Juggalos going to riot at gathering – eminem attending??

Looks like juggalos are planning a riot “Complete Chaos” as eminem might be attending the gathering of the juggalos 2011.

already some comments have made threats to his safety , and knowing how much hate eminem has recived in the past , worse things then what juggalos did to tela tequila might occur.
If i was a parent , i would not allow my children to attend.

7 responses to “Juggalos going to riot at gathering – eminem attending??

  1. hell yeah eminem suck Dr. dres chod bitch

  2. If icp an eminem are kool then all these juggalos need to respect that! So stop hatin, if icp ain’t then neither should any of you. Stop acting like fuckin children n grow the fuck up! You people act like j. n shaggy need the fans permission to rap with someone or yall will riot (throw a temper tantrum) . Wtf happened to listening to good music ?

  3. Fuk dats no lie hahaha fuk eminem he ain’t shit hahahaha man needs 2 get his ass beat


  5. Man,Fuck all that Juggalo Holocaust shit,Horrorcore Rapper Cruelflex,Insanity For Cruelty 4 Life WHOOP WHOOP

  6. you guys are juggahoes icp has squashed their beef with eminem. and even if they were still beefin its not your beef its theirs.

    p.s. im a true juggalo been down for 7 years

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