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ICP fans exact Gang and street justice on suspected thief – and his car

CAVE-IN-ROCK, Ill. — The Juggalos served up a shot of vigilante justice Saturday.

It was a moment that even veteran festival-goers described as shocking: hordes of fans destroying the car of a suspected thief at Insane Clown Posse’s Gathering of the Juggalos.

With cheers and chants of “FA-MI-LY,” the charged-up mob ultimately lifted the stripped Grand Am onto a Uhaul trailer and carted it half a mile to the festival’s main stage, where security demanded they tow it backstage.

Hours earlier, the suspected thief had been chased off the fest site by a posse of more than 50 fans.

“We police our own,” said an Ohio fan who called herself Red.

•MORE PHOTOS: The Free Press blogged on Instagram from The Gathering; go to freep.com/thegatheringphotos to see the pictures!

It all had started Friday night when a Michigan couple – identifying themselves as 23-year-old Angelina and 24-year-old Marty – arrived at their campsite to find their tent ransacked. As they later recounted to the Free Press, a fellow camper fingered the unidentified Ohio man as the culprit.

On Saturday morning the Michigan couple entered the suspect’s Grand Am only to find he’d removed the trunk release button. They said they opened the trunk by hotwiring it, finding their stuff among a batch of goods stolen from other Juggalos, including shoes, shorts, electronics, jewelry and bottles of medicine.

“We started smashing the front window,” said Angelina.

Others soon joined in, and within hours the car was an empty, dented hulk. Juggalos could be spotted parading pieces – bumpers, doors, engine parts – around the Gathering site.

At one point the suspected thief was spotted nearby. Dozens of fans set after him, chasing him to the festival exit, where security staffers stopped the mob.

“We’re family,” said an Arkansas fan who said he helped lead the chase. “You don’t steal from your family.”

The fate of the car, thief and vigilantes was unclear Saturday evening, day four of the 13th annual Gathering, which has drawn more than 8,000 fans of Detroit’s ICP to southern Illinois.

“I was there when they threw things at Tila Tequila (in 2010), and even I’m more shocked at this,” said Red, the Ohio fan. “We’re not usually this feral.

But dude – don’t steal.”


Juggalo Home invasion suspect pleads innocent

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The 19-year-old Kalispell man who allegedly entered a home on Fifth Avenue East and stabbed the owner pleaded not guilty to felony charges Thursday in Flathead District Court.

Dante Kier is charged with attempted deliberate homicide, aggravated burglary and assault with a weapon.

In the Dec. 12 incident, he allegedly stabbed a homeowner several times before being restrained by the homeowner and later arrested by law officers.

According to court documents, the homeowner had left the house to get a tool from the garage and then found Kier in his house, confronted him and overpowered him.

Kier stabbed the man in the upper arm and inside his mouth with a steak knife, bending it “severely” during the attack.

Kier claimed to be a member of the Insane Clown Posse gang, calling himself a “Juggalo.”

If convicted on all counts, Kier faces between 12 years and life in prison or the death penalty, and a fine of up to $100,000.

Kier’s next hearing is scheduled for March 7, 2012.

He is being held at the Flathead County Detention Center with bond set at $500,000.

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Juggalo gang tagging ruins park for public

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juggalo gang tags

Looking for a place to live, Donna Anderson was referred to a red house at the bottom of Rock Creek Canyon.

“I went down here and saw it and said, ‘Yeah, this is right for me,’” she said, on her front porch Dec. 2.

Tree boughs stripped of fall leaves hang over the rental property where Anderson has lived for the past seven years, and water rushes in the nearby creek. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a slice of the outdoors, she said — if it weren’t for the graffiti spray painted on rocks, bridges and other places along the canyon’s parkway.

The city-owned parkway, developed in 1997, stretches from the front of Anderson’s home near Maxwell Avenue and Shoshone Street South, to Blake Street off Addison Avenue West. At either end of the two-mile paved trail is private property.

“Something has to be done about the graffiti,” Anderson said, noting that paint is sprayed even on rocks near a cave on private property east of her home. “Juggalo” — a reference to devotees of hip-hop group Insane Clown Posse — is painted on rusted metal outside a room that a city official believes to be an old jail cell on the canyon wall west of the parkway’s Maxwell Avenue access. The initials “CJR” are painted there and elsewhere in the canyon.

“I’ve never been able to confirm it, but it’s believed that somewhere in Rock Creek was the area’s earliest jail,” said Dennis Bowyer, director of Twin Falls’ Parks and Recreation Department.

Police can’t do much about graffiti if it’s not reported, said Luke Allen, crime prevention officer for the Twin Falls Police Department. And even then it’s difficult to investigate because it often happens at night and there aren’t many clues. When graffiti is reported, a group of juvenile probationers dubbed Graffiti Busters will go into the canyon to clean it up.

During the five weeks the Times-News observed the canyon in November and early December, however, graffiti remained on the possible old jail cell and other parts of the canyon.

The last time graffiti was reported in Rock Creek Canyon was last summer, said police resource officer Matthew Triner.

If graffiti appears near a home, Allen suggests owners install motion-detector lights and report suspicious activity.

There haven’t been many calls of other problems in Rock Creek over the past couple of years, he said.

“I reviewed all calls for service in the area of the park and found one report in 2010 for littering and one complaint of shots fired in the canyon for 2011,” Allen said, noting that most activity in the canyon is from May to August.

