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Syko Sam – a member of the juggalo gang

By Wayne Drash

(CNN) — Elizabeth McCutchen and a friend were walking to book club two weeks ago in quaint Farmville, Virginia, when they strolled by a home on First Avenue. “Something smells dead,” her friend said.
Richard Samuel McCroskey has been arrested in connection with the killings of four people in Virginia.

Richard Samuel McCroskey has been arrested in connection with the killings of four people in Virginia.

They were thinking animal. A dog, a cat, something like that. They never imagined they were smelling the remains of massacred humans. It was Thursday, September 17. But another 24 hours would pass before police made the gruesome discovery.

Richard Samuel McCroskey III — a 20-year-old rapper in the underground genre of “Horrorcore” who sang of chopping people into pieces — has been arrested in connection with the slayings. The crime scene was so horrifying police would not even describe it, saying only that the victims died of blunt force trauma.

The victims were Mark Niederbrock, 50, the beloved pastor at Walker’s Presbyterian Church; his 16-year-old daughter, Emma Niederbrock; Melanie Wells, Emma’s 18-year-old friend from West Virginia; and Niederbrock’s estranged wife, Debra Kelley, 53, a professor at Longwood University.

McCroskey has been charged only in the killing of Mark Niederbrock. Police and the prosecutor’s office did not return repeated phone calls from CNN. But in late September, authorities said more charges are pending.

Emma was described as a fan of Horrorcore and had met McCroskey through their mutual affection for the little-known music genre. Police said she invited McCroskey to fly from his northern California home, stay with her in Virginia and then attend the Strictly for the Wicked Festival, a Horrorcore fest in Michigan featuring bands with names like Dismembered Fetus and Phrozen Body Boy.

Nobody saw what would come next.

The slayings have been the talk of Farmville, a town of 7,000 that is home to Longwood University and nearby Hampden-Sydney College. Senseless is the word you hear most.

It’s not just the macabre nature of the killings that has people talking. It’s the grotesque lyrics of the Horrorcore singer; it’s that it happened under their noses.

McCroskey is a young man with no criminal record who took delight in the blend of horror hip-hop that celebrated macabre killings. He went by the name Syko Sam. In one YouTube video, he holds a hatchet and sings about killing people and putting their remains in black bags: “Last night I was the murderous rage. Now, I gotta get rid of the bodies before the corpses start to get to rotting.”

‘Stinkiest rascal I’ve ever smelled’

Authorities have not specified when the Virginia killings occurred, but at 4 a.m. on Friday, September 18, tow-truck driver Elton Napier was called out to Poor House Road to help McCroskey, whose car was stuck.

Napier said McCroskey was wearing a black-hooded sweatshirt and “was really smelling bad, like real bad. I can’t describe it.”

McCroskey was driving Mark Niederbrock’s Honda. Napier said two sheriff’s deputies were at the scene and McCroskey was ticketed for driving without a license. At the time, authorities didn’t know the pastor had been slain.

When McCroskey hopped into Napier’s flatbed, the tow-truck driver said he started gagging from the odor and immediately rolled down the windows.

“I just held my head out the window so the wind would hit me in the face,” he said. “That was the stinkiest rascal I’ve ever smelled.”

Napier drove McCroskey about four miles to a convenience store. McCroskey told Napier he was visiting his girlfriend and her father lent him the car. McCroskey fetched a black bag from the Honda before they parted. Napier went inside to get a cup of coffee.

According to police, McCroskey eventually caught a cab to Richmond International Airport. By mid-afternoon that same day, police found the bodies at the home on First Avenue. McCroskey was arrested the next day at the airport, where he had spent the night.

When he was being led to jail, McCroskey told reporters, “Jesus told me to do it.”

Suspect’s family, community grieve

Sarah McCroskey of California told CNN-affiliate WWBT that her brother had been looking forward to his visit to Virginia for weeks. She mourned his arrest and struggled with the accusations against him. “I want to hear his voice. I am so concerned, so worried — not just for him [but] other people, other families involved dealing with this loss,” she said. Read WWBT’s special coverage

Defense attorney Cary Bowen told CNN, “I don’t want to say he’s in shock. That’s a medical term, but it’s a big experience for him. … I’m not sure he gets the severity of everything right now.”

The community is still devastated by the events as it struggles to move forward. Memorial services were held over the weekend for Emma Niederbrock and her mother, Debra Kelley.

