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The word Juggalo banned on Pakistani Phones

“Do not forget to strap on your helmet before getting on your motorcycle.” “I got the tickets for Twilight. Hurry up or you’ll miss showtime!” “This teacher is so boring. She’s killing me.”
Next week, these text messages could be banned in Pakistan.

Do the above sentences seem innocuous? Harmless perhaps? If a proposed ban passes in Pakistan, none of the above sentences could be sent as text messages.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) compiled a list of over 1,000 words, the majority in English, that they deem “pornographic or offensive to Islam,” Newsweek Pakistan reported.

A document online that purports to be the banned word list reads like a primer on junior-high-level sex slang with some surprising additions, including the terms “Juggalo” and “Jesus Christ” (who knew the Insane Clown Posse had a following in Pakistan?).

On Monday, Newsweek reports mobile operators postponed implementing the ban, saying they needed further clarification, but that the ban could take place within a week’s time.

On Twitter, users have started construing possible text messages that would be banned under the regulations. ““My donkey refuses to cart the milk. He is such a bad ass,” one reads.

More news on juggalo getting poisoned by faygo – juggalo cult

Juggalos drinking poisoned faygo ..

juggalos now giving each other a drink of the mighty death pop – and we told you that they will be impersonating jim jones in their juggalo death cult .


Juggalo Ben Suzpekt Butler drinks poison faygo

forget faygo mellow yellow – Juggalo Ben Suzpekt Butler has been posioned when someone laced his faygo with rat poison .

“I just heard really bad news! Someone laced a homie’s faygo with poison and now he’s in the hospital!”

“Damn! do you know what it was laced with? – story has been up on faygoluvers, like rat poison and cyanide”

more news as it develops….

How Juggalos spend their time

This vid is just a little sample of how most Juggalos and Juggalettes spend there time during the day Including rideing a scooter with their ass crack showing, getting drunk, getting violent and pissing in front of everybody typical  Juggalo clown behavior !



Typical Juggalettes/Ninjettes Drinking Faygo

Your typical juggalettes and their drink of choice. FAYGO

Save Elm street – dont allow juggalos to invade

what a dumb idea .. a juggalo store to help fight the juggalo problem which has invaded their town.

Elm Street ideas range from installing more lights to work training

By Jordan Guinn
News-Sentinel Staff Writer

Monday, April 19, 2010 11:31 PM PDT

Elm Street merchants and city officials met Monday to consider a striking range of ideas to combat loitering and rowdyism Downtown, including:

  • New lights.
  • Tearing out benches.
  • Putting up surveillance cameras.
  • Reaching out and mentoring idle youths who sometimes congregate downtown.
  • Turning some of the teen vagrants into security monitors or giving them work experience.Store owners said they are tired of vagrants drinking in public and sitting on the benches in front of their stores all day. One store owner even suggested the teens could help provide security in Downtown.

    “You can help so the bad kids stop giving you a bad name,” said June Atwood Aaker, co-owner of Abrahamson Printing.

    Besides mentorship, shopkeepers said they would consider a variety of precautionary measures intended to reduce vandalism and loitering, such as putting up surveillance cameras and additional lighting, and having more security patrols.

    “We need to make the environment not conducive to them hanging out,” said Ronald Houck, co-owner of Studio 20 Art Gallery, about vagrants and troublesome teens.

    While personally opposed to the proposal, Public Works director Wally Sandelin said the City Council will be asked to consider moving benches from Elm Street to deter vagrants and teens from congregating in Downtown and making visitors feel uncomfortable.

    The benches match the decor and theme of School Street and he said that Downtown areas need a place for people to sit and relax, he said. Sandelin said the city doesn’t have much money to work with and that the Downtown Lodi Business Partnership could be instrumental in the solution.

    Sam Rhemke, co-owner of Lodi Beer Company and DLBP board member, said she believes the DLBP would be in favor of moving three or four of the seven benches off Elm Street and relocating them to other places within Downtown.

    A manager of a party supply store on Elm Street said the money that would be spent relocating the benches and installing security precautions could be better spent on community outreach for the teens.

    “Why can’t we take the same money and put it into the rec center?” said Dori Mousaw, manager at The Party Guys. “The issue is being missed; these kids need a place to go.”

    Mousaw said she knows some of the teens on a first-name basis and will solicit their help with moving items into her store occasionally. She was one of several merchants who offered mentorship to the teens. Houck offered to give free art classes to teens who were interested, and Aaker said she would help teens who were interested in learning about the printing business.

