. no one else thinks its kinda pedo to put a bunch of videos of little kids? damn juggalo holocaust, now you guys have a fetish for juggababies?
    thats just sad.


    • no we just dont want too see the children who could end up saving this world end up too be fuck ups

      • Frost Byte the Snow Man

        I enlisted in the army to protect people like you? Wow i realy should have thought that one through. Am i not good enough to save the world because im a juggalo? Because thats what im getting from this post. Heres an idea, why dont you go out and save the world so that kids wont have to. Isnt it enough that they are gunna have to grow up in a world full of people that hate based on weather or not so-n-so is wearing the newest name brand cloths or listening to whatever pop radio is shoving down the throats of the mindless masses? Or that they are going to have to work twice as hard for half the benefits that we enjoy because our country is full of people who want to just coast through life. Stop thinking about how the next generation is going to make things better and go out and make things better yourself. We should be trying to make the future brighter for the next generation, not making it darker by spreading hate to a group of people that are trying to spread peace.

        Frost Byte

  19. Being a shitty parent is what makes these people shitty parents. These people would be shitty parents is they listened to Kenny G. I have listened to ICP for many many years but there’s quite a bit of music I don’t want my kids listening to & quite frankly if they would rather listen to Victoria Justice I’m all for it. Judging a whole group of people for the type of music they listen to is like judging a whole group of people based on the color of their skin. My fiance is a straight up juggalo & he works full time, doesn’t do drugs or drink, has NEVER been arrested & is the first guy I’ve ever been with in my life who doesn’t disrespect me. Alot of the people who call themselves jugglaos are assholes but so are alot of the average americans on the street. Also I don’t consider myself a lette so I guess my iq doesn’t come into question here but for the record I’ve always tested on a genius level…just saying. Jamie Madrox ‘I’m sick bitch you don’t want your kids hearing me, if I’m their role model what will they grow up to be’

  20. i find this shit funny as hell thank you for haters for posting up some good songs and advertising our shit and so what we let our kids listen to the music its only music and thinking that we are all evil remember their are juggalos out their risking their asses on the front lines of our millitary so thank you for being anti-american and hating on our millittary and preach your hate cuz ill always look at you and laugh my ass off i wont tell you the irony in this well what the hell might as well you call us a gang yet you guys go around and start random fights with juggalo’s that havent done anthing wrong you know the only crime ive ever commited was smoking weed ive never fought anyone ive never robbed a store or any of that crap so we’ll you guys are busy being the true gang remember its music and if we have to die for our right and our freedom to have a hatchet man tatted on our skin or on our clothes or even around our neck ill die for it stop going against our rights as americans your not the police i dont see you with a badge and saying whoop whoop at the end of the whole gang article is just stupid of you yet again your supporting us but hey i dont hate you matter of fact i love you guys you made my night so much better i needed a good laugh and if you realy wanna stop us guess what you cant we are a family with true family morals ICP has done something no other group has and they have unifyed many americans and other people in different cultures lets see you do this bet you cant and if you are that hell bent on doing something about it stop the bitching talk is cheep cuz i know for a fact if a JH member steps to me ill be to busy laughing at him/her to do anything about it your a fucking joke thats just getting funnier and funnier FYI i live in pittsfield mass the good old 413 its a clown town walk down the street and i got family to my left and right sooner or later all the city’s and towns across the united states will be that way ICP has been preaching the word of the lord hidden in the music so also your anti-christain WHICH MEANS YOUR A BUNCH OF SATANISTS good job JH keep up the good work and making me laugh to all my lo’s and lette’s that read this M.M.F.W.C.L. ROCKING THE HATCHET TILL IIM 6 FEET UNDER by:c-dub the educational clown

    • Frost Byte the Snow Man

      Thank you for putting our military on blast. I appreciate it when people remember that there are many juggalos that are fighting and dying for our freedom. I myself just got back from Basic Combat Traing at Fort Jackson SC ten days ago. My dad has been in the army for 23 years and he even like alot of ICP’s music. So thank you very much.
      HOOAH! To my military brothers/sisters in arms and Whoop! Whoop! To all my juggalo family.

