Juggalos secret Pledge … CULT COUGH COUGH CULT

juggalo cult

have a look at one of the secret pledges people my say to become a juggalo .. if this doesnt scream cult to you i dont know what will

they are praying to hatchets and soda pop and disrespect the pledge of allegiance in one .

29 responses to “Juggalos secret Pledge … CULT COUGH COUGH CULT

  1. are you all fucking retarded do you really think people say that shit? wow get a hobby fuck. every day through school you say the pledge of alligence does that make america a cult. yeah no. you all should probably read a fucking book.

  2. shouldnt you all be more worried about the wars and shit going on in the middle east our troops world peace or shit even the fucking terrorism groups. why dont you all make a group to start hating terror. make a positive change or maybe kill yourself and stop wasting the fucking oxygen so many people have given there lifes for you ignorant fucks to breathe

    • Fuckin haters! How do they work bitch?! jesus christ is ashamed of u for being a juffalo u face ass false claiming bitch! go fuck urself u fake ass biotch!!!!!!

    • CRAZY ASS MOTHERFUCKERS! Do the world a favor and walk all ur bitch asses in front of an off ramp

  3. If this was such a secret pledge how come it’s on google. Really a cult jh? The emo kids of JH are probably a cult that worship the pussys of their mothers and spread thier empty threats through their computers and keep their identities secret by never showing their faces online. Why must you 5 JH cult members hide if your all so tough.

  4. Anyone who tries to put down Juggalos for bein violent yet tries to go get their asses kicked by us has no right to run their bitch ass mouth. Mutha Fuckin Juggalo til I die Bitch

  5. Trying to change the subject to war and terrorism is ridiculous. The ongoing war in the middle east hasn’t been anything to worry about for a long time. As for “Juggalos”, the only thing to worry about is that we contain the ignorance from spreading. I would honestly kill every Juggalo in this world if I could. You are all moronic pieces of shit who do not have a single bit of intelligence. How can you look up to ICP? I simply do not understand how anyone can be as foolish as to think they make anything remotely close to music. As for dressing up like them, and living the way they tell you to live, is ridiculous. Of course I’m not saying religion is any better, because its not…but that’s another argument.

    • Dude if I could I would Fucking put a double barrel slug in between your eyes for talking Shit about us hating mother Fucked ur a lil bitch with nothing to do is hate on our family bitch I guarantee you juggalo”s and juggalettes are the closest fam and realest people you would meet bitch
      Fuck your bitch ass you hate us bc u ain’t us buffalo till the mufucking day I die bitch Whoop whoop fam mmfwcl and as for u lil bitch I wish I would meet you in person I would but a slug in your head on spot lil ass Shit talking internet worrior u wouldn’t come close to.killing me even if u did all my homies would be by my side u would not compare and I’ll be out number by the thousands you would not have the balls to Fuck with our psychopathic family

  6. Hey sane, guess what? go fuck urself. wuddup juggalos. im really starting to think that we’ll never be understood by the outsiders. but hey who gives 2 shits. i love yall. u love me back. its the fam. and fuck the rest. right? i love my family.

  7. haha that sounds cult-like to me

  8. y cant people just leave juggalos and juggalettes alone??? we dont bother any body so y fuck with us?? well guess wat?! fuck the fuck off!!!! mmfwcl

  9. fuck dis shit none of us even know what the fuck a cult is and ur going to atomaticly asome that we are one now dats fucked up and sane go eat a fucking dick u aint worth anyones time of day ur a bitch boy………

  10. first off fuck u sane we are a family whichs is different from a gang and FUCK all haters down with the clown till dead in the ground WHOOP WHOOP !!!!!!!

  11. i think being missunderstood is da reason i have fam in da first place. were a bunch of misfits and outcasts .but yet we still stick together like we should. yes ppl call me a phycho and spit at me wat not but there is nothing in this world better than living my life in da underground and because of dat me n my fam always have our middle fingures ready. and for all u fuckin haters STFU u bitches always complain bout us but we havent changed yet!!! IMA BE A LETTE TILL I DIE!!!! MMFWCL n respect to all fam

  12. and btw its not a fucking gand ppl jus say dat cuz sum fam take it too dam far… dats jus my opinion

  13. this is to explain a juggalo.
    “I am a Juggalo…
    I am an individual guided by Light…
    I know who I am and who I want to be.
    I recognize that the path to Shangri La
    requires an open mind…
    I shall not judge.
    I am part of a Family…
    I shall Love my Family as I would my blood.
    I shall do my Family no harm as I know
    what is done to others shall surely be done
    to me…
    I shall strive to honor my Family and
    not disgrace their name…
    I am a Ninja…
    I have no Fear.
    I do not Fear the unknown
    fore I embrace the wonders of the world around me
    and the differences in others.
    I shall meet adversity head on fore I am a Survivor.
    Nothing can stop my Shine.
    I am Human…
    I recognize my flaws.
    I shall strive to change the
    things I can control and seek strength for
    the things I cannot.
    I shall cherish the teachings of my ancestors
    and the Family who have fallen before me
    I have Love
    With Love there is Unity and Strength.
    Love does not hurt nor does it seek to destroy.
    I too, shall not hurt or seek to destroy.
    With Love in my Heart, Love for my Family
    and Love for the Carnival…
    I shall find my path to Shangri La”

    if that doesnt explain that we arent a cult, i dont know what is. a juggalo is a person who has had it tough and only made it cause we are strong, partly ldue to the fam, partly to due to the music, but mostly because of our strength. you call us unintelligent, then clearly you have never met a juggalo. we are all just trying to live our lives the best we can. you can hate on us all you want, but we will never die out, juggalos will carry one….Bitch you must’ve forgot you were fucking with a juggalo. MMFWCL!

