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Juggalos: Man Killed in Officer Involved Shooting Did Follow Juggalo Way of Life

REDDING, Calif. –

The man shot and killed by a Redding Police Officer during a struggle over a knife claimed to be a Juggalo.

Juggalo’s are followers of the underground music group, Insane Clown Posse.

Investigators say 19 year old Scott Joseph Deen tried stabbing officers with a knife multiple times as they tried to arrest him early Friday morning.

They say Deen and two other people had been siphoning gas from parked cars on

Two suspects were arrested without any problems. When they tried to arrest Deen, he resisted.

Sheriff Bosenko said the struggle turned into an extremely violent struggle, placing the officer’s lives in harms way. He says they ordered Deen to drop the knife several times. They tried using a tazer on him twice, but he did not react to it.

Sheriff Bosenko told us as the fight became a “life and death situation,” a supervisor with the Redding Police Department fired two shots.

After being shot, Deen took off. With the help of a Police K-9, officers found him in front of a home on Copper Drive.

Officers performed CPR, but he did not survive and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Help Police Catch Sex Offender Juggalo – Santa Cruz County’s Most Wanted – Mark Wayne Greer

Mark Wayne Greer
Wanted for: Failure to register as a convicted sex offender
Age: 30
Description: 6-foot-1, 250 pounds, brown hair and brown eyes. Tattoo of a Juggalo on neck
Resident: Santa Cruz
Details: The felony warrant was issued as a result of Greer’s failing to appear in court after being charged with failure to register as a convicted sex offender.
Agency: Santa Cruz Police Department

Psychopathic records member and Juggalo Coolio And Son Grtis Arrested And Booked In Same Las Vegas Jail: Rapper Busted For Traffic Violation, Son For Robbery And Kidnapping


Coolio’s oldest son — who appeared on the family reality show “Coolio’s Rules” –is locked up in a Nevada jail … after allegedly teaming up with a Vegas hooker to rob some dude at gunpoint.

TMZ has learned … 22-year-old Grtis Ivey (who went by “Artis” on the reality show) … was arrested on November 14, 2011 for allegedly busting into a Vegas apartment with a gun and forcing the tenant into the bathroom … while he and a female prostitute named Shantrice Wilkerson ransacked the place.

But the back story is INSANE.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ … Shantrice was trollin’ at LAX nightclub at the Luxor on October 26 … and met a guy named Joseph Hall … who didn’t know she was a call girl.

The two hit it off … and Wilkerson told him that she had a “dream” of having sex on a pile of money.

Hall asked if $5,000 was OK … she agreed … and the two eventually went back to Hall’s apartment to grab the cash out of a safe.

According to the report, the two bounced to Wilkerson’s pad to do the deed … but before it went down, Wilkerson asked for money … and Hall flipped out and left.

But cops say, Wilkerson REMEMBERED where Hall lived … and brought Grtis to the place 3 days later so they could rob it.

According to the report … Grtis entered the pad with a gun … and ordered Hall’s rooommate into the bathroom while he and the hooker stole a safe, 2 iPads, 2 laptops, passports, and anything else that wasn’t nailed down.

Cops say the roommate was able to identify Coolio’s son and the hooker — and both were arrested on a slew of charges including robbery with a deadly weapon, first degree kidnapping and grand larceny.

Both Grtis and Wilkerson told cops they never brought a gun to the apartment … and Wilkerson admitted to stealing some of the stuff.

Grtis is being held without bail … and is due to face a judge on Monday.

Like father, like son …

TMZ has learned rapper Coolio was arrested in Las Vegas today … and is currently behind bars at the same jail as his kid.

Law enforcement tells TMZ … Coolio was a passenger in a Nissan Versa which was pulled over for a routine traffic violation early Friday morning.

We’re told the cops ran Coolio’s name in the system and noticed he had 2 active bench warrants out for his arrest stemming from multiple traffic violations.

Coolio was arrested and hauled to Clark County Detention Center — the same place where his son Grtis is rotting away for allegedly robbing some dude at gunpoint a few months ago.

Coolio’s bail has been set at $5,850. A court date has not yet been set.

Juggalette- Alyssa Bustamante get life sentence in child murder case


A Missouri Juggalette teenager who had described the slaying of a young neighbor girl as an “ahmazing” thrill made an emotional apology Wednesday to the girl’s family and was sentenced to a potential lifetime in prison.