The Rev. Sylvia Meadows of Farmville United Methodist Church baptized Emma at age 5 and her father when he was an adult. The pastor said the church has invited an occult specialist to speak with members of the community to help them come to grips with the dark side of humanity.

“We have looked evil in the face and cannot deny that it exists,” Meadows said. “God is stronger than evil. God is bigger.”

Luther Glenn, a member of Walker’s Presbyterian Church where Niederbrock was pastor, took issue with McCroskey’s comment about Jesus telling him to act. “I think it’s deeply rooted in Satan, if you want to know the truth.”

Elizabeth McCutchen, who passed the First Avenue home some time after the slayings, said the killings have affected every fabric of the community: the churches, the colleges, and their youth.

“This is the kind of town that goes to the rescue of survivors, but there’s nobody

— we can’t do anything about it,” she said.

“It’s been really, really upsetting.”

Illiterate juggalos butthurt about law and order steel eyed death

Crazy juggalo comment about law and order , some paragraphs and spacing could make it readable , however they missed the point of the law and order episode steel eyed death .

ok i dont even know where to start with everything you just said 1st off why are you posting articals on the internet without really digging into the topic are you just doing this cause your board because it seems like you have somthing against juggalos’ to just look for the bad in it.2ndwhat other kind of music were these kid listening to surly it wasn’t all icp and if it was they were probably crazy to begin with i mean do you think that if you listened to it you’d start killing people i didnt think so.3rd there is no devil stabbing an angle story with icp and its “we are sorry if we tricked you” off the last song of the sixth jokers card album, saying sorry for making you think we were evil when we were just trying to pull you in to tell you what were all about.4th how can you say were not popular they have at least one platinum record and a bunch more that have sold millions and myself i am not a computer nerd i am a maintnence technician so that idea is out the window 5th you got half the lyrics wrong in your icp quotes 6th hear is a list of unfair fighting word in case you didn’t know. always, all, never, every time, none. have you heard about the juggalette who was raising money for hurricane katrina probably not because your looking at all the bad what about the fact that icp has turned many juggalo and lettes to god yeah thats right god it takes a long time to figure out what there really saying they hook these kids with crazy lyrics because they hate the world and thats there way of getting them to listen after a while of listening to them they start to ask and research what there listening to then they come to find out “the truth is they follow god they’ve always been behind them the carnival is god and may all juggalos find him” that’s lyrics to the last song on the sixth jokers card of icp if you didnt know. i could argue this all day and would love to but this fight is all about perception because nobody ever breaks down the facts before runnin there mouth and please if you want to continue this conversation you have my e-mail a reply would be great

go here

Law and Order – Exposes the Juggalo Culture – So where do the juggalos hang out “In front of their computers , their losers”

taken with permission from planet-lotb

Law and Order – Steal Eyed Death – Juggalo Crimes Episode Review

Law and Order - Steal Eyed Death - Juggalo Crimes Episode Review

Steel Eyed Death – Juggalos on Law and Order Review
Here is my review of the latest law and order epp
i think it accurately sums up all juggalos and exposes the truth of the music and environment juggalos thrive in .

the Criminal Justice System the people are represented by two separate,
yet equally important groups. The police who investigate crime and the
District Attorneys who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories.

don’t understand how they can walk around like that” – opens the
episode about juggalo crimes and the juggalo gang of law and order
steel eyed death.

The concerned mother tells her daughter Zoe, a juggalette to stop banging against the wall.

The next day we see juggalette Zoe slit her throat, her dad stabbed, blood on the wall,
The mom also attacked in what in a ways seems to have come out of 90% of the songs in the insane clown posse’s catalog.

A little Baby is killed with the words syco on the wall, juggalos gone wild and it’s the first minute of the ep.

We find the murdered girls room, drugs and what looks like faygos.
juggalette has been tramp stamped, black lipstick, nail polish, condoms
and chains in her bag, all that’s missing is face paint and you got
typical juggalette gear.

The angle tattoo tramp stamp was
missing a devil stabbing an angel, sort of like icps song lyrics – were
not sorry if we tricked you.

Some pimp is found dead with a knife, should have been a hatchet to be more authentic, however a juggalo committed the crime.

However they find 2 ticket stubs to the horrorcore fest at the red bar… you know what we are going find here JUGGALOS….

man , juggalos all look alike to me” responds the bar owner which not
only shows the criminals after in this epp but also the so called
uniqueness that juggalos claim to have is non existent to the general
public.  OWNED


“That’s what those horrorcore rap physcos call themselves, they put on clown makeup, dye their hair, Freaks Man”

“Matter of opinion”

“Matter of fact, their music’s all about how much they hate everybody, and what their going to do about it “

play kid zombie or Kid Crusher whatever who got butt hurt about it,
should of not sold his song if he didn’t want it used..way to sell out
the juggalo fam whoop whoop.

