Juggalos children never have a chance

Poor poor child of juggalo parents

6 responses to “Juggalos children never have a chance

  1. That is so cute! She looks like a healthy young girl who isnt malnurished or abused or neglected. As a juggalo parent of a wonderful healthy and very happy 5 year old girl myself. I can understand you bashing on juggalos who go over the edge and take things a lil too far. Bcuz they do exist they are my family every last one. Old grannys 2 lil kids. We are everywhere. I dont consider the juggalos a gang but as a group of people who understand there is more to life than what you can find on the radio or on tv. I have raised my daughter with the same great values i was with. I was raised by a very strong vibrant woman and my father a retired sfc in the national guard. I am a positive and active member in my community tryin to make this world better for our children and yours. So insted of bitching about things. Change things. Dont b a talker. Go out and help us make our world we share a better place for our children and our childrens children. So that they may see beauty within and around them! ~richter

  2. What the fuck is wrong with being a juggalo? We are a family not a gang or a cult or a click or a set. We take care of our families no matter where they are when they need us we come in to help no matter the problem.

    • i understand both sides of this..neglectful parents come in all forms, and altho i dont see anything wrong with paiting their faces, i dont quite agree with the hatchet stuff…but people are who they are..as long as no one gets hurt 😉

  3. being a juggalo is the best thing ever, we just a chill family we aint no cult or gang. Now people that hate juggalos well welets just they gonna find a hatchet in there head when they wake up haha

  4. people like who they like and thats just it..anybody can be a child abuser. wether its a juggalo or a teacher. as far as the threatening with hatchet goes..i mean, come on, its just a threat over the computer…its 2012 and people need to realize that there are ‘cults” or ‘groups” they may not like, but thats ok…i for one hate republicans..and i have friends who hate democrats..but that doesnt change my opnion about THEM.

  5. juggalo johnson

    look man… this juggalo hataz stuff, it needs to STOP! juggalos aint a cult, nor a gang, we just the real mother f*ckers left. juggalo basely means family, we love are juggalo family, and u… u nothin but a hater I SHOT A HATER!!!

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