Crime and Law Criminal Sentencing and Punishment Murder and Homicide Crime
Moments before her sentence was imposed, 18-year-old Alyssa Bustamante rose from her chair — with shackles linking her ankles and holding her hands to her waist — and turned to face the family of 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten, whom she confessed to killing in October 2009.

“I really am extremely, very sorry for everything. I know words,” she said, pausing to take a deep breath and struggling to compose herself, “can never be enough, and they can never adequately describe how horribly I feel for all of this.”

GALLERY: Photos of the day

She later added: “If I could give my life to get her back I would. I’m sorry.”

Elizabeth’s mother, Patty Preiss, who on the first day of Bustamante’s sentencing hearing called her an “evil monster” and declared “I hate her,” sat silently, staring forward as Bustamante’s finished her apology.

Cole County Circuit Judge Pat Joyce then sentenced Bustamante to the maximum possible sentence for second-degree murder — life in prison with the possibility of parole. She ordered the teenager to serve a consecutive 30-year term for armed criminal action, a charge resulting from her use of a knife to slit the throat and stab Elizabeth after she had strangled her into unconsciousness.

Elizabeth’s family left the courthouse without talking to reporters.

“The sentencing process was extremely difficult for the family, as no sentence can adequately punish this heinous crime,” Matt Diehr, a St. Louis attorney speaking on behalf of the family, said later in a telephone interview.

Bustamante’s family, which also was present in the courtroom, declined to comment about the sentence, though an attorney called it “harsh.” There was no indication that Bustamante planned to appeal the sentence.

Bustamante originally had been charged with first-degree murder but pleaded guilty last month to the lesser charges to avoid a trial and the possibility of spending her life in an adult prison with no chance of release.

Cole County Prosecutor Mark Richardson said after Wednesday’s sentencing that he agreed to the lesser charge because the judge had suppressed a statement given by Bustamante to authorities in which she described the slaying and stated she wanted “to know what it felt like” to kill someone.

Bustamante was 15 years old at the time of Elizabeth’s murder in the small town of St. Martins, just west of Jefferson City. Evidence presented during her hearing revealed that Bustamante had dug a shallow grave in the woods several days in advance, then used her younger sister to lure Elizabeth out of her home with an invitation to play. Bustamante, who had hidden a knife in a backpack, said she had a surprise for Elizabeth in the forest. The surprise turned out to be her demise.

Defenses attorneys had argued for leniency after presenting evidence from family members and mental health experts about Bustamante’s troubled childhood. Bustamante was born to teenage, drug-abusing parents; her father was imprisoned and her mother abandoned her, leaving her in the legal custody of her grandmother.

“This was a child who had been spiraling out of control, but has treatable conditions,” Bustamante’s attorney, Charlie Moreland, said after the sentencing.

But Richardson said the life sentence was justified. He described Bustamante as “a truly evil individual who strangled and stabbed an innocent child simply for the thrill of it.”

Under Missouri guidelines, Bustamante would have to serve 35 years and five months in prison before she is eligible for parole, said Department of Corrections spokesman Chris Cline. It’s also possible that the more than two years Bustamante spent in jail while awaiting her sentencing could be counted toward that time.

After spending several weeks at a diagnostic prison, Bustamante could be placed in either one of Missouri’s two female prisons or sent out of state. Cline said department officials also would evaluate whether Bustamante should be kept separate from other adult woman inmates.


Testimony begins in juggalo hatchet death murder trial in Waverly

WAVERLY, Iowa — Months before Lucas Faulkner of Eagle Grove allegedly killed another man with a hatchet, he talked about donning a mask and going on a killing spree.

An acquaintance, Cassie Eide of Webster City, shared that information with jurors during a first-degree murder trial Tuesday in Bremer County.

During the first day of testimony, Eide, a friend of both men, added Faulkner, 21, would often carry such a tool.

“He used it to take his frustration out on trees, and he had mentioned that he wanted to be the hatchet killer,” Eide said. (HATCHET ATTACKS IS THE NAME OF A ICP CONCERT )

According to authorities, Faulkner struck Devin Resh, 19, in the back of the head and neck with a hatchet several times. The alleged attack happened while they were fishing with friends in May at a quarry northwest of Eagle Grove.

A judge moved Faulkner’s trial from Wright County because of pretrial publicity.

