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T.H.C / H8 Club / Hate Club – Juggalo haters world wide unite

if you dislike juggalos and icp please join the h8 club .
we are a rap super group featuring The Biggest Hip Hop Supergroup to hit since the Wu Tang Clan and Spanning the East Coast, Midwest, and West Coast – with one mission – to end all juggalos.
E2X, Killa-mo 187, Legend, Rob-D, Critty, 2.F.A.C.E Critty, and Mortality Tha Angel Of Death. The H8 Club have been bounded by one goal..Total Hate against the world of juggalo and the insane clown posse. Creepshow is a Sneek Peek of whats to come from the long awaited Debut “H8 Club Volume One” which drops in 2010. Featuring a mashup of sneekpeaks from the album plus a few classics that were “Delackified” for the safety of listeners everywhere. 10 brand new
: “H8 Club is every juggalos worst nightmare, deconstructed and reverse engineered, repackaged as your best friend, H8 Club 4 life”.

Koffinkreep and Killa-mo 187 have resurected the h8 club – with new juggalo diss song death of the family coming soon

Juggalo Civil War #JuggaloCivilWar

Juggalos are now fighting with their MNE family
resorting to name calling , racisim and outright hate

which side are you in the juggalo civil war……

Juggalo holocaust member the boy blue running CI

Long term juggalo holocaust member and known associate of the juggalo holocaust member Mr Ceo aka Killa-mo 187 is running some CI

Killa-mo 187 , 2wizedead and Horrorflik muisck threaten to start brawls juggalo day 2016

The reason I’ve been quiet is because I’ve been trying to just ignore EVERYTHING. That maybe you’d all naturally go away like a human and move on. But instead you didn’t. So now I gotta banish you myself. Not just banish you from the halls of Valhalla but from my own bottomline myself. I will be in Detroit for Juggalo weekend 2016 and I hope to Odin that you guys will be there so I can point you guys out as who you really are. And I personally hope when that happens that the crowd takes your fucking head’s because more than likely a good asswhippin’ is what you guys need to maybe get some common sense knocked into your head. Make you realize that everything you’ve done is wrong and that I’m right. Enough is enough and it’s time to move on.

This ain’t a diss. This is the truth. It’s time that it all came to an end. 2 long you motherfuckers have gotten away with alot of illegal activity. I’ve been hearing around the grapevine that you guys just got handed legal papers and that a lawsuit is pending for what you did to Horrorflik Musick. I hope you lose that case because a mental ass whippin’ will do the same as a physical whippin‘. And that’s knock some sense into ya’s and make you realize that what you’ve done was wrong. If you guys were “true” friends. You would’nt have done those so-called parodies or all those jokes. But instead. Your not “true” friends, your nothing more than the mud and slime that gets trapped on the bottom of my size 10 Doc Marten’s. Trashy heartless scumbags with no soul’s.
In closing. I’m sorry to your families. But not to you guys yourselves. And I end this with a quote from one of my new friends in the underground… FEAR WHAT YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. AND HATE WHAT YOU CAN’T FUCKING CONQUER, BITCH!
Sinfully yours

These sorts of threats are not taken lightly , your names and photos will be sent to security at Harpos and St. Andrew’s Hall – Joseph Green of Petoskey and Randall Belcher of Detroit

Anti Juggalo / Juggalo Holocaust related Wrestling Group on facebook – WRESTLING411


Please request to join our JH members will out school you on wrestling know how

Guest Author Q3

Juggalo holocaust attending – A Hip Hop Showcase & Competiton – Bet you insane clown pussies wont show up

Juggalo holocaust members including killa mo 187 , big game james , buttsecks , the illusionist and mr korvokian will be attending the A Hip Hop Showcase & Competiton in Charlevoix .
I bet you juggalo ass clowns will no show , so come put your money where your mouths are and rock up


Friday at 9:00pm – Saturday at 2:00am

Location The Flight Deck

6966 US Highway 31 S.
Charlevoix, MI

Attention ALL Hip Hop Artists, MCs, Rappers, Lyricists, etc. Do you feel like you have the type of skills that deserve more money & exposure for yourself? Here’s your chance for both!!

Oliver stoneD & Ill Vision Records presents..