      Frost Byte

  21. BAHAHAHAHAH Juggalos can’t spell!

  22. ok, I am not a huge fan of the juggalos. I find them to be kind of uneducated and whiny but then again my girlfriend is a juggalette. I know I am very protective of her which kind of makes me not like the juggalos because of what they do and the music they make about how genocide makes them happy and stuff, but I love her and I can’t help that. On the other hand she does credit them with pulling her out of depression before we met due to the “family” aspect, which after watching “the family underground” documentary on the gathering, I don’t 100% buy into still, partly because from my perspective, the whole juggalo movement is basically owned by psychopathic records. Either way, I may not enjoy the music, and I may really not want her to go to the gathering because what I saw from the documentary made by psychopathic records, “a family underground”, but that is no reason to hate like that on juggalos. Especially if juggalos do not affect you in any way, just let them be. The only reason I ever listened to insane clown posse, twizted, boondox, abk, divided allegiance, dark lotus(yes I do know that it is just icp, twizted, and blaze), etc, and decided for myself that I did not like them, I would never really think or talk about them. I may personally find certain aspects of juggalo life to be amusing but I definitely do not hate on them. I have no intention or desire to become a juggalo, I still do not know what it takes to be one but I can find out later or someone can comment and tell me. I find no problem with juggalos and hopefully one day people can begin to accept them because besides the weird lyrics, they are basically normal people with a family where they can share the crazy that we all have inside of us.
    p.s.- I actually hope that I can go to the gathering with her one day, I live in norcal but it seemed kind of fun. Unfortunately I am told that you have to be a juggalo to go otherwise you might get beat up or thrown out or something.

  23. Whoever came up with this juggalo holocaust is and ignorant person who hasn’t done any of their research. You are a fucking idiot. The juggalos are not all criminals and they are not brainwashing their kids. I am a juggalo making 120000 dollars a yearyear and I have no criminal record. And also if you want to talk shit about they’re music at least listen to the unveiling on the wraith album. The juggalos are worshiping god in they’re own way. Go fuck yourself whoop whoop

  24. Real Juggalos don’t fuckin’ hurt people, they help people! Actual killers callin’ themselves Juggalos should get there faces kicked in! – VJ
    no one can say it better than violent j like come one dude i know him and you really got to hear him out you misunderstand us and you are becoming what you think we are a cult and a gang trust me i see the jh repping themselves as a gang hell for many years my brother was part of it he left it and is now a juggalo because he saw that the jh was wrong and is becoming what they hate

  25. Wow got anything better to do? you cant judge people for who they are in life. whats next a gay holocaust.oh wait i got one even better a hate everyone that aint you holocaust. you guys talk about getting rid of us and laddy da. but really your just a bunch of punks hidin behind your fake names and computer screens lol. atleast we arent afraid to stand proud in front of the world. do us all a favor and get your children fixed and kill yourselves you shouldnt pro create with this negativity.


  27. Fuck ya’ll haters…you all must be really stuck up our asses because you seem to do a lot of research. Yet, you have no idea what you are talking abou.t You also need to take those last 2 videos down those are my friends kids and she did not give you the right to put her and her down ass kids on your fuckin lame ass webiste. Now go fuck yourself and have a nice day…MCL FAMILY WHOOP WHOOP

  28. i agree with the thought of taking out all icp freaks,they have no right to fuck up what we (the decent people) have worked for,its been many and many of years to get where we are at with our growth of this, the united states,and i for one will not allow such a problem to take down what we need to make the perfect world. just do me a favor, all you freaks and all you people who happen to be so messed up in the head and too blind to see the problems we will have to face and do face day by day because of them please my yourself`s useful and ether learn from your mistakes or drop dead

    good day

    • your conscience

      I dont often agree with the feds, but they got it right when the classed ICP fans as a criminal gang. Most of the world hates juggnuts and for good reason. Ship them to Liberia!