Read more: http://magicvalley.com/news/local/graffiti-leads-to-a-painted-parkway-despite-efforts-to-remain/article_4927433b-98ce-57fa-821c-9ba8741a8ae6.html#ixzz1hzWV3E27

once again we see the juggalo family ruin things for everyone else , here they are trashing parks

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Chupacabra – Addict – Juggalo Album of the Year – Bringing the Juggalo Family Back Together

Since so many people want to hear the Chupacabra here is another track off the highly juggalo’d out album Addict yall should have her at the next gathering ripping shit up you know I really thought Chupacabra would bring the family back together but now I see some of you just have hate in your hearts and souls and to be completely honest family will do you the worst because they are the ones who know you I am ashamed of you discriminating against one of your own this only proves a point far beyond this music my favorite song by ICP is FUCK YOUR REBEL FLAG!!! that’s when being a juggalo meant something now it’s just an excuse to be rascist …… Bill Yen

Juggalos planning to go to Gathering of the juggalos

Just saw this cool comment so i will repost it , it complete destroys the notion of juggalo family , the gathering of the juggalos and the so called myth of juggalo population world wide.

So out of the entire national population (307,006,550 in 2009) there are more then 153,503,275 juggalos? There would have to be to think that there are more of you then the social norm. If this were so, you would be considered a cult. Or a complete social class like Caucasian and latino. The “huge amount of you” would refer the loose structure of morons who listen to a commercialized band who tell you need to be a family, yet charges you $175.00 to see a shitty concert to which you needed to save your nickles and dimes to go see only to have another $100-150.00 charge for a vehicle. This is for your typical free spot. If you want to be a big spender you can always pay $400.00 for a site. That has one electrical outlet. And a shared source of water. Do you see anyone there performing in those types of places? Of Course You Do Not. They are sitting in their 5 Star rated hotels and multi million dollar RVs that your taco bell wage bought for them. Nor do you not realize that when they want to call it quits, they will be set for life. You on the other hand will still be supporting yourself on welfare and looking back on the good ole days when there was a so called family. But that family will be long gone. They will have all moved on with whatever paths that they will take, whether that is to join the JH that they themselves hated during this period, all because they finally realized that they will not make it in life any other way. We will be there to hire you as the lowest paid person in the building and laugh at the company party when you get too drunk off of our purchased liquor and someone sees your tattoos. It is something we will not relinquish until the day you come in and admit how much of a moron you were in your past. By this point I would have felt sorry enough to let you become my assistant. By doing so and taking the increase in wage of $1.89 will become my slave. You will not leave this job because it is getting you the etra double cheeseburger you want.

Completely destroyed juggalos . JUGGALOWNED

Juggalo admits all juggalos are in a gang

Juggalo’s are a gang and in some case’s are a threat and are criminals. Now I listen to ICP and all that but I ain’t gang affiliated so no I don’t run around acting stupid and doing stupid stuff. It is just music. Once you go beyond it being just music and start being down and kickin it, Then you are considered a gang. It’s not a family, a family is people close to you such as parents and such. It’s a gang anyway you look at it and it should be regulated in all ways. Now back in the day when they first came along yea it was cool because it was considered support for the artist but people have taken it to a whole new level and is now out of control with the way people are acting and taken things. I am not trying to bash anyone inpeticular but it needs to be dialed back a notch back to where is was fun and not criminal. I know someone is going to call me names and what ever else and that is fine with me. Juggalo’s went from being real to emo/crip wannabe’s with no transition in the middle. As far as I am concerned yes they should be looked at as a gang now and should be looked at by law enforcement to hold the piece, someone has to. And in closing I am listening to “I could” by ICP as I write this.

so there you have it , all juggalos are gang members – straight from a ex gang member

Part of the True juggalo Family

Are you part of the true juggalo family ?? Do you call yourself a juggalo ?

then this member is your cousin

This rude juggalo sits in a tree , swearing at cars , making a fool of himself and poulting the minds of childre with his profanities .

Stupid Tree Juggalo -is  A Part of your True Juggalo Family.

MONTANAJUGGALO expresses his views on life

sometimes the best things are comented here by juggalos – heres montanajuggalo getting upset with us exposing hatchet gear and the racist juggalo logo – anyway.

juggalos will kill you all we arent a gang we arent a cult so stop saying things that you dont know we will kill you all with axes and hatchets watch your back we might be comin’ we are a juggalo family

And Not one juggalo condemns Steven Spader – Juggalo Family

Steven Spader was convicted to life in jail today. But his crime and trail has been running for a year now and looking on youtube now –  not one juggalo has decided to condemn his action and the only videos are those of media reports .

Youtube is a place where juggalos post a wide range of videos on average 15 a day , Juggalos on youtube go all out on any issue like them being a gang .

For Example there are 50 videos put out about how good or bad the name murder death pop is made by juggalos within the day its mentioned but the steven spader case seems to have been totally ignored -why because he is part of the juggalo family .

The Insane clown posse have not issued no condemnation of this criminals action .

Juggalo websites such as faygoluvers.net juggalonews.com and truejuggalofamily.com have not reported nearly any news on this issue with some totaly ignoring it but instead they promote that the unfortunately named Mike E Clark Murder Mix 2 has been released.

Juggalo forums have been silent , juggalo rappers such as killa mo 187 have not discussed or blogged about this.

All juggalos should hang their heads in shame today , and know a member of your juggalo family has been convicted for life for murder which was caused in part dude to the violence in your juggalo music and until something is done this sort of thing will keep occuring  .

Please join the planet lotb forum to help fight the good fight in our quest to end  juggalos . http://www.planet-lotb.com/forum/