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Juggalos Rip off Shirt and hurt little girl – then brag about it online

Looks like juggalos dont support free speech
According to this guy , him and his friend saw a girl in a juggano shirt so they hurt her and tore it off.
Juggalos support violence against women – if they aint down with the clown.

Why Juggalos should be banned from public Places

Disgusting and lewd act performed by a juggalo then uploaded on youtube for others to laugh at.

Jewish community outraged at treatment by psychopathic records / hatchet gear over swastika belt buckle

The jewish comunity is outraged with the treatment by psychopathic records and hatchet gear – two complaints have already been issued – i hope theres no jewish juggalos or jewgallos out ther wanting a belt buckle.



while nazi juggalos rejoice

Get yours today! SIEG WOOP!!!!!


check the racist twitter! http://twitter.com/UNJF88

Nazi juggalos are rejoicing psychopathic records decision to recognize them as juggalos .


MONTANAJUGGALO expresses his views on life

sometimes the best things are comented here by juggalos – heres montanajuggalo getting upset with us exposing hatchet gear and the racist juggalo logo – anyway.

juggalos will kill you all we arent a gang we arent a cult so stop saying things that you dont know we will kill you all with axes and hatchets watch your back we might be comin’ we are a juggalo family

New Hatchet Gear Belt Buckle – Hatchet Man Nazi

hatchet man nazi
New hatchet gear has 4 hatchet men whose feet go and form a swastika
now icp is catering for the nazi juggalos like the UNJF. Swastikas now make it look like juggalos support the holocaust.


Mall Security Needed!!! Shopping with a juggalo

how did this guy get to walk in any mall across the world

mall security needs to step up and get this guy thrown out

Juggalo Ice Cream men upset they have to dress like humans

The ice cream truck has arrived in the neighborhood, harbinger of warm weather, sunny days and cheeriness. But the ice cream trucks of the tens aren’t the bow-tied, dapper ice cream men of the ’50s. The number of ice cream trucks has declined somewhat in recent years, but some distributors say it’s going through a recent uptick now.

Valerie Sabatino started off selling ice cream from a truck in Columbus in the early ’90s with her husband. “Unsavory” was the word she used to characterize the majority of drivers today. I told her of my plans to ride along with some South End peddlers for an interview. “It’s gonna be scary,” she said. “Good luck.” She left peddling to go into ice cream distribution.

Bow ties have given way in recent years to tattoos and gauged faces, from sleeve garters to inked sleeves. When I inquired about a “savory” ice cream peddler, Sabatino recommended Lesley Fitch in Pataskala.

“It was supposed to be my little adventure,” Fitch said of her ice cream truck. She is a mother of six boys from a family of 15. “It used to be a novelty.”

Although it started off as a way for her to spend time with her boys while bringing in extra income, her ice cream endeavors have furnished yearly trips to Florida, a new deck and a pool. Unfortunately, she believes her venture has been tarnished by less reputable vendors.

“Every year someone is busted selling drugs,” she said, adding that a record of abuse often accompanies the bright trucks and their merry music. Fitch agreed with Sabatino, “They’re sometimes scary.”

At first glance, Tucker Lhammon and JD Arnold, the ice cream truck drivers of my Southside neighborhood, might fit that bill. Tattoos cover their arms. Two facial piercings adorn Arnold’s face. Both “Juggalos” who have Hatchet Men tattoos, the two, along with Lorenzo Brihm, another Insane Clown Posse fan who rides with them on busy summer days, stress professionalism and courtesy in their ice cream peddling.

They run a tight ship. Arnold, 26, drives – very slowly. Lhammon, 19, handles money, and Brihm, 22, grabs the ice cream.

“We’re 100 percent legit with our trucks,” said Tucker.

“A lot of people don’t like their kids coming up to the trucks because of pedophiles,” said Arnold. The two explained the precautions that have been taken to maintain wholesomeness in the ice cream business. They operate with a food handling permit, clean driving licenses, and a peddler permit. Ice cream truck drivers also undergo a federal background check to ensure they’re not child abusers.

“We have people who come up to us all the time,” asking for drugs, explained Tucker. “And we say, ‘Yeah, it’s not gonna happen.'”

People ask them for weed, pills and “all sorts of stuff,” but they say their business is profitable. They sell more than $600 a day at normal peaks and more than $2,000 worth on the Fourth of July. It’s a high-volume business; individual ice creams cost between $1-4.

“We’ve done this area – everybody knows us by name. They won’t go up to other trucks,” said Arnold, who has been selling ice creams in the Southside for four years. His regulars buy from him daily.

Bettina Smith and her son, Ernesto, are daily ice cream eaters. “Even when he’s asleep, I go and buy ice cream for him or he’ll become upset,” Smith said. Once Ernesto was at his grandmother’s house when a strange truck came; he refused its ice cream because the truck wasn’t his unwavering blue one.

The herald of Arnold and Lhammon’s ice cream truck is their “Hello Song,” the only jingle the truck ever plays. A series of playful hellos, quacks and woofs punctuate it.