    • Frost Byte the Snow Man

      I understand that you think you know what youre talking about when you say juggalos have no right to fuck up what “decent people” worked ao hard to build but the fact of the matter is you have no fucking clue. What have you done in your life to improve society? Because in my 18 short years have done a few things. I volunteer at the daycare where my girlfriend works. I was a member of FBLA and FCCLA for a few years. I was a boy scout. I am a member of the United States Army. I volunteer at my local library and am a member of the teen advisory board there. I have done voluteer work cleaning my comunity after a flood and fillin/placing sand bags during said flood. I know most of what ive done didnt effect America as a whole but i take great displeasure in hearing you slam my gellow juggalos because you think that we are hurting America. You should realy be focusing your attention on the people who abuse federal programs such as unemployment and welfare. And im not saying everyone abuses these programs but there are those that do. Also ICP has done more than you ever will because they got alot of angry, troubled youth together and got them to understand that you should always open your door to those in need and not everyone deserves to be hated. The people that juggalos hate, in general, are biggots, rapist, muderers, and rich people who do nothing to help those less fortunate than themselves. The message that ICP has always tried to spread is one of openmindedness and love for those society calls “freaks”. Its people like you who gave people like me a reason to be juggalos. If it werent for people like you people like me wouldnt exsist so for that i thank you. I have personaly been helped on numerous occasions by juggalos i had never met befor in my life and i, in turn, have helped juggalos i have never met. Think befor you speak because its your brand of hatred that gives me and my kind of people a cause to rally for. You and you ilk are the only reason we exsist today. Think about it.

      Frost Byte

  29. I dont think bigitry should be around any more, u shouldnt hate an entire group of people based off a fews actions, thats like hating black people cuz a few off them have fucked u over….or hating people that work at walmarts because a few of them we douch bags…..

  30. Da man wit no name

    WTF! this is such bullshit we aint no fuckin gang we just fans of a rap group, I mean u see all these other motherfuckers in a real gang and u guys too fuckin busy huntin juggalos down shit wtf is up wit dat! Im a juggalo and I aint commited any crimes. Sure I read these articles about people commiting crimes and they say they’re juggalos but it does not mean we all like dat! You guys make a website just for hatin on us, i’m down wit da wicked shit and I always will be.

  31. wut is a juggalo

    sick fucks surf the internet for pictures of other people’s children to go on their hate page… are you threatening them too? grow a set you fuckin cowards.

    1117 NE park ave Unit #4
    Salem Oregon 97301

    bring it pussies




  33. the juggalo life is the best life!

    yall aint nothin but bitches, i dare you to try n hurt me, ill fuck yo asses up! muth fukas aanr to fuckin dumb to see that we tryin to sperad love and cheris what god’s gve us and gave for us. get off our dicks bitches, you just wish you cold be one of us and you know you cant. better quit fuckin wit me before you Dee eye eee. woop woop, i alwasy have juggalo family, mmfwcl to muh fam, and death and misery to all yall mentaly fucked up haters! see you all in hell. ill be on my juggalo mansion in tha sky watchen yo nutts burn!

  34. Let me start off this post with a question for both sides.

    JH – You say you want to help the world right? Well, there are much better ways than trying to “eliminate” the juggalo community. I grew up a Juggalo but gave up that title when my beliefs didn’t quite coincide with the messages I.C.P.
    I myself am a veteran of the Iraq War. I served with guys who were Juggalos and I would trust them with my life no differently than any other good Marine.
    I have friends and family that are Juggalos/Lettes and they are some of the hardest working, motivated, and dedicated men and women I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. With more successful lives than other people I know who hate I.C.P.