“You cater to this crowd ?”
“their not that popular , we book a few shows each year “

So where do the juggalos hang out
“In front of their computers , their losers”

A killers who’s looking for inspiration , this would be the place……
It turns the juggalos have been murdering people and posting their crimes on the internet

find crazy j the murder has been posting on a anime and comic book site
– which looks and sounds like Gaia online with juggalo hang outs  like
the ~The Gaia Juggalo Gathering~ guild .

of the cops goes into a stair well is attacked by a hatchet wielding
juggalo all painted up , who he quickly puts into a wall – violent j
and shaggy would be proud as this sounds exactly like the stuff talked
about in the song my axe is my buddy.

We now find bonnie , a juggalette trying to kill a little black girl – Racist juggalo .
She then tries to kill her self.

take the juggalo to the precinct , he still has most his paint on and
is about to cry and starts yelling to screw the police , screw the
morgans , and screw all 53 states. Note to juggalos there are currently
52 states….. stay in school whoop whoop

The girl fakes memory loss and now is in a mental asylum ,she nearly looks human with out her juggalo get up …
Now after the juggalo music is taken away from her she claims “I don’t want to hurt you , that’s wrong”
She had a life and it all was ruined as she liked “horrorcore music and violence”
And they find her parents , who are shocked at her juggalo appearance in a photo.

Her parents then lie to protect Amanda and her juggalo ways in court.

“please mr cutter , there’s something wrong with my daughter , I know it“ yep she’s a juggalette .

“the hatchet was cleaned with bleach , we cant tie him to murder scenes“
I wonder what icp song told him to do that .

What made the murderer and juggalo snap “maybe his mother threw away his comic book collection” .

met zoe on this horrorcore message board , he got really mad , he took
out a knife and started stabbing her , he went and got this hatchet
that he keeps in his back pack , he went crazy on zoes dad , he killed
zoes mom then I told just where his brother was hiding , Justin killed
him” –juggalos are family so they help commit murders.

Not only did Justin juggalo commit murders but he took photos to put up online .

juggalos mom tries to blame 9/11 on causing her son to wet the bed and
become a juggalo. His musical tastes were death metal then moved to

Justin juggalo Was  a good student who never aroused suspicion aka sleeper cell juggalos.

a sub plot of the 2 detectives with one having blood on his shirt and
he got drunk and him having post traumatic stress disorder and not
committing crimes which is used against juggalo Justin who gets 30 to
life for his juggalo ways .

So big ups to Dick Wolf for his
excellent and accurate analysis of juggalos and juggalo crimes and the
evils of horrorcore music especially that of the Insane clown Posse –
This was based on real life murders by Syco Sam . A horrorcore fan and
member of the juggalo family.

Steel Eyed Death – Juggalos on Law and Order Review

Rumor – JCW – Juggalo championship wrestling BANNED IN PENNSYLVANIA

Here the rumor making the rounds

ICP’s Oddball Bonanza Show happened this past saturday night

Anyways according to my friend and promoter Maven Bentley. PSAC has banned Juggalo Championship Wrestling (JCW) for violating a rule that they sat in stone back in 2002.

For those of you living under a rock. PSAC (Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission) Banned in the use of lighttubes in the state of PA (not even a combator’s license which companies like CZW and IWA-MS have can save you from this ban.) after XPW’s east coast debut in 2002 when a wrestler  bled all over the place…unfortunately he bled on a fan who happend to be the nephew of a the member of PSAC. After that happend they banned the use of lighttubes in the entire state. The last known wrestling match that they mandated lighttubes was November 2002 at CZW’s Night Of Infamy 1. This ban can be reversed but you would have to ban the use of Lighttubes in your shows….That sucks for all the Juggalo wrestling fans in PA that’s for sure. Michigan, Delaware, New Jersey, Illinois, Indiana, California, Arizona, and Colorado are the only known states that will allow you to use Lighttubes with a Combator’s License. All other states have it banned due to the high levels of Mercury within the Lighttubes themselves.

For more info on PSAC: http://www.portal.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/community/state_athletic_commission/12431

This backyard wrestling is a joke and no way should light bulbs be used. Violent juggalo thugs.