Two other men – Tanner Jewsbury, 18, and Anthony Simpson, 19, both of Webster City – each received two-year prison sentences for their roles in the incident. They pleaded guilty to lesser charges.

Eide testified Faulkner described himself as a “juggalo,” a fan of the musical group Insane Clown Posse, and often talked about committing acts of violence. She said she didn’t believe Faulkner was serious about following through, and several months had passed since he made such statements.

“I think he was just trying to scare me,” Eide said.

Faulkner and Resh appeared friendly with one another, though they would “butt heads” at times, Eide said. However, she told jurors she may have overheard Faulkner say he wanted to kill Resh.

Eide said she last saw Resh at her apartment May 18 with Jewsbury. At some point, Resh and Jewsbury left to meet Simpson and Faulkner to go fishing.

A day later, Eide saw Simpson, and he seemed on edge.

“Like something was bothering him,” she said.

Eide also told jurors Simpson carried a hatchet while camping and fishing.

Gary Rosendahl, an employee of a nearby grain cooperative, found Resh’s body May 20 near a pond while spraying for weeds in an adjacent field.

“I happened to look down, and there was a body half in and half out,” Rosendahl said.

According to authorities, Faulkner tried to burn Resh after hitting him. Criminalists with the Division of Criminal Investigation testified Resh’s clothing carried remnants of flammable liquids.

Wright County Sheriff’s deputies found Resh’s car on the side of a road inside Eagle Grove city limits. The center console also appeared burned.

Deputies later recovered two hatchets – one belonging to Faulkner – in Eagle Grove. One was in a storm drain and the other by railroad tracks. State criminalists said they weren’t able to recover any DNA for testing from the tools.

Attorneys for both sides indicated Faulkner and Resh had disabilities that made school difficult for them. Resh couldn’t raise his arms above his head and was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome, which causes verbal and physical ticks and restlessness, his mother, Angie Resh, testified.

“He couldn’t sit still. He’d always be pacing,” she added.

Defense attorney Susan Flander asked several witnesses whether they were aware Faulkner required special education classes.

Testimony was scheduled to continue this morning.

So juggalos defend the criminals who listen to icp get the music and worship of the hatchet weapon and then attack and kill people – Juggalos need to be banned worldwide.

The victims of Juggalo Jared Loughner

Rest in peace to all of jared loughers victims.

Six people were killed and 13 people seriously injured after a gunman went berserk with a Glock 9mm pistol in Arizona yesterday.

Ms Giffords, a 40-year-old pro-abortion Democrat whose husband is an astronaut, was holding a constituency meeting outside a Safeway store when she was shot.

She survived is now fighting for life in hospital, after doctors performed emergency brain surgery following the shooting.

Doctors said they were ‘happy and encouraged’ by her progress, adding that she was able to ‘follow simple commands’ by squeezing their hands or lifting fingers.

Federal judge John Roll, 63, and Christina Green, a nine-year-old schoolgirl invited along to the meeting as a treat by a neighbour, were among the dead.

Ms Giffords’ father Spencer J Giffords is the first cousin of director Bruce Paltrow – father of Gwyneth.

The others who died were Ms Giffords’ aide Gabe Zimmerman, Dorothy Murray, 76, Dorwin Stoddard, 76, and Phyllis Scheck, 79.

The gunman, 22-year-old man Jared Loughner was tackled to the ground by bystanders after the shooting.

Juggalos and homless – Homeless Billy

This is just wrong and stupid they help a drug and belligerent homeless man get away with his crime by claiming to be his uncle.

Here’s how this shit went down. Billy had been out that morning with his cardboard sign, trying to get some food or money. When the crowd started to gather, he wandered down to the Village parking lot and started hanging out with some Juggalos. The management of the Village called the police, because he was drunk. When the cops came, one unknown Juggalo told them that Billy was his uncle. The police let Billy stay, and he continued to hang out with the Juggalos.

clearly what would of been better was this guy get locked up , get some counseling for his addiction and try to move on with his life instead he went to see a abk concert .


Judge throws book at juggalo – JUGGALO GETS 100 YRS


Juggalo Holocaust Bans Icp Gang T-shirts / Handcuffs Juggalo

Juggalo holocaust strikes again this time in Albuquerque.
15 juggalos have been forced to turn their juggalo gang tshirts with icps logo the hatchet man inside out and one juggalo was arrested and put into hand cuffs for trying to fight JH and the LAW.