    Juggalos and Lettes – Why bother feeding into this guy? The more you antagonize him, the more you are giving him what he wants. He wants you to get pissed off and say things like “come fuck with me pussy” or “try and beat my ass”. It paints you in the image he is trying to give others. You’re being just as ignorant as he is by labeling him, threatening him, or teasing him. Being hypocritical will not give you the edge you need to prove him wrong.
    Don’t take that statement personally, just look back and reflect on it and you’ll see me point.
    I listen to Tech N9ne. Have since Absolute Power dropped. When people ask me what music I like and I list artists, he is usually one of the first. Some people are cool and respect it. Others bash it. I just say. I like what I like. You like what you like. Leave it at that.

    My point is;

    JH – Find a better thing to fight against. Fight against corruption in government. Against unfair legislation. Something political. Those are the battles the American people need to be fighting if they want to see the United State back to its former glory. Not assaulting a group of people for what they like with biased ideas which are more word of mouth than true. That would be the same as when I was deployed killing everyone because everyone in Iraq is a supposed terrorist. But in reality, most of them are really friendly people. Only a select few are targets.

    Juggalos/Lettes – Stop trying to prove everyone wrong and get so upset when people run their mouths. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, and some of them stink. Just shrug them off and go back about your life. Don’t give them the satisfaction of knowing they pissed you off because you will only make that image people make of you who don’t understand worse.

    • Frost Byte the Snow Man

      I wish i had had the balls to be a marine. I appreciate your service in iraq and i appreciate you and your fellow marines keeping people like my father safe while they did their respective jobs be it digging up IEDs or arresting/eliminating terrorists. I hope i get to be deployed by men like you when my time for deployment comes (though they wont be marines as i am in the army). Also i respect youre actions in attempting to be a mediator to the JH and the Juggalos in your post. And i have a question that is compleatly off topic (and im sure you’ll never come on here to answer it anyway but in the off chance that you do), is it normal for a marine father to hate his daughter boyfriend simply because he is in the army? I realize that you probably have never had to think of this but i was just wondering what your thoughts are on the subject. Also where does the hostility between the army and the marine come from? Its not like the army thinks we’re supirior to the marines. After all you guys have much more intense training. Holy crap did i get off toppic.

      Frost Byte

  35. This is some bullshit! I’m a mother. I love ICP, Boondox, Twiztid and such. I honestly think this whole website is shit! Not everyone you morons think is a juggalo does that shit to their kids. My son has heard one song by Dark Lotus. And that’s it. My son knows I have hatchet men tattoo’s, He’s not quite old enough were he understands them, But when he asks why I consider myself a Juggalette, I will tell him it’s because I have my own beliefs I will not force Juggaloism on him. And anyone who actually keeps up on Juggalo’s would know that Juggaloism is a basically unique version of Christianity. You still believe in God and no false idols. Instead of Heaven its Shangri-La and instead of Hell its Hell’s Pit. All the Joker Cards are carnival attractions in the afterlife and help determine whether you go to Shangri-La or Hell’s Pit. Also in Juggaloism, We don’t judge you on your status (Rich, Middle Class, or Poor) and we don’t care about your sexuality (Straight, Gay/Lesbian, or Bisexual). We accept everyone for the unique individual that they are. Its not about face paint and music, Its about love and acceptance of other human beings.

  36. I am a mom, I attend church, I have been a leader at girl scouts, I volunteer at my kids schools, etc. I have NO criminal record AND I AM A JUGGALETTE. I am SICK of these people pretending to know who we are when they obviously do not, just because they don’t like the way SOME of us look and they don’t understand what we are really about! “intent on ending the problem of juggalos worldwide” REALLY? I was unaware that my taste in music caused problems for anyone, let alone EVERYONE WORLDWIDE! The previous statement was me being nice, now I’ve gotten a little mad. I AM NOT in a gang, unless you count me as the leader of my “gang” of kids, I have 2 and 3 step kids, but I also babysit for EVERYONE where I live, SO I GUESS we do kind of look like a “gang”. BUT here is a fun fact, my JUGGALO kids are 6 and 12 and they both are ABOVE AVERAGE at school. In 1st grade, they said my daughter could read and write at a 5th grade level. They don’t get in trouble at school, are polite to everyone and PRAY all the time for people they don’t even know! I MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT!