Fitch also only plays one song “over and over and over again.” She too has no idea what hers is called, but agrees that her distinct tune alerts patrons to her truck and not that of a foreign peddler.

But not everyone loves the ice cream men. Some hate them. Why? “The music,” Lhammon, Brihm and Arnold said in unison. It cuts both ways.

“We’ve been run out of areas before,” said Arnold, with people “yelling, cussing and throwing stuff at the truck.” Seniors have complained to the police.

“There are a lot of Juggalos in the neighborhood,” Arnold said of their Southside turf. Despite their identification with an oft-maligned subculture, they strive to act professionally. “You can’t dress in bandanas and all this other kind of stuff,” said Brihm. “You have to dress halfway decent.”

They say their ice cream truck is the top seller for their distributor, Captain Tom’s Ice Cream. Their mix of professionalism and courtesy serves them well, but what inspires love of the ice cream man?

“It’s the music and the brightly colored truck. It’s fun,” Brihm laughed.

“Woof woof!” echoed the wide-smiling Ernesto as his favorite ice cream truck puttered down the street.

Poor little juggalos need to put on decent clothing to do their jobs ..

Burning Juggalo Tshirts

A great move , we would have recommended they give a shirt to charity … however due to the nature and message of this article of clothing and the damage it could do to youth .. this was the best result. well done sir.

Hot Topic threw this shirt out after it didn’t get picked up on clearance…wonder why.
I never thought I’d ever have the chance to burn ICP shit before, since I never plan on ever supporting this trash, but the stars aligned and it happened.

Mall Takes Stand Against Juggalo Gangs

This is a great move and more stores should follow to keep trouble makers out , let all patrons feel safe and is fully legal and allowed … if your a juggalo and want to be allowed into this store .. i suggest you keep a set of clothes which are not gang merchandise in your car – if you can afford one.

here is a letter from an upset juggalo ….

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter to open the eyes of those who read it. I am a single mom of 3, a full time student, I work full time, and I am a juggalo. I work hard and pay my taxes, but I was kicked out of the Colorado Mills Mall today for wearing an ICP hoodie and T-shirt. I wasn’t doing anything wrong nor was I inciting a riot, but because my hoodie and my t-shirt donned the hatchet man I was not welcome in the mall. According to the mall security I was gang affiliated. The crazy thing was that the shirt was actually purchased at a store inside THAT mall. My fiancé and I purchase many items at Hot topic and at Spencer’s that are Psychopathic merchandise. Now what I don’t understand is how they can consider anything related to psychopathic to be offensive, but all the younger females that wonder through out the mall wearing extremely revealing clothing is appropriate and not offensive at all. They are the ones that are attracting more inappropriate attention then anyone else. I find it offensive when someone is wearing such a strong perfume or cologne that I get sick to my stomach. Why is it that anyone can support music that they like of any genre, but I am not allowed to support the music that I choose to listen to. Wouldn’t that be considered discrimination? How is it that I can purchase those items inside that very mall, but I can’t wear that exact merchandise at the mall? Now I do realize that there are people out there that will use this merchandise to express feelings that are not related to the music in a very inappropriate way, but that is not the feelings of the bands or the feelings of a true juggalo. Now if the mall feels that anyone wearing these things are affiliated with a “gang“, would that not be considered profiling or discrimination? Is that not considered against the law? I was told by the Lakewood police that since that is private property then they can do what they want. Well it is open to the public, then should public laws apply? Now that we are also mentioning law, what about the fact that there are stands inside the mall that are selling bootleg merchandise that warrants a huge fine for each article that is being sold. Every stand that is in the hallways selling dog tags and body jewelry, has bootleg merchandise. Anything that is related to psychopathic is licensed merchandise, and for the mall to allow unlicensed merchandise to be sold would be against the law for them as well. The mall will try to justify themselves by saying that their “code of conduct” is posted at every entrance in the mall. I had to actually search for the “posting”. They are located behind the doors, such small print that it is hard to read, and no one would ever even notice them unless they are actually looking for them.  If they would focus their attention on the people that are causing the problems instead of starting problems with people that are just minding their own business, they might actually have more people frequenting their mall. In my opinion, the mall should worry about the people causing problems and not focus on what people are wearing. Now I do agree that there are some things that should not be worn in a public mall, but to single out one is wrong. Colorado Rockies merchandise has been linked to certain gangs, but you can walk into the mall at any given time and find many patrons wearing their teams merchandise. Plus many vendors selling it as well. If that is the case then all music related merchandise should be banned as well. For many years people complained about discrimination of any type, and now certain powers feel that it is ok. This needs to be stopped! More will be listed on my myspace page in regards to what should be done.

The mall done the right thing , if you notice the writer of the letter did not say she purchased the jacket which she was banned for at the store but the t shirt underneath , she also thinks its her right to wear what ever she wants but attack others then throw a straw man argument about some stores selling fake merchandise and how this allows her to wear gang merchandise into stores.