  14. I am a Juggalette and have seen this “pledge” multiple times on the internet. It is not an official pledge and it has nothing to do with us being a cult. We are a family.

    People have asked me in the past, “Why do you label yourself as a Juggalette?” I don’t consider “Juggalette” or “Juggalo” to be a label. The terms I consider labels are ones such as “goth”, “hipster”, “prep”, etc.

    When I call myself a Juggalo or lette, I use it to show my membership to a FAMILY. Not a cult, not a club, not a gang. I use my last name the same way… to show that I am a member of that family. This family may not be my blood, but they are my family nonetheless.

    You can’t take internet posting, such as this pledge, too seriously. You are not seeing the real meaning behind everything. Trust me, there is a lot that you are not seeing or hearing about. It is unfortunate in my eyes that we have a bad name to a lot of people, but I don’t care.

    We know who we are an what we stand for and it has not and will not ever matter what anybody else thinks about it.

  15. Jh are terrorists. Redneck incest sister fucking terrorists mad at ous because their daddys touched them when they were little and they couldn’t figure out how to become a Juggalo so they got mad because everyone was kicking their nerd asses and the only way they could call their selves Juggalos is if they hated us. Just let me say this juggaloholocunts come at me, say shit to my face, let me see you say something or lay a hand on any of my family and I promise you your wig will be split an I will drag you behind my truck on the highway. You wanna talk cult? Look at yourselves calling yourselves jh. You know one thing about holocausts? They always loose. Look in history dumb fucks every known holocaust has ended with the victims of the holocaust and their allies winning. All you scream to people is that your nazi wanna bes. Come to nevada bring all your holocunt followers and make sure jeff nipples is with you, it wouldn’t be a true extermination if I didn’t exterminate the lead cockroach. Ima Juggalo till I die and anyone that tries stoppin me will get their wigs chopped. WHOOP WHOOP!! MMFWCL!!

  16. ^EL OH EL….FAIL…..thanks for fitting the stereotype though Mr. internet tough guy.

  17. u realy need to get some neden , cuzz u obviosly dont get enough

  18. juggalos are the farthest thing from a cult anyone who doesnt understand juggalos and lettes can just shut the fuck up

  19. idk how old this post is but imma bout to say these juggalo holocaust fuckz r all over the place, the other day someone comented on my facebook group NATIONAL SOCIETY OF JUGGALOS calling us all disrespctfull twats and to be honest i think these mother fucks are all jealous, they wanna be part of the fam that never dies, but are afraid to go juggalo.. their for they slander us like pussies.. come on dude… all u holocaust assholes need to look in the mirror, raise a middle finger or two and just give a big WHOOP WHOOP to try it on….. peace

  20. Juggalettebloodlust

    How are they making life harder for you,how does ICP make life harder….. juggalos/juggalettes “the family” they accecpt you if you are different they dont care about race or colour,they dont care if your gothic or emo and mainly they dont care what you ****ing think…..they are the way this world should be…. There should be no discrimination against Colour or where your from,but in this day and age there are gang fights.The bloods wanna kill the Cripz bc of race,that shouldnt be like that “the family” doesent do that.I wanna let you know that i was discriminated bc i am a gothic/Vampire/Gamer Chick before I joined “the Great family” of juggalos and Juggalettes, when I started listening to the songs ICP sang and rapped they actually sing of stuff that has already happened.And they gave me the hope that Id lost, the hope that SOMEONE would accecpt me for Me.Since then i have met tons of Juggalos and Juggalettes.I feel as if i have found my REAL family. So don’t Talk about something you know nothing of….

  21. First the Juggulo Society of is just a group of people swinging our htathes as ee drink our faygo. What wrong with people whim think its a cult. Its not a cilt. Its a way of life. It like the Amerkcans have the right to bear arms. Or is it unconstitutional for is to be a fre person what harm does it it hurt. Ar are yoy you just mad because you all cant be part of the hathet. You aint down with clown until you got your faygo shower. Whoop whoop

  22. Woooooow cult really???? If you knew anything its just a fan base….and if you go deeper its a HUGE family…..and when you fuck with one you fuck with em all. When you become a lette or lo its about being accepted as family……we are so misunderstood…..fuck all the haterz…..and fuck all the blasphemy….love you fam…..mmfwcl ❤

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