    While merchants agreed there are liability issues that would need to be addressed if they were going to provide mentorship, they generally agreed that getting involved with the teens would be beneficial for all parties.

    “Some of you may not realize you have the talent or ability,” Houck said to the youths.

    The meeting lasted more than two hours and featured merchants discussing difficulties they were having with vandalism and vagrants, police informing them what could be done and local teens telling their side of the story.

    Anthony Hancock was one of the youths who addressed the crowd. He said the teens hang out Downtown because they feel safer there than in other parts of the city. He said he’s been shot at on the Eastside of Lodi and most of his friends have nowhere else to go.

    Hancock said part of the problem comes from the state of the economy and teens having trouble finding work.

    “We’re asking the city to help us,” he said. “We want to possibly rent a place or a store where we can get job experience.”

    The store could sell merchandise such as Faygo, a soda popular in Michigan that is only available in specialty stores in California, he said outside the meeting. It’s endorsed by the music group Insane Clown Posse, who many of the youths at Monday’s meeting listen to.

    Sgt. Fernando Martinez of the Lodi Police Department said one of the biggest deterrents in preventing vandalism from teens could be identifying those who want to change their ways and reaching out to them personally.

    Bicycle Officer K.C. Schlader echoed Martinez.

    “You’ve got to get to know them,” he said. “You have to build a rapport with the kids. Some of them want to do odd jobs.”

  • Turning some of the teen vagrants into security monitors or giving them work experience; is like asking Juggalo Gang Members to work as security to be watchful for Juggalo Gang Activity.

    Juggalos secret Pledge … CULT COUGH COUGH CULT

    juggalo cult

    have a look at one of the secret pledges people my say to become a juggalo .. if this doesnt scream cult to you i dont know what will

    they are praying to hatchets and soda pop and disrespect the pledge of allegiance in one .

    What is a Juggalette ?

    How to be a juggalette …

    what is a juggalette ? Land of the banned discusses what a juggalette is .

    watch this highly informative video with pictures of 99% of the juggalette population .

    Juggalette (the latter being feminine) is a name given to fans of Insane Clown Posse or any other Psychopathic Records hip hop group , shunned from society due to their looks. Juggalettes have developed their own idioms, slang and characteristics however their looks are not accepted in the mainstream of society.

    other definitions include

    A juggalette is a morbidly obese and/or borderline-retarded teenage girl who has zero friends other than fellow Clown Syndrome patients and listens to the Insane Clown Posse religiously. They come from a usually poor background (reason why they pretend to be tough) most of which becoming pregnant by the time they are 17 after drinking faygo and pretending to be drunk. They typically have worst-case-scenario acne and have an outer layer of lard around the brain that slows even the most basic cognitive ability, usually their love life does not exist beyond internet cybersex with juggalos.

    An American white trash female who suffers from loose virtues, dellusions of: grandure, toughness, self worth and intelligence. Common practices include: the dawning of rediculous clown makeup, having sex with any and all males who go by the title Juggalo, making online videos in which they threaten bodily harm against men they do not know with no intention of acting upon these idol fantasies. Silly and embarrasing though they may be, they are perhaps more than anything else, symbols of middle class white America’s loss of identity and principle.

    Juggalette’s are usually white racists, lower middle class, trashy girls who associate with the band ICP. They are pretty much all skanky as hell so they’re pretty easy to score with, but none the less they are obnoxious as f*ck and just simply unpleasant to be around. In fact I really recommend not doing a juggalette, not because of all the venereal diseases, but because when you wake up the next morning your going to be like “sh*t”

    a “juggalette” is a IMMATURE female who is obsessed with ICP (Insane Clown Posse). They dress like retards and therefore they are retards. If you see a “juggalette”, then get the fuck away before you too before corrupt.

    so what is a juggalette tell us now

    Should juggalos be allowed to have children?

    Just a quick video showing youtube how juggalos are bad parents
    look at how these poor kids are getting treated by parents with violent lyrics , face paint on innocent helpless children and unhealthy faygo poured down their throats , all because some band told them too.
    clearly juggalos keep your musical crap from your children and give them a shot at life instead of taking them down to the gutter with you – just look at Anabelle Lotus.
    JH will be running a orphanage for all juggalo children.

    Juggalo Crimes – Crimes Commited By Juggalos Followers of the ICP Cult









    Heres just a sample of the crimes commited by the peacful juggalo – this is why the Juggalo holocaust was formed.

    I could go on ALL DAY.

    Visit here to stop juggalos