  37. Michaela Kinkade

    I’ll speak in terms you can understand. What’s your truth concerning Juggalos? I was having an Ecclesiates episode when my friends and I decided to go to ICP’s music festival. While I was standing in a line, a teenager got up and gave me his chair. Everyone was polite and respectful. They shared their food, money, and whatever with those in need. I’ve been a Juggalette since the late 90s, and I’ve yet to meet anyone claiming to be a gang member. If I’m considered to be one for having 12 yr old tatts, I hate to disappoint you, but I’m a grandmother with no criminal history, and my son has no criminal record. I’d welcome any of those Juggalos into my home before I’d entertain the thought of meeting anyone involved in the site. You’re information is very limited. You’re enemies are quite amiable. If you disagree, I suggest contemplating the old saying “what you see is what you get”. What you’ve designated white trash is my family, and I’m very proud of them. If you don’t have a few crazies in you family, you’re in denial. You call for a “Juggaloholocaust” wearing a cloak of self righteousness. Sound familiar?

  38. Hi i would just like to say, this website makes me sick. I’m not a juggalo but my girlfriend is a juggalette and has done nothing of what you claim. what you do is discrimination. the vast majority of of icp lyrics talk about killing and getting rid of racists, child molesters, rapists etc etc. to form a group about the systematic extermination of juggalos/lettes. you would have to be in favor of the latter. its a wonder this website and its members haven’t been sued yet for infringing on their civil rights. what is on this website is genuinely criminal. you guys are threatening my family and way of life and yet you still preach that you can do no wrong. I live at 99 maple st norwich ct 06360. please come here and thoughtfully explain to me how me and the woman I love are so evil. the true issue deals with social class. the juggalo holocaust was created because juggalos/lettes threaten the status quo. you cant stand how the lower class, despite everything you work for, are happier than you and will always be. they preach peace and happiness, coming together and seeing random strangers as brothers and sisters in one big family. please continue what your doing, we aren’t threatening your way of life at all. your just consumed with the fact that you think were trying to overthrow everything. when in reality you are doing a good enough job of it on your own. so im just going to sit back and watch as you bring your whole castle and country down around your own ears.

  39. JuggaloRevolution

    ok i have had enough i have to get off this site now i really cant read anymore my cheeks hurt from laughing to much all im going to say is you are all a bunch of racist ignorant retarded ass fucks with way to much time on your hands.
    To my fam out there MMWFCL.

  40. I was going to write something about how I’m a Juggalo and I’m doing fine in life and all that shit, but these people aren’t worth the response. I’d rather say something to my family that’s on this message board. Just ignore these morons. Seriously the more we respond to them the more they’ll post their hateful , uninformed, and just damn ignorant messages. They aren’t any different than the twelve year old kids on youtube posting hate comments to piss people off. If you let them get to you they’ll keep going. Don’t even acknowledge their pathetic existence.
    whoop whoop


    yall people stupid as fuck. We aint hurting noone. FUCK YALL

  42. While there are certainly good people, smart people involved with ICP, unfortunately there are also a lot of angry, hurt and easily influenced young kids who do not take the ‘good’ of icp to heart, but focus on the dark. Most of the rants on here and on other Juggalo sites focus on demeaning names for women, hatred that spews forth like a gusher, and certainly not ‘Christianlike values’.
    My concern is for those thoughts influencing an already troubled person, who will see the disrespect (all the cursing and etc.) as an alright way to speak to anyone who does not agree with them, the idea that the icp way of the Dark Carnival is right and anything else is false.
    I agree..Christianity has spread hatred and violence in it’s own right, so that in itself is not the basis for my concerns…it is everything as a whole..it is that there seem to be a lot more violent words, actions coming from the juggalos and juggalettes then anything of peace or love or respect.
    Except for an exceptional few..most of what I have seen on here and other sites has been more bad than good, and that is from the juggalos themselves. I do have an issue with the disrespect, the violence and so forth..if ICP is trying to help others to pursue peace (as stated earlier)..this is not a good way to go about it. I will reserve judgement until I have done more research, but at this point, I am concerned.