…A Hip Hop Showcase & Competition

Friday, February 11..@ The Flight Deck..Charlevoix, MI

Doors @ 9pm..NO COVER CHARGE


Drink Specials, CDs, Shirts, Prizes, & Other Giveaways

–Registration is FREE (see below)
–15 minute set
–Please have set list in proper order on your CD
–All artists need to arrive by no later then 9pm for check in

–email – illvisionrecords@hotmail.com
–calll – 231-373-4150
–message – http://www.facebook.com/halusin8
(include group names, real names, ages, & contact info)

1st place = $200 to headline March Hip Hop Showcase
2nd place = $50 to open for headliner @ March Hip Hop Showcase
3rd place = TBD cash & prizes to open @ March Hip Hop Showcase

This is a unique competition WITHIN a local showcase.
It is open to ALL MCs & Rappers.
Artists of any age can enter the show, at NO CHARGE, by Feb.9 deadline. Each Artist is given 15 minutes of stage time. Winners will be determined by a scoring tally based on ten different sets of criteria. Crowd response will represent 20% of each act’s total score, so bring your 100 closest friends, fans & family to represent you!!

Open mic freestyle cypher at the end of the night!

Let’s do this for Hip Hop!!

Name and Shame – Juggalos planning violence at gathering

Here are two juggalos planning acts of violence at the gathering
the first killa mo 187 claims he will be “Beating the living piss out of each and every one of you cracker motherfuckers” the second Big game james BigJames Blunders claims he will “I intend to dig a hole to bury the JH’s name, banner, and all your laptops that I know you guys will bring with you deep in the ground. When I beat your asses and throw you all out one by one” .

If you see these people , be warned they will be the downfall of the gathering of the juggalos .


And Not one juggalo condemns Steven Spader – Juggalo Family

Steven Spader was convicted to life in jail today. But his crime and trail has been running for a year now and looking on youtube now –  not one juggalo has decided to condemn his action and the only videos are those of media reports .

Youtube is a place where juggalos post a wide range of videos on average 15 a day , Juggalos on youtube go all out on any issue like them being a gang .

For Example there are 50 videos put out about how good or bad the name murder death pop is made by juggalos within the day its mentioned but the steven spader case seems to have been totally ignored -why because he is part of the juggalo family .

The Insane clown posse have not issued no condemnation of this criminals action .

Juggalo websites such as faygoluvers.net juggalonews.com and truejuggalofamily.com have not reported nearly any news on this issue with some totaly ignoring it but instead they promote that the unfortunately named Mike E Clark Murder Mix 2 has been released.

Juggalo forums have been silent , juggalo rappers such as killa mo 187 have not discussed or blogged about this.

All juggalos should hang their heads in shame today , and know a member of your juggalo family has been convicted for life for murder which was caused in part dude to the violence in your juggalo music and until something is done this sort of thing will keep occuring  .

Please join the planet lotb forum to help fight the good fight in our quest to end  juggalos . http://www.planet-lotb.com/forum/

Who is the best juggalo rapper ?

just a quick question who is the best juggalo rapper ???

The best two would be killa mo 187 or kid crusher

Rarest Insane clown posse album ???


rarest icp album

Rare Bootleg icp album – the rise and fall from grace
this album has a few ultra rare interviews and songs spanning icps great career – album was distributed during the old stuff tour 2010 by members of psychopathic records.

1. Violent J’s Final Thoughts Ft Joe ustler
2. Summa Scorcher Ft Halls Edge
3. Warning Ft Mr. Critty and Killa mo 187
4. Mass Appeal to Icp (Salute)
5. Death Song Ft UGLY Of So Sick Social Club and Shellene
6. M.I.A. (Real) Ft Ryuji Of Precaution
7. Still Killin’ Ft Mortality Tha Angel Of Death
8. You Ain’t No Mob! Ft Halls Edge
9. Murda Rap Ft Big Kurt and Chest Rockwell and Killa mo 187
10. KMTDC Freestyle Ft KMTDC
11. Lemmy V.S God (Skit)
12. Twizted Mind Ft The Legend and Mortality Tha Angel Of Death
13. Addicts Ft Killa mo 187
14. Killa-mo Interview Ft Shaggy 2 Dope (Skit)
15. Killas Anthem Ft Big Kurt, Rancid Child, and Mr. Critty
16. Let Me Ask You? (Skit)
17. I Was Wrong Ft Precaution
18. Fall From Grace Ft Ryuji of Precaution and Joe Strummer
19. I.F.H.E
20. Problemz Ft Shellene and Killa mo 187
21. Thrown Out The Kingdom
22. Shaggy 2 Dopes Final Thoughts Ft William Cooper and Killa mo 187

Grab the download links from rumerz