  43. Juggalettes and Juggalo are a FAMILY

    Yo. What is goin through yo fucking heads. that you need to hate? GTFO no one cares about the JH. The creator of the JH is a pussy. JS

  44. ok whoever thinks that juggalos are a gang (including the FBI) are dumb fucking idiots we are not a gang or a holocaust supporter nothing we say, do, or even think is about killing for no reason let alone colors and you know what i am going to take a shit on your page just because you think we are nazi’s and shit like this gives us a bad name if anything you are brainwash for the blind and narrowminded. WHOOP WHOOP. MMFWCL.
    and here you go if you want to email me over bullshit here is my email

  45. i really think this whole freaking site is funny as hell!! im a lette if that is such a problem with you then that mean the problem comes from you. i bet this is ran by a bunch of lifeless idiots that probably still live at home with their mothers and do nothing but think about juggalos all day so to be honest i wanna thank yall for making this site it shows that no matter what you just cant teach a ignorant person to not be ignorant so Thank you for making a big part of your life/day to hate someone so much you would have to make this type of site i can go to sleep every night knowing regardless of me being a lette ima go to heaven thou shalt not judge least ye be judged the more you attempt to make us look stupid the worse yall look

  46. I think I speak for my whole family when I say we are a family not a gang! So the point of this post is that it’s about time people that are anti-Juggalo start showing some respect. There might be idiots out there who “claim” to be Juggalos and put out a bad name for the true Juggalo family. We are not about murder, rape, violence, etc. we are about showing love and support for friends and family. We are just like any other person you would meet on the street. So what if we might Shyt well look up tokio hotel- don’t jump dress different or listen to music that you don’t listen to doesn’t make us bad people. We are just asking for the respect any human being deserves. I’ve been a Juggalo for 18 years now and I protect this country. I do serve as a marine in the US military and I deserve that respect. MMFWCL fam! Whoop Whoop!


    SO STAY OUT OF IT!!!!!!!

  48. I’m not a juggalo nor do I plan to ever become one, but although there are many juggalos that set and awful example there are also so called ‘normal’ people who do that too. So I don’t judge and I think many people over react to this type of thing. I also believe people should try to respect one another(and our decsions) more in general. Everyone has a story of how they got to a certain point, so try to listen before hand.

  49. why don't you call or text me haters? 7782550431

    who would’ve known that the juggalo holocaust likes to dress up like juggalos

  50. Hello there, everyone. Allow me to introduce myself for those who don’t know me. I am Rouge. I am a Juggalo and damn proud to say it. I do not wish to spew hatred towards any of you in any way, shape, or form. I became down in November of ’09 but have been living the lifestyle since I was born. Always rejected, always an outcast–even amongst outcasts. I feel sorry for those of you who wish to continue in your close-minded/narrow-minded state-of-mind. For those who choose to be ignorant rather than take the time to really open your eyes and understand. Here’s my story: Before I came to be “down with the clown” I was a completely immature, selfish, heartless, ignorant, disrespectful, closed-minded, stubborn, biased individual who chose to use hatred to do harm to others through means of psychological warfare. I used to manipulate and torment people due to my past and how everyone treated me. Nowadays, due to my becoming down, I have matured. I’ve become a selfless, caring, understanding, respectful, open-minded, empathetic, sympathetic young gentleman. I was into the gang life–the Crips. I denounced my affiliation and have taken upon the name “Rouge” (French for “Red”) and now wear the color Red to signify that that life is behind me now. To become down with the clown, to become a Juggalo/Juggalette, is to open your eyes and see the truth rather than just what you see from your own personal POV. I understand where these “haters” are coming from. I too see the bullshit that is happening. The ignorant little fucks running around doing criminal acts in the name of the Juggalo Family, they’re a fucking disgrace to the damn name, to themselves, to everyone they associate themselves with. It isn’t about ICP either, they’re just there to entertain and spread the word. Hell, do any of you know exactly how many people were saved just by becoming down? A lot. I know it saved me from total self-destruction. I was heading down the wrong path but now, I’m heading towards a better future. I respect each and every one of you. You have your opinions, you are entitled to them. All I’m doing is just telling you that no, we are not in any way a “cult” nor are we a gang. We are just a group of people who see the truth within ourselves and in society and accept others for who they are and share love.

    Thank you for reading

  51. ok, so if I’m not mistaken, there’s this bigot asshole, jack’s frost licker, who himself is wishing to start a cult set on the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of juggalos and juggalettes. by doing so, he wishes to start a halocoust…. no need to point out the obvious hitler refference. thus making himself no better than the juggalos he wishes so harshly upon. all the while preaching about brainwashing and joining the military. which I might add is political brainwashing at it’s highest form. also boosting the claim that all of us are bad because people have done wrong things under the juggalo name. so In response I would say that we start a site based on killing countless soldiers because some have gone beserk and murdered their own family or troops. and because many come back and spend the rest of their lives on street corners with cardboard signs begging for change and not being contributing so society.
    and p.s. my father is a proud juggalo and he never went with less than two jobs to provide an astounding life for me and my brother. and now passing on the torch, I myself am a proud juggalo. I have a union job.I donate blood twice a month. I volunteer time at the local animal shelter. I am a father. I go to my kids’ band concerts, to my daughter’s dance recital. my daughter does not love icp, she loves justin bieber.my son doesn’t love faygo, he loves cookies and ice cream.and my kids didn’t cry on their first day of school, I did it for them.
    so if you want to kill me for being a better father you could ever be, go right ahead. it will just prove that you are no better than the “criminals” you are trying so hard to make us sould like

  52. you are all the most morose, moronic people i have ever seen. to be able to sit back and discriminate against an entire group of people over a very selected sum of videos, makes you so much worse than any juggalo in a struggle has ever had the compasity to be. i dont care about what you say icp has done. the fact of the matter is, is that the people committing these crimes and brain-washing are just fucked up people. they would have done these things with or without icp. icp, was just suppose to be a group of people coming together, not being judged and being able to have fun and be free, it was never about the violence. the songs you hear sound terrible yes, but it was the best way for icp to grab your attention for you to hear the message. to let you know that you need to get that shit out while thrashing to a song, and then move on. everyone who has problems has thoughts. everyone feels alone about it. and to have an entire record label come out and say your not the only one out there. to say that you have a place to go. there are people out there who care. im a juggalette. i am a proud juggalette. i have never sat back and tried to hate against anyone. we have countries, religions that we follow that scream money, and death. but here you people are targeting a small group of people as a whole while the main outputting message was saying follow the light. the last jokers card that was dropped explained that. if your looking for the bad you are going to find it. and if you a person only looking for the bad, honestly you need to sit back listen to icp, and realize your just as fucked up as the rest

  53. haha trolls thanks for making the juggalo world go round whoop whoop

  54. Fuck this site. You try ur hardest to make us look bad and make ppl believe we are a gang. We are no more a gang than christians. I’m a proud juggalo and always will be. You are spreading nothing but hate. Shame on you.

  55. i find this stupid, obviously you have some kind of interest in icp you continue to blog about them, you say you hate them but yet you or whomever is blogging this keeps doing research about them…..
    leave icp and their fans alone…..you hate em??,,well damn why do you continue to talk about them…….just dont listen to them talk or think about them…

  56. I’m a proud parent of a little girl who by the way loves my hatchet man hat lol she’s only 3. These kids have a mind of there own they will find there own path. As juggalo parents we are going to love our kids no matter wat even if my daughter doesn’t get into ICP she is going to get into something that will make her feel accepted she will have many choices to make. I love my daughter more than anything and I will love her no matter what she does. I might not agree with some things but I will always love and support her. Whoop